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10 Best AI Automation & Digital Marketing Agencies in 2024

Trinity Web Agency

The #1 Digital Marketing and AI Service for Small Businesses is an unparalleled, innovative solution

My Favorite Web Designs

My Favorite Web Designs is a website design and search engine marketing company located In Mesa, Ari

cat-icon 10345 E Talameer Ave, Mesa, AZ 85212, USA

My Best Studio

Website Design & Marketing for Yoga Studio, Pilates Studio and Fitness Studio

cat-icon 1132 Darlington Drive, Macon, GA, USA

Influencer MarketPlace

QuikPlace | All in One Influencer MarketPlace

cat-icon Los Angeles, California
cat-icon 2412 Oceancrest Blvd Far Rockaway


IT and Business Process Management (BPM) Services Company

cat-icon 1743 N. Meade Ave Ste. 2 Chicago, Illinois, 60639

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Top AI Automation & Internet Marketing Agencies of 2024

Is your business not generating the revenue it should? Are sales not up to par? Is there no interest in your brand online or offline? Digital marketing agencies have a range of skills and extensive experience for maximizing the success of your company’s online presence. 

It is important to work with an agency that suits your needs so we’ve compiled this list of top digital marketing companies in the US. From SEO specialists to social media managers, these professionals will help you get ahead in today’s competitive marketplace!

Swift Strategy


Swift Strategy LLC Group provides digital strategy services including web design and digital marketing. Their digital strategists devise digital strategies that incorporate online and offline social media tactics, web design, digital marketing, and overall brand building.

The digital team can work with you to create a digital strategy for your business that helps increase traffic to your website by improving organic search results through keyword research and SEO implementation or this digital team can help with your other digital marketing needs including SEM services, PPC management, pay-per-click advertising campaigns, social media management among others.

The Harris Interactive Marketing Group


Harris Interactive’s digital arm is The Digi Group which specializes in ecommerce websites, interactive kiosks technology development, digital marketing, digital strategy and digital consulting. 

The digital team has been recognized as a leader in the digital space for providing digital strategy to help companies grow their business online. 

They have experienced professionals who can assist businesses from start-ups through Fortune 500 companies with their ecommerce website design needs, SEO requirements, social media presence, digital advertising campaigns among other digital services.

Engage Interactive


Engage Interactive Group provides interactive solutions including web design, internet marketing and development of ecommerce websites. 

Their experts understand the changing landscape of digital marketing and know how to make your brand stand out among competitors online so that they drive more traffic to your digital and brick-and-mortar locations. 

The digital team has extensive experience in digital marketing strategy, digital media planning and buying, web development, mobile device optimization among others.



iCrossing provides digital advertising solutions including search engine marketing services, social media marketing campaigns, SEM management, website design services along with other digital marketing needs for businesses of all sizes across the globe. 

Their digital strategists work with you to set goals and make sure they’re met through a combination of SEO implementation strategies like keyword research and analysis as well as content development which can include blog posts or creating engaging video content among others. 

They have digital experts that specialize in video marketing, local digital marketing strategies and digital strategy development for multinational corporations.

Intelli Ltd


Intelli ltd is a digital agency with digital strategists who help companies overcome challenges in the digital realm including creating engaging content, social media management, building digital campaigns and digital strategy development among others to help businesses grow online. The digital team of experienced professionals can provide you with all your digital marketing needs from start to finish

Web Smiths


Web Smiths digital agency offers digital marketing services to help businesses maximize their online presence. Their marketing strategists work with digital agencies across the globe including digital advertising specialists, digital media planners and buying executives who are experts in digital marketing strategy development, social media management among others.



iProspect specializes in digital solutions that help businesses grow and flourish by focusing on local digital marketing needs as well as national digital strategies like search engine optimization for corporations across all industries, local SEO for mom-and-pop shops and much more! 

They can provide you with everything at your disposal through a single point of contact so you always have someone you can count on to help you meet your digital marketing goals.

Digital Smiths


Digital Smiths digital agency has digital strategists and digital marketing professionals who can help businesses grow their online presence through digital media buying, social media management, SEO development and much more! 

Their digital team offers digital consulting services that can be tailored to the needs of each individual business so whether you’re looking for social media consulting or search engine optimization among others, they are able to provide it all under one roof with no middlemen involved.



360i digital agency offers digital marketing solutions for all digital needs including search engine optimization, social media management and digital media buying among others. 

They have digital strategists who can help you with digital planning, digital sales strategy development along with an innovative digital content creation to give your brand the online presence it deserves!



Compendium is a multi-service Digital Marketing Agency that provides professional services in Content Management Systems and Design, Website Design & Development, Social Media Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization/Pay Per Click Management as well as Advanced Analytics & Reporting.

For over 12 years they’ve been providing digital marketing solutions to enterprises across all industries. They are digital strategists who can work with digital agencies to provide digital marketing solutions for businesses of any size so you don’t have to keep switching digital agency accounts as your business grows.

The Beginner’s Guide to Boosting Your Search Rankings

As of late, SEO has been a hot topic with bloggers and online marketers alike. The reason is because the stakes are high when it comes to search engine rankings.

This guide will give you an overview of some easy-to-follow tips that can help increase your search ranking.

In order to rank higher in Google’s search results pages, one must follow three guidelines: be original, be relevant and have lots of links pointing back to your site from other sites on the Web. In this article I’ll cover those three points in detail as well as provide other helpful hints for beginners who want to boost their Search Rankings.

Granted, the search giants such as Google and Yahoo change their algorithms all the time, thus making it hard for everyone to be on top for any length of time. However, there are a number of SEO practices that have been around so long they’re like gold standards – because they work!

1. Title Tag Optimization

The title tag is one of the first things an Internet user sees when he or she goes to your website. The title tag is actually a huge factor in how you rank on Google; it can boost or drop your ranking depending on its optimization through such elements as keywords.

A good rule of thumb is to always use your keyword(s) within the title tag at least once but not more than three times.

2. Meta Description Tag Optimization

The meta description tag is another important part of a webpage’s code and you should definitely use it to your advantage as the search engines are known to look at them too when determining how well (or not-so-well) a website would rank in their results pages.  

A good template for writing an optimized meta description tag would be similar to this:

3. Quality Content Matters Most

Content is what matters most especially to users who are seeking information on certain topics, in which case they rely heavily on websites that offer quality content instead of just content to fill up space.

Content that is original and relevant not only helps with ranking; it keeps visitors interested in your site longer as they search for more information on the same topic. Quality content also earns you more links back from other sites, thus boosting your Search Ranking even higher because Google follows popularity trends.

4. Linking Back To Original Content

The key here is linking back to the source of your content whenever possible, whether it’s another website or a blog post that was written at least one month before yours (to avoid simply copying and pasting other people’s words). This type of link building can be done manually by inserting a text link into each page of your site or automatically via such online tools as Ezine Articles , Blog Link Up and many others.

5. Guest Posting On Relevant Sites

If you’re looking for another way to gain quality links back to your website, consider guest posting on other related websites.  However keep in mind that it’s not all about quantity; rather it’s about building quality relationships with other bloggers or website owners who are interested in what you have to say as well as learning from each other. As a blogger myself plus being an avid reader of other blogs, I know firsthand how important it is to connect with the community by enjoying engaging conversations with my readers through comments and social media shares/retweets/likes (Google+ anyone?).

6. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

How many times have you stumbled upon a webpage and didn’t continue reading because the design or layout of that site was so bad it almost pushed you away? Keep in mind that even online shopping malls such as Amazon have top designers working to keep its visitors happy.

To avoid having your site fall into the trap of being an eyesore, here are a few design tips from Web Hosting Search:     

1. Use the right color scheme

No, you don’t necessarily need to be using the latest version of Adobe Photoshop all the time but there’s no use in putting up a website with ugly colors since that will just drive most users away. Ask yourself what kind of impression would you make if your client walked into your office? Would he think about doing business with you or will he immediately leave?     

2. Make it quick to load

Slow loading time isn’t just a turn off; it can also be dangerous for your website’s Search Ranking since people are more prone to click away from pages that take forever to finish loading. You may feel like you’re doing your best in writing long-winded content whenever you decide to write an article but resist the urge and keep them within 600 words if possible. Chances are, people will read through all of your well written content instead of skipping through most parts except for the keywords they were looking for in the first place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a digital marketing agency for my business?

The cost to hire a digital marketing agency varies depending on the services you’re looking for. For example, a social media marketing agency might charge $600+/month, while a web design could cost between $1,500-$25,000+ depending on your needs and features.

The cost really depends on your timeline, budget, and business needs as digital marketing companies offer a variety of services like website development, lead generation, video marketing, SEO, analytics, social media marketing, email marketing, and more.

How long does it take to find a digital marketing agency for my business?

The length of time it takes to find the perfect digital marketing agency for your business varies depending on what you’re looking for.

For example, a local social media marketing company might only take a few hours or days to review and get a quote from their agency, while a high-demand agency like a top-notch graphic design company can take more time to respond to your inquiry.

The speed at which you decide upon an agent will depend on how quickly they can work with your timeline, budget, and business needs.

Do digital agencies work with businesses that are just starting out?

Some digital marketing companies specialize in working with startups or small-to-medium size business based on their needs.

For example, an email marketing company might have a service level agreement for $100-$1000/month while other services may start at $2000+/month depending on the complexity of your digital project.

What is the difference between web design and online marketing?

Web designers create websites from scratch to best match the goals of the client’s brand identity and offer solutions such as logo & branding development, UX design (user experience) plus desktop & mobile responsive coding – all things considered when building a site so it works for any device.

Digital marketing companies offer web design services, but they also provide other digital marketing solutions like search engine optimization (SEO), email and social media campaigns, website development, video production, analytics etc.

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant?

Virtual assistants help businesses with administrative tasks like scheduling meetings or events; answering questions from customers via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DMs; updating contact information on company profiles such as LinkedIn business pages & Google Maps listings for restaurants – all things that don’t require face time in-person which is why many people prefer to hire them over full-time employees.

What should I look for when searching for an SEO agency?

Search Engine Optimization agencies will work on your website to improve your search engine rankings and increase the number of visitors you get so it’s a good idea to consider their expertise in this area.

Some SEO agencies charge for monthly services, while others offer an all-inclusive rate or even just do projects on request.

Should I ask digital marketing companies if they are certified?

Certification is not required by law but some people prefer hiring certified professionals because then they know that person has been vetted and meets certain standards with regards to education, ethics & professionalism. One example is the Certified Professional in Marketing (CPM).

If certification isn’t important to you, then make sure you find out more about what type of work each agency provides before making your decision as there might be some agencies that only provide web design services or email marketing while others offer a wide variety of digital marketing solutions.

What is the difference between an in-house agency and freelancers?

There are many differences but one key distinction is that with an in-house agency, you have someone who has your company’s best interest at heart as they work within their walls whereas freelancer may not be invested in your success because it can lead to them losing money if there’s no repeat business.

Do I need to pay for hosting fees when hiring a digital marketing company?

Some companies offer both website development and SEO packages so make sure you know what each package includes before signing on the dotted line.

For example, some companies will include all hosting fees in the SEO package but others will charge an additional fee that’s usually around $200-$300/month.

Do all digital marketing agencies specialize in one area?

No, some companies offer a wide variety of services from web design to video production and copywriting while other solutions are more limited such as just email campaigns or website development.

How do you know which method is best for my company?

It depends on what type of products or service(s) you provide and where they’re sold online – whether it be through advertising, affiliate platforms, or social media channels.

For example, if you sell organic produce locally, then search engine optimization might not be the best ROI for you, whereas social media marketing will do wonders.

How much do digital marketing agencies charge?

The prices can vary widely but most companies offer a variety of packages, so it’s best to get quotes from at least three different web design and SEO specialists before making your decision.

For example, some companies will create a website for the same price as others who only offer email marketing services which is something you’ll want to keep in mind when comparing pricing because there might be hidden fees.

What do I need to provide when requesting a quote for an SEO agency?

When getting quotes from different agencies, make sure you have information about your business and what type of services that will be included in the package such as website development and hosting fees or just digital marketing services like email campaigns or social media management.

How many websites should I have – one primary site or more than two sites if my company is big enough?

The primary website is usually the first site that people come to when looking for your business online.

This means it should be an example of what’s offered and showcase all services/products as well as include contact information in a prominent place so visitors will have no questions about how they can reach you or connect with you on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Some companies invest in at least three web properties which includes one being the main page (examples include Facebook) which then links to other pages where people can purchase products/services without having to leave those platforms.

What are some of the benefits of hiring a digital marketing company?

A lot! A good digital marketing firm will help to get more exposure for your business by writing blog posts tailored to rank higher in search engines and optimizing ads through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. Furthermore, they’ll also provide valuable insights into where customers go before buying so that you can better understand what they want and how best to speak to their needs. And last but not least, they’ll manage campaigns across platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

What will happen after I hire a digital marketing company?

After hiring a digital marketer, you should be able to expect them to:

– Develop and execute an online strategy that best reaches out to your target audience with compelling content

– Create graphics and videos (videos can help increase click through rates by 400%)

– Generate leads from organic search results or paid advertising campaigns (e.g., Google AdWords) Once they’ve generated more traffic from these sources, it’s time to look into lead scoring and conversion.

– Track and analyze your analytics to improve results over time

What are some of the drawbacks of using a digital marketing agency?

There may be hidden fees such as website development, hosting expenses or SEO costs that you’ll have to factor into the cost of hiring an established company because they usually offer more than just one service. It’s also possible that companies will charge more for certain services like paid advertising campaigns but not others – so it’s best to get quotes from at least three different companies before deciding on which one is right for you.

What should I look out for when comparing pricing between agencies?

Make sure there are no hidden charges and prices include everything needed within the package (expectation management). Take note if there are any services that the agency won’t be providing such as website design or hosting, SEO and conversion optimization.

If you’re not sure which company to go with, make sure they have a strong social presence and reviews on their work through sites like Yelp or Google Reviews. It’s also important for them to come highly recommended by other clients because it means there is high level of trust between the digital marketing firm and its customers.

What questions should I ask during a meeting?

– What does your pricing include (e.g., web development?)

– How many websites do I need? One primary site or more than two if my business has multiple service lines?

– Are paid advertising campaigns included in this price quote? If not, how much will they cost?

– What’s your process for generating more leads once I’m ready to start looking into conversion optimization and lead scoring (e.g., analyzing analytics)?

What types of marketing campaigns does a digital marketing agency have experience with?

A lot! Digital marketers are experienced in: Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords Campaigns Optimization, YouTube video creation/strategy development, Instagram strategy development and management as well as blogging on various sites such as LinkedIn Pulse or Medium.

They also know all the latest trends, so you can expect any advice given to be top-notch.

You’ll be able to trust them without question because it’s their job – meaning that this is what they’re best at.

What’s the difference between PPC and SEO?

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of marketing on sites like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, which allows you to pay for specific words related to your business when someone types them into their search engine (putting money behind each word).

It includes keywords that have been determined by your company as being valuable so they can be used in order to bring up ads relevant to what people are searching for, while also making sure it matches with the content on your website.

These paid ads appear before organic results – meaning if someone clicks through, they’ve already seen what you want them to see without having clicked around elsewhere first.

Alternatively, SEO involves ranking highly organically on search engines like Google, with the goal being to get more website traffic from people searching for your products or services.

SEO is free (unless you pay for keywords) but requires a lot of time and patience in order to work – which means it takes longer before results are seen.

What do I need to provide my digital marketing agency?

– A detailed description of what they can do for me

– An overview of how much money I have available that I’m willing to spend on this project

– My goals so they know if the scope needs to be narrowed down even further as well as things we want them focused on during their campaign such as lead generation vs. conversion optimization etcetera

– Contact information about ourselves, our clients, and any social media sites we’re active on

– Any demographic information that’s relevant to the project they’ll be working on (e.g., location)

What does my digital marketing campaign entail?

Your agency will work with you to figure out what exactly needs done in order for your business to succeed online – this depends largely on how much time is available during a given period of time as well as budget constraints.

Campaigns can include anything from website design or optimization, SEO and conversion optimization strategies such as A/B testing or lead scoring, paid advertising management including Facebook Ads or Google AdWords through analytics analysis – just about anything!

The best thing to do is have an open conversation about potential concerns so there are no surprises.

What should I be doing while my digital marketing agency is working on a campaign for me?

It’s important to do your part too! If you have any suggestions or ideas about what else can be done, it’s best to bring them up with the team so they know where you’re coming from and how much available time there is during a given period of time – this helps keep everyone in the loop.

It’s also good to check back in after each conversation just to see if everything went according to plan and whether anything needs adjusting based off of analytics (or some other metric) data that was collected as well as goals set earlier on.

Lastly, try not get discouraged by all these steps because without proper guidance, campaigns can get out of hand quickly and that’s something you don’t want!

What if I’m not sure what I need?

Your agency should be willing to walk through a few different marketing campaigns so they can figure out the best solution for your needs – as long as you’re open with them about your goals, what information they’ll need from you in order to achieve those goals, and how much time is available during each period of time.

This saves both parties from running into any potential dead ends before even starting on anything at all because it helps cut down on wasted effort (which we know isn’t fun).

– Find an agency who has experience working with companies like yours

– Make sure there are no hidden fees or costs associated with their services

– Make sure they’re able to provide me with a list of references and testimonials from past clients similar to my company, make sure these are live links!

– Look for reviews on social media sites as well as websites like Yelp or the Better Business Bureau

What happens after I hire an agency?

This is where it gets exciting because now you’ll be introduced to new features your website doesn’t have – all thanks to your team working behind the scenes.

Your digital marketing campaign will likely involve work in two phases: prepping and posturing.

The first phase includes things such as setting up tracking so that analytics data can be collected throughout the process, creating any graphics or images which might need edited before being posted on social media, and setting up any other automation processes such as lead scoring.

The second phase (posturing) includes things like writing blog content or posting to Facebook – which is all a lot of fun!

What happens after my digital marketing campaign ends?

There’s no need for you to worry about this because your agency should have everything under control here.

They’ll take care of anything from archiving data collected throughout the process in order keep it safe just in case something crazy happens during their work with you, finding new potential leads through the analytics data they’ve been collecting, refreshing old posts on social media so that people will still be interested enough to read them even if they were originally published months ago, and leaving reviews or comments on social media posts they’ve created to ensure engagement.

Should I check my agency’s references?

This is a good idea because it gives you the opportunity to ask them about their experience working with your company (or something very similar).

It’ll give you an inside scoop and help set some expectations during this time which will go from prepping, all through posturing, and then finally finishing up once the campaign has ended.

Remember that there should be no surprises when it comes to cost so if there are any early fees or costs associated with services not yet covered by what was discussed earlier, now would be a perfect time as well!

– Find out how many years of experience their team has in marketing campaigns for businesses like mine

– Find out what types of marketing campaigns they’ve worked on in the past, especially ones with companies like mine

– Ask for references and testimonials from other businesses similar to my company

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the promotion of products or brands through one or more forms of electronic media. This typically involves strategic public relations campaigns, traditional advertising such as television commercials, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and e-commerce transactions.

How do you create content for your digital campaign?

Great question! There are a few different methods that companies use to produce their digital content:

1) Outsource people from another company (e.g., freelance writers)

2) Hire in-house staff members to work on both digital marketing and internal tasks

3) Put together an unpaid intern team from college/university students.

The third option is the cheapest, but may also be one of the worst. Hiring a group of students to provide content for your company can lead to:

1) Copying/Paste Jobs (i.e., instead of writing new content each time, they copy and paste previous posts)

2) Grammatical Errors (sometimes no matter how many times you read something, it still doesn’t make sense!)

3) Timeline Issues (these students may not have any idea when it comes to managing a timeline…or even tracking their progress).   This may cause you or your company to fall behind on deadlines!   

Consider that outsourcing professional writers is expensive, yet worth every penny! You get original writing every time, your readers will be engaged, and you could have the opportunity to tap into new markets.

But how do you find these professional writers? One way is to search online by yourself (using sites such as UpWork), but this can be time-consuming. If you don’t already have a team of writers at your disposal, why not start one today?

The key here is to “start small” with an easy, manageable project of about 500 words. While it may seem like a lot initially (especially if you’ve never worked on digital marketing before), after several projects (i.e., thousands of words) under your belt, you will see improvement in both your writing skills AND productivity!   

What is Marketing Automation?

A: Marketing Automation helps marketers reach their audiences more easily with the information they want, to make marketing and sales a more efficient process. It can be used to automate emails, social media posts, lead scoring/ nurturing programs or website workflows

How does it work?

By emailing your contacts automatically at certain times of day?”at 4pm when they are in the office”or on specific days of the week, for example. You could also set up automated drip campaigns that send prospects engaging content over time.”to nudge them towards making a purchase decision.” Automated social media posts can be scheduled to go out at certain times of the day. It can also be used as a PPC management tool, for example with Adwords.

What are Some reasons to use Marketing Automation Software

-Faster Lead Nurturing  

-Integrate multiple platforms like Salesforce and Marketo together  

-Reach the right people at the right time, increase your ROI , reduce marketing costs and boost productivity .

-A 6x increase in leads and a 4x decrease in cost! [1]

-Doubling conversions by creating more predictive lead scoring models.

-86% of marketers who implement an automated solution see results in less than 90 days.

-Increase sales and efficiency with Marketing Automation software.  

-Over 20% of marketers who utilize marketing automation can prove that it has helped them increase revenues .  

-Save time : by setting up automated emails, social media posts and workflows , you’ll have more free time to focus on the things you love doing!

How do I use Marketing Automation Software? Are there different types of programs ?

There are many programs out there, look for one that matches your budget and needs. Some basic marketing automation systems include Pipedrive , Hubspot , Infusionsoft . Shopify offers a basic program as well . If you want something more complex, then Salesforce is a great program with quite a few features.

I’m confused about what software to choose? Should I use Shopify, Zoho CRM or Salesforce?

It depends on your individual needs. If you’re looking for a complete marketing solution, then look at programs like, SalesForce . You can also combine different pieces of software together using Zapier .

Does marketing automation increase conversions?

Marketing automation software has been shown to increase sales conversions by 200-300%. 

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