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7+ Best Website Design Agency in Atlanta

In today’s digital age, you need a well-thought-out website that focuses on user experience. If you’re looking for the best web designers in Atlanta, this post is for you. Here are some top digital agencies worth trying.


Monogram is dedicated to helping you look good and shine online. They focus on custom software development, web development, and UX/UI design. The Atlanta-based firm has worked with big clients like Red Barn Homes, LeVar Burton, Delaney Hardware, IMB, and Red Barn Homes.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, Monogram will ensure you’re successful in every part of your business. The team is professional and they will go a step higher to ensure they deliver a website that impresses clients and stakeholders’ goals. They are also attentive to details and project deadlines.

Creative Juice, LLC

This is a B2B company that goes beyond the clients’ needs to deliver a fully functional website. The competent team of professionals will bring your vision to reality. Creative Juice, LLC has worked with big clients like Goodwill, The City of Atlanta, Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Care USA, Equifax, Tin Lizzy’s, and LG.

When you choose Creative Juice, LLC, you can be sure you have a long-standing partner that can help you enhance your website functionality. Their quick response to issues (internally and externally) defines their relationship. While they mostly use WordPress to complete web redesign, they also make business cards, brochures, and logos.

SangFroid Web, LLC

SangFroid firm is a leading expert in content marketing, search engine optimization, WordPress maintenance, Google My Business, and web design. The agency works with companies to give a powerful web presence. They are attentive to details and dedicated to their services.

Their Atlanta clients include financial consultants, video production companies, real estate agents, leadership development coaches, marketing firms, and therapists. The agency also works with clients throughout Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Marietta, and the greater Atlanta Metro region.

Brand New Beauty

Brand New Beauty believes that every website has something unique to offer and that’s why they use a unique approach. The firm works with women in business and small business owners. Most of the clients they serve end with double or triple revenue. This is the team you should get in touch with to develop your website, logo, or any other design you may need.

Brand New Beauty will help you understand your purpose. To ensure a seamless flow of the project, they will keep in touch every step of the way. And because the team is creative, they can help you create a personalized brand that differentiates you from the competition.

Aktiv Studios

Aktiv Studios are always ready to help you with your next web design project. The Atlanta-based firm has a dedicated team, so you can be sure your brand will get a solid foundation. Also, they are committed to transparency, honesty, and have a clear communications channel. But what makes Aktiv Studio unique is the fact that they never submit a project until the client is 100% satisfied.

And because of the team’s SEO strategy, you can be sure you’ll rank high in the SERPs. The firm has worked with many clients including MyronMixon, American Dairy Goat Association, State Bank and Trust, Meybohm Realtors, Speed Society, Simmons Mattress, and Friendship Force International.

InDesign Elements

InDesign Elements boasts of a team of creative web designers that focus on brands that want to make a difference. Their expertise is mainly on digital marketing, product design, UI/UX design, and brand building. Some of the key clients in their portfolio include The RMN Agency, Nushi Collections, D’amor, PlayCKC, and Vedic Nuts.

The team provides a variety of design solutions that suits your brand. Also, they stay in frequent communication if you need any assistance. When Vedic Nuts approached the company, it wanted to gain entry into the premium market. They added a bit of modern touch on each packaging.

Inovo Studios

This firm has more than 10 years of industry experience in building shot TV commercials, coded beautiful websites, and marketing platforms. The team consists of designers, strategists, and developers. They excel when it comes to proactive communication not to mention their services are affordably priced.

If you want to ensure your website is clean and user-friendly, this is the team to hire. They also provide digital marketing services like marketing ads and email campaigns.

Now you know the best website builders in Atlanta. These top performers are ranked based on design creativity, UI&UX skills, client satisfaction, and work portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do website design services cost?

A wide variety of prices exist for website design service pricing depending on many factors including size and scope, industry type, project deadline etc.

On average though, a high performing website costs can range from $2500-$25000+ per website. Small businesses may pay less than larger businesses as bigger companies like more customizations.

What website design service makes website designs unique?

There are many website designers in the area with different specialties, talents and pricing ranges to choose from.

For example, web development agencies might be able to offer more consultation time or personalized attention than website design companies that have a busy workload of clients at any given moment.

It is important for you as a customer to understand your needs before selecting an agency because one may not suit all of your requirements or desires for project completion.

Always ask questions about what type of services they can provide, so you know ahead of time if it will work out!

Why should I make my site responsive?

You want visitors coming through on their smartphones and tablets, right? Making sure that visiting your website is seamless on mobile devices will not only get you more customers, but it also encourages them to take the next steps of engagement with your website.

How can I find website design companies in Atlanta?

You are already doing a great job by reading this blog post! All we ask is that you share or like us on social media so others can learn about our services as well; One way to research web designers for website designs in atlanta, GA would be through word of mouth from friends and colleagues.

Another approach could be searching for reviews online before making any decisions, seeing what other people have said about their experiences working with agencies and comparing prices/benefits accordingly. Other ways would include researching some listings such as best websites designed list.

What website design company do you recommend?

There are many website designers in the area with different specialties and we don’t want to be biased towards any one of them.

We encourage our readers to use the information provided here, as well as their own research on web development agencies or website designers out there, so that they can make a decision based on what best fits their needs!

Why hire a web design company instead of a free DIY template site like WIX?

website design companies in Atlanta focus on creating a website that is unique to your needs and goals for the company.

A website designer will be able to create graphics, content and even copywriting specifically tailored towards your business whereas WIX might not have time or resources available for such customization.

The web designers are experts who know how to work with different types of software like WordPress as well as many other platforms out there so they can make sure you get exactly what you need; some websites may require additional programming skills which web developers provide but again, it depends on what website designs fit each person’s individual needs!

Are SEO services the same as web design services?

SEO services are a type of website service that promotes website traffic to your website through optimization.

This is done by creating inbound links on other websites, sending out blog posts or social media content, and doing many other activities such as keyword insertion.

Web designers might not be the best fit for helping with SEO if you’re primary focus is to increase web traffic.

Web designers are more for aesthetics and usability whereas SEO is all about getting people’s attention through website promotion.

Some website design companies in Atlanta can do both, which is perfect for those who want an expert with a wide range of skills!

What are the benefits of website design companies in Atlanta?

A website design company provides an opportunity to have a website that is created specifically for your business and brand.

The designers are experts in many different types of software, making them well-equipped for any project you might need done on the website.

Navigation will be seamless across all devices with responsive web design while optimization through SEO services can help drive website traffic to your website.

A web design company will also provide the opportunity for you to work with a professional who knows what they are doing, so hiring an agency might be more cost-effective in the long run!

Do website design companies in Atlanta help my business grow?

A: Yes! You need your information available 24/hours per day – so people can find you when they’re looking for what you offer at anytime of the day or night. A website enables this availability no matter what their location.

What website design companies in Atlanta charges the most?

A: The website designers with the biggest budgets and many years of experience charge more, but you can find a website designer that is perfect for your budget as well

Do website design agencies in atlanta help my business grow?

A: Yes! You need your information available 24/hours per day – so people can find you when they’re looking for what you offer at anytime of the day or night. A website enables this availability no matter what their location.

Q: Can I have a new website designed by one company, then maintained by another company?”

No. It’s recommended that the company that does the website design should maintain it as well.

How much does it cost to hire an agency for my small business?

The price depends on what services the customer needs but generally speaking website designers charge anywhere from $1500-$5000+ per month; this can include web hosting or SEO services.

Website maintenance usually costs less than initial setup because of how many hours might be necessary upfront versus ongoing upkeep after completion.

What is your opinion about free website templates like WIX?

Free web page builders make designing websites easier but they also lack some important features which website designs provide such as navigation, website optimization for search engines (SEO) and website hosting.

However, the free website templates are a good way to get started if you’re not sure what type of website design is best suited for your company or project!

How much does a website cost?

A: The average website costs $2500-$25000+ depending on the type of website, features desired, etc

Q: What are some other things that web designers do besides making websites? Though their primary job is designing sites, they can also create logos and branding materials like brochures or pamphlets. They might even be able to help with marketing efforts by coming up with ideas related to content creation, SEO writing (search engine optimization), social media strategies and more. Web designers use different software tools such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator for graphics manipulation; HTML and CSS for website layout and graphics; or web editors like Dreamweaver, to create the website.

Does a website design company in Atlanta need an artistic background?

A: No! They just need creativity skills such as understanding that less is more when it comes to selecting color palettes, fonts, images and other graphical elements. Websites are best created with simple designs rather than cluttered ones – this way they can be viewed easily on all devices.

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