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Website Design Agency in Buffalo

Are you ready to design a website that provides seamless communication to clients? Well, you should work with the best web designers in buffalo. Here are some agencies that have built a reputation for quality designs.

Soft Zone Design

Since 1992, Soft Zone Design has been helping businesses design unique websites. They provide services in virtually all sectors including financial institutions, distributorships, retail businesses, and university departments.

Whether you’re looking for graphic designers, advertising specialties, or decorated garments, you have a team you can depend on. In addition to designing websites, they offer hosting services. If you don’t have an idea of how you want your website to look, the competent team will provide endless options.

Evangeline Barbour Designs

This agency believes that the foundation of every business is the presentation they make to the world. These professionals are dedicated to empowering clients to make the best moves for their online success. Being an NYS certified enterprise, the firm has worked with many big companies. No matter how your website looks, you can be sure the team has what it takes to impress clients.

RL Computing

RL computing offers an array of services like web design, social media, email marketing, IT support, and print management. 

When you hire the agency, they will integrate technology into their business practices. The team works with the clients to create a responsive website that exceeds their expectations. 

To start with, they will learn more about your business and then design a website that suits you best. After designing the website, they will host it and perform Google Analytics.

RL Computing has extensive experience under their belt. Since 2000, the firm has been building quality websites that reflect a professional image.

Scout Buffalo Web Design

Whether you want to communicate a brand or sell a product, every website has a purpose. At Scout Buffalo Web Design, the experts will ensure your business appears on the search engines. Besides that, they will help you create pages that detect both current and potential clients. 

When a website has a responsive design, you can detect both current and potential clients. So whether you’re using a tablet or desktop, you can adjust the screen resolution and make changes. Scout Buffalo has worked with clients like Green Works Contracting Inc., Robert Ross Fog LLM, Samuel’s Grande Manor, and 95 Nutrition.

Bicycle Creative

For 12 years, Bicycle Creative has been providing comprehensive design solutions to startups and big firms. Unlike the competition, they use a data-driven approach to design websites. And this is not the kind of agency that shut doors at 5 pm – their representatives will attend to any issue that you may have. Even better, the team offers unmatched flexibility by coming to your business. Once you hire them, you should expect quick turnaround times. Bicycle Creative has worked with renowned brands like DONNI, TEAVANNA, ZADEH, Edelman, Blue Wireless, and Investigative Post.

Renoun Creative

This is a full-service web design company that offers an array of services including graphic design, logo design, tradeshow graphics, brand identity development, and photography services. What makes the team unique is that they treat each project as their own.

Renoun Creative is passionate about partnering with organizations that create unique products and services. But web design is more than just creating a beautiful logo- it’s about the unique identity that your brand associate with.

Trellis marketing

Trellis is a web design company that offers services in areas such as legal, education, automotive, construction, financial, and arts & entertainment. Once you hire the team, they will create designs that resonate with your business goals.

Marketing Tech

The team at Marketing Tech combines the latest technology with a sound strategy to design websites that meets your goals. Whether you’re a small or mid-sized business, the team will ensure you get the right message to the people. Their in-house graphic design team has vast experience in printing and 3D animation.


This agency has been around for over three decades and has embraced digital technology. They help clients measure their campaigns and create conversions. Apart from graphic design, they offer social media advertising services. Their industrious spirit and dedication to hard work make them excel well in the business arena.

The Colad Group, LLC

This is one of the best web designers in buffalo and the pioneer of digital marketing. They offer dynamic digital packaging solutions that can help you yield superior ROI. For 65 years, The Colad Group has built a reputation for quality designs. Other than that, they provide customized dimensional mailers and personalized presentation folders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website design cost?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about website designers – so let’s see if we can answer that right now. The average price ranges anywhere between $1,500-$10,000+ depending on size and complexity of your site as well as what features are needed. Fill out this short contact form with some basic information about your project goals and budget preferences, and someone will be back in touch shortly!

How long does it take to get started after signing up?

The first step is just filling out our quick contact form with some basic information so we can provide you an accurate estimate on your budget and timeframe needs! Once you submit this form, someone will be back in touch ASAP to review all details and get everything set up for your project timeline!

How do I know if my idea’s good or not?

This question never gets old – but let’s break down what makes a site successful from start to finish by looking at three things: functionality, aesthetics & branding. For example, if you’re a restaurant looking for the perfect website to showcase your menu, daily specials and events of the week – then you need a site that’s focused on showcasing those important features. If aesthetics are more important to you than functionality, then maybe this isn’t such a good fit but if branding is what matters most in order to get visitors coming back time & time again – it’s essential!

How do I know if my company needs a website?

The short answer is yes – every business should have an online presence because it’s essential to the success and growth of your brand! Websites rank higher when accessed by Google (and other search engines) as well, which means that people will be able to find you more easily on search engine results pages or SERPs for specific keywords in order to convert visitors into customers.

Do web designers work with WordPress?

Web designers use many different platforms such as WordPress & Squarespace depending on what type of site they’re building/designing or how custom they need it to be so this question can only really be answered based on your project goals.

What are the benefits of having a website designed for my company?

Having a site will make visibility easier and more cost-effective than before. It also increases your reach by providing an online space where people can find you, learn about what makes your business unique, and have all of these features in one place – which is essential to success!

Does it matter if I know how to code or not when looking into hiring someone else?

In most cases no because we’ll work with what’s best for your specific needs as well as provide guidance on any decisions needed so that everything looks cohesive from start to finish. We’re working together here after all! 😉

What is web hosting?

Web hosting services are essentially where websites live online – they’re often referred to as “hosts” which makes sense given their job description 😉

Do I need a website if my company only does one thing?

Yes, this is still very important because people need to know about who you are in order for them to be able to trust your brand enough with making purchases. It’s also essential when looking into expanding and growing too! In fact, most top companies will have more than one website where they specialize in different types of products or services.

What is a content management system?

A Content Management System (CMS) is the software that facilitates managing digital contents such as text, images and videos on your site via a web browser – this means you don’t need to know any code!

What are the benefits of using an online CMS for my business?

There are many! But we’ll break it down to some of our favorites: It’s easy-to-use from start to finish which makes getting started with your new site seamless; You can edit fresh copy whenever/wherever without waiting for someone else – so if there’s something important happening or changing then you’re able to update right away! Plus it’s a cost-effective option for businesses on the go!

What are some of the types of content that we can work with?

There’s no set limit to what categories you want your site to cover – let us know and we’ll get started working together 🙂

Do I need a domain name too or is it included in my web hosting package?

Your domain registration will depend on whether or not this was already done when you’ve gone through someone else. But if not, then yes – there’s an extra fee associated with this service which ranges anywhere from $12-$15 per year (or more!) depending on who provides it.

If price isn’t an issue though, then just contact us and we’ll provide detailed information so you can decide what’s best for your business!

What is a domain?

A Domain Name System (DNS) name – or more simply put, the web address where people can find you online. It’s also called “domain” because they’re used to make sure that you can be found when someone types in your URL which are usually words and numbers grouped together like example: blogpostname.com

How do I know if my site design needs updating?

Is it time for a new one altogether though? This will depend on why you’re looking into updating it from start to finish but since we’ve got experience with this then feel free to reach out anytime too 🙂

Can companies still succeed without a website?

Yes, although general advice is to have one because others will pass you up if they don’t know about who you are and what your brand’s all about.

Can I hire a web designer in Buffalo, NY?

Yes! There are plenty of designers here that can help with any questions or needs you may be dealing with – just reach out today 🙂

Should I hire an SEO expert along with a web designer?

Yes. Luckily for you DIR Marketing does both making it easier than ever to get your site up and running without any hassle!

What type of packages are there?

You can choose between partially managed, Self Managed or Fully Managed. It all depends on how hands-on you want to be with your development process 🙂

Do I need content marketing?

Yes! This is an important piece of the puzzle that’s often overlooked. It helps with SEO, your brand and more so definitely reach out if you want to learn more about what we can do for you 🙂

What are some types of web design services?

You’ll always have a team who specializes in different things – like graphic designers, content writers or videographers but here at DIR Marketing we’re all-inclusive which means our team handles everything from start to finish.

Are there any other pricing options than hourly rates?

Yes! We offer fixed prices by project too as well as monthly hosting packages to make it easier on those budgets 😉

Do you provide video production services?

Yes! We’ve got videographers on staff who specialize in a variety of things.

What are the best web designers in Buffalo?

That’s a tough one because there are so many talented designers in Buffalo – but if you’re looking for an answer then we can provide more information and recommendations on who to reach out to 🙂

Is it difficult to maintain my own website?

Yes, it can be quite time consuming. You’ll want to update it often which takes a lot of work and know-how that’s why the monthly hosting packages are so great because then you’re able to add or remove pages, upload images and more without any hassle!

How do I find out if my website has outdated content?

There are tools available such as Website Grader for instance which will give you an idea on what needs updating from start to finish (content too) – just reach out with your URL and we’ll provide details 🙂

What is the best type of hosting service for me? Is this included in my package too?

The level of hosting that will depend on what kind of site you need as well as your budget! But yes, DIR Marketing provides all levels at no extra cost and without any hidden fees either! Contact us today if you have questions about our rates 🙂

What are some of the top questions that people ask?

There’s no one specific question – it all depends on what you want from a website! But if there is anything not being answered then feel free to send us an email or call anytime too – we’d love hearing how DIR Marketing can help with whatever you may need ;).

Is this package SEO-friendly?

Yes, 100%. Our team includes search engine optimization experts who know just what type of content will work best for you and how to make it appealing too 🙂

Do I need hosting because my domain is hosted elsewhere?

Yes! This hosting service isn’t just for the website but also your email, documents and more which makes it easier than ever. All these are included in our monthly packages as well (we can help with everything!) so don’t hesitate reaching out today if there’s anything we can do to answer questions or concerns ;).

How much does a mobile optimized website cost?

The pricing will depend on what type of package you want – like Self Managed or Fully-Managed. Contact us anytime about this information before signing any contracts ;).

What are some of the services do digital marketing agencies offer in Buffalo?

Graphic design, content marketing, social media management, video production, search engine optimization, email marketing, web design, testing and more.

What is website content management?

It’s the process of updating a site with new or revised material – so you’ll want to keep this quick, easy and in-line with your brand! Our team can help with any questions on how to use WordPress too if that’s something you’re looking for 🙂

How much does it cost to have a web designer come out and speak at an event?

That depends on what type of event it is. If there are other people besides us providing speakers then we charge by the hour (ex: $150/hour) but if only our team sets up presentations then hourly rates go down ($135/hr). This includes PowerPoint slides as well 😉

What are some benefits of hiring a web designer in Buffalo?

Well there’s the guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with your website from start to finish – like SEO too which is very important ;). Plus, this will save you time when it comes to updating or adding content as well. The monthly hosting packages make it even easier without any hidden fees either 😉

Do I need a domain name for my site?

Yes! But don’t worry because we can help with that as well 😉


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