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Website Design Agency in Charlotte

No matter the size of your business, having an online presence is a necessity in this day and age. In many cases, websites give the target audience their first impression of a company, so it’s quite important for business owners to set the tone with user-friendly functionality and attention-grabbing aesthetics. Here, we’ve provided a list of the best website design companies in the Charlotte, North Carolina area to help accomplish these goals.

Charm Creative

Charm Creative is here to help businesses take their branding to the next level through innovative web designs and unique messaging. They can enhance the identity of a company with new logos, fonts, and effective social media accounts – and are also fully capable of building websites from scratch with the Squarespace platform. Their thorough approach takes all of the minor details into account, and will prepare you with skills to manage your website going forward.

D&M PC Charlotte Web Designers

With over a decade of experience in web development, graphic design, and the creation of branding assets, D&M PC Charlotte Web Designers set themselves apart from the competition by truly putting their customers first. They offer affordable pricing packages designed to help small businesses get off the ground, and even pride themselves on only accepting deposits once clients have seen their skills.

Derek Switzer Web Design

Derek Switzer Web Design is here to help small businesses through website maintenance, redesigns, or building a user-friendly domain from scratch. The diverse services are priced on a case-by-case basis, and put the needs of business owners first. In addition to branding, web functionality, and audience growth, this flexible agency can also help companies with various IT needs such as virus removals and system backups.


This website agency specializes in ecommerce services – helping business owners reach higher conversion rates than ever before with their immersive Shopify designs. With a team of experts trained in producing the best user shopping experience possible, DesignsRUs promises websites that are visually appealing, functional, and responsive. Check out their portfolio.

Digital Noise Studio

Digital Noise Studio emphasizes the need for websites that connect with consumers. They pride themselves on a research-focused approach that boosts the marketing efforts of companies in the modern age – helping them adjust to the continuously evolving digital climate. Their portfolio spans across multiple industries, and their background specializes in user experience, as well as the development of visual components and web design through traditional and application-based formats.


Honesty and integrity are the two core values exemplified in the services offered by Emtwo. They are clear in the type of work they provide to clients up-front – leaving no room for ambiguity or confusion. Companies that work with Emtwo can expect creative website and branding services that truly think outside of the box, instead of cutting corners and settling for rushed methods.

EyeBenders, LLC

EyeBenders, LLC is a full-service agency that can address your needs across the board. They design websites from scratch, enhance existing domains, create graphics, organize social media content, assist with promotional initiatives, and can contribute to everything in between. They are dedicated to maximizing your company’s exposure to a large audience, and are committed finding solutions that fit within specific budgets.

McBryde Website Design

McBryde Website Design has been around for over two decades – starting in the late-1990s, and evolving into a full-fledged website agency equipped with the tools and knowledge to help your company succeed today. With flexible project-based pricing, they offer hosting services, WordPress CMS implementation, copywriting, and logo creation for businesses in need.

n.Snipes Design

n.Snipes Design thrives in separating companies from their competition in the modern internet landscape. Their firm is extremely considerate of specific client needs, and works tirelessly to adjust their design process for each individual project. They conduct extensive research to understand your audience and refine their work accordingly – leading to impressive results. They work especially well with creating responsive CMS websites and eye-catching graphics.

Woland Web

For over 14 years, Woland Web has assisted companies of all sizes in achieving their goals online. Whether clients are in need of secure web hosting, or are in search of ecommerce applications that keep consumers returning for more, this experienced agency promises integrity and quality in all of its work. Priding themselves on professional work with a reasonable price tag, their portfolio is extremely diverse – featuring successful website projects across several industries, including retail, hospitality, non-profit, legal services, and education among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a web design cost?

When choosing a web designer, it is important to find one that you get along with. If the price seems too high for your budget or if they are not responsive enough, look elsewhere.

You will need someone who takes pride in their work and wants to be part of this long-term journey as much as you do.

Web design prices vary greatly depending on what kind of website you want built (simple landing pages? custom eCommerce sites?) but most start at around $1,500-$25,000 per project so plan accordingly when looking for a web designer in Charlotte.

How can I find out more about my potential web designers before talking to them?

If possible, ask any current clients how well the process went from beginning to end. If you cannot find any clients, search the web for reviews of the company. Make sure to read them thoroughly before making your decision because sometimes they are fake and negative in order to get attention or other companies might have paid people off.

When should I talk about my budget?

you should give your budget immediately to the potential web designers because they will need it to give you a quote for your project. If you are not sure, just ask how much their services cost and do some research on what is fair in the industry before giving them an amount.

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means building links from other websites so when someone searches Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc., your site appears at the top of the search engine results.

How do I find a good web designer in Charlotte?

You should keep an eye out for advertising from websites like WordPress, Google Ads, and Facebook to see which companies are marketing their services locally or regionally. You can also ask friends and family members who live near you about any that they have worked with recently.

What do I need from my designer?

You will need information like how many pages you want, what type of site (eCommerce? Landing Page?) and any other information that they will need to get started.

What if I don’t know anything about design?

Do your research! There are tons of free resources on the web for DIYers who want a basic website without needing someone else’s help. If you have a budget, look for templates and designs that are within your price range.

What should I include in my web designer contract?

This is going to vary depending on what kind of project you’re looking at but usually things like the start date for design work and when they will be completed by as well as an agreement about how much money needs to be paid up front before any work starts. There may also be clauses about ownership rights or intellectual property so make sure to read through it carefully with an attorney if necessary!

How can I tell whether or not my website is good enough?

Heavy traffic – more people visit than leave after reading content and navigating around = success! If no one visits then there’s always room for improvement.

What will happen to my website when I stop paying?

If you’re on a year-long contract and your payments lapse, the designer can salvage some of their work by removing all custom coding from your site but they cannot retrieve any content that was uploaded after the original design went live.

How often should I update or add more pages for SEO purposes?

We recommend updating at least once every two months so new content is constantly being added – this helps with search engine rankings because Google likes fresh stuff!

You don’t want people visiting old blog posts about outdated topics in order to find what they need.

Website traffic = revenue! When it comes down to it, if there’s nothing happening then no one wants to keep reading anyways.

What are the major differences between different types of web design?

There are three general types: static designs, dynamic or CMS-based sites and content management systems.

Static website templates can be very basic but they’re also easy to maintain since there is no coding involved – this type works best for simple landing pages with just a few lines of text on each page.

Dynamic websites have a back end that includes complicated codes which not everyone will understand so this one relies heavily on your designer’s ability to make it work correctly without any errors (this option usually comes at an extra cost).

If you want something more personal then go with content management system because it allows users to edit their own site through an online interface and updates happen automatically as long as they follow the steps that you set up for them.

What is a hosting service?

They are typically companies or entities who offer space on their servers to store your website so it can be accessed by the public – this will usually include monthly fees as well as setup costs. You may also need antivirus software, backup services and other items in order to keep everything running smoothly.

How do I know which web design company is best for me?

There’s no one answer but some ways you might want to go about deciding would be: reading reviews from past clients, checking out portfolios of different designers or asking friends/family members if they have any recommendations nearby (this way you could interview potential candidates). If someone has an online form already, it might be worth filling that out in order to get a quote and some more details about what they offer.

How much does web design cost?

This can vary depending on the complexity of your project but you could expect to spend anywhere from $1500-$15000 for someone who’s starting from scratch with no existing content or images. If this sounds like too big of an investment, there are other options such as just hiring people locally (in Charlotte) rather than going through an online company – rates may be lower if they’re willing to work remotely!

What is a brand identity system?

A website that incorporates elements such as colors, fonts and graphics in order to create a unified look across multiple platforms including digital apps, signage materials and social media profiles – it will also include branding guidelines so everyone knows how to present the company in a consistent way.

What is responsive design?

A website that automatically adjusts its content based on the device being used – this includes smaller screens like mobile phones and tablets, larger screens such as desktops or laptops, etc. This option usually comes at an extra cost but it’s worth considering because it makes your site accessible no matter where you’re located.

How do I know which web designer has experience with my specific needs?

There are several ways, including reading reviews from past clients or checking out portfolios of different designers to see if they have any relevant examples of work (this will help give you some idea about their style). You may also want to research what certifications they have been awarded over time.

What are some of the most popular web design tools?

Some examples would be: Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch App and Weebly. There is no one answer to this question but it’s worth looking into different options in order to determine which one will work best for you (this may include hiring someone locally).

What is the difference between responsive and adaptive design?

Responsive design will automatically adjust its content to fit smaller screens whereas adaptive design only adjusts for larger devices – so if you want a site that can be viewed in all sizes, this might be an important consideration.

How long does it take for web designers in Charlotte, NC to complete projects?

This really varies depending on what type of project they are working on because some are quick while others require more time (for example: building up social media profiles or handling everything from initial concept through launch). If someone has already built websites before then it may not take as much effort but there’s no way to know without getting specific details about your needs.

If I’m located outside of Charlotte, NC would I have to work with someone locally?

It’s possible but if you’re willing to do some research then there are web designers online who will be happy to handle everything for you remotely. This is worth considering because it can save a lot of time and headache! The only drawback might be the price – they may charge more than local people depending on what needs done.

What is the difference between a web designer and a graphic designer?

Web designers create websites while graphics designers focus on creating logos or illustrations. They both have their own set of skills so it’s important you hire someone who has done this type of project before because it takes time for them to learn what needs doing from scratch. The good news is that most companies will offer some kind of consultation at no cost so take advantage by asking as many questions as you can!

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