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7+ Best Website Design Agencies in Columbus

If you want a stunning website that works exceptionally well, you should work with the best web design company in Columbus. Here are some agencies you should check out to get your business online.

Cargill Creative

For two decades, Cargill Creative has been helping businesses in web and graphic design. They have extensive experience in every form of graphic design and can handle any type of project. When it comes to online marketing, the team has the strategies to make your business competitive. That’s not all- Cargill Creative has experience in photography. If you have a budget constraint, the team will bring your idea to life.

Throttle Limited

If you want to work with a passionate and principled team, then Throttle Limited is your best bet. They will bring fresh ideas and creative thinking to your business to ensure you succeed in your niche. One of the core values of the agency is taking responsibility for their actions- this is what will help you go that extra mile. Throttle Limited uses a performance-driven design to give a fresh look to your website. Their willingness to listen to ideas and grab concepts is unmatched.

Shout It out Design

Since 2010, Shout It out Design has been helping clients to optimize internet marketing. Their other service lines include search engine marketing, website design, and email marketing. While most of their work is done remotely, they handle communication seamlessly through email, slack, and phone. If you’re just getting started with your website, Shout It out Design will help with the design work and UI/UX strategy. For those with an internal design, the agency will focus on implementation.

Lone Wolf Media Design

Is your mobile website friendly? Well, Lone Wolf Media Design can help with all the design work. For 13 years, the firm has had the pleasure of working with both small and medium-sized companies. And they believe that every business has its way of making it to the finish line. The team will not only find a solution that aligns with your goals but also work within your budget.

Cuccica Creative

Cuccica Creative believes that the most important force to driving your identity is creativity. Over the years, the team has been producing outstanding results for clients in the corporate world. They will help with packaging, logo design, designing brochures, and multi-media work. Before they embark on any project, the team will listen to your needs and ask questions. Then, they will provide a creative solution to help you get the results that you desire.

ZoCo Design

ZoCo Design was founded on the belief that a stunning website connects with the target audience. They will help you uncover opportunities and solve complex problems with clarity. When you meet the challenges of the audience, you build stronger relationships. ZoCo Design uses a human-centered approach to help you reinvent your brand, launch a new digital product, and improve customer experience.

UX Sprint Lab

UX Sprint Lab has over 10-year experience of delivering designs in the banking and aviation industries. They use a research-driven approach to deliver a better experience to users but at a low cost. Unlike other agencies in Columbus, they take time to understand your needs. And after they design a website, they conduct user testing to ensure everything is in top-notch condition.

Altogether Web Design

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Altogether Web Design can help in all areas of web development. They specialize in logo design for DJs, small businesses, and non-profit organizations. Also, they ensure the website is optimized for mobile devices. Some of the clients in their portfolio include Circles Behind Bars, Concert Heaven, and Zen Tripz.

Browning Design

Browning Design offers technical solutions to businesses in Ohio and surrounding areas. Since its founding in 1983, the agency has been transforming companies’ visions into unique pieces. They have partnered with the leading businesses in the non-profit world as well as government institutions. If you want to improve your web presence, the team will help deliver effective results. It’s worth mentioning that Browning Design has a history of working with customers in the public relations and education sector.

Craft Shark

This is a hands-on design studio that can help in IX/UX design. They aim to bring a brand to life without losing sight of the end-users. Some of the clients in their portfolio include SupZilla, Inverness, Poke Bros, and Orion Waste Solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take my web designer to complete my web design project?

Every web design company is different, but many web designing businesses provide an estimate of how long their process should take during the initial consultation.

There is no one size fits all solution for how long a project will take. The time it takes the designer to complete your site is dependent on how involved you are in choosing what you want, and exactly how much work needs to be done.

Some sites require only minor modifications while others require more extensive changes such as changing out content and uploading files. If there is a lot of content on your site that needs to be changed, the project can take longer than initially anticipated.

However, some web designers can design and develop a website for someone in about (30) days, while others have advertised that they can do it in under 2 weeks.

Always make sure you know how much time your web designing team needs before making any final decisions.

How do I choose the right web designing business for my web design project?

The web designing companies that will be most successful for your web design needs should have a few key qualities, such as experience and creativity. Before hiring any web design team to build your website, make sure you know the quality of their work and make sure they can show you examples of other sites they’ve designed in order to give you an idea of what yours could look like when it’s completed.

Is there anything else I need to think about before hiring a web designer?

Yes, once you hire a web designer, it’s important that you keep them updated on all changes or additions to your website so work doesn’t come to a halt. If you don’t stay involved with your web design company, you may end up paying for web design work that you may not like.

How much does web designing in Columbus cost?

The web design prices for web designers in Columbus, Ohio will vary greatly depending on several factors. While the top web design companies can charge between $5K and $25k+, many affordable web design firms offer top-quality website development packages, starting at just $500. Be sure you know what you are getting for your money as well as the overall costs so there aren’t any surprises down the road.

Ask questions to learn more about your web designer before hiring them.

These are just a few of the many considerations you have to make when choosing a web design company or website designer for an upcoming project. It’s important that the web design team you choose understands what your desires and needs are so they can provide solutions that will work with your budget.

How do I find the best web designers in Columbus?

The best way to find the right web design companies in your area is to ask around. There are several digital marketing groups in Columbus that you should be able to join and ask questions about what other members have been able to accomplish with their online presence. You should also check out review sites or search engines such as Yelp, Google+ Local, or Yahoo Answers to get a better idea of which web design companies in Columbus will best meet your needs.

Is there a fixed price for social media and SEO services?

This is one of the most common digital marketing questions many marketers hear from clients. There is no such thing as a fixed price for SEO and social media.

Every business is unique and requires an individual approach with an emphasis on your exact requirements, desires, or objectives in the way of online marketing services. Online experts will give you an estimate once they understand exactly what you need during the initial consultation.

How long does SEO take to work?

Again, every digital marketing agency is different. It depends on your market, the competition, and how much time is spent on your campaign as well as other factors that can affect search engine rankings.

Some companies promise to get you results within a few weeks while others take months (or even a year). Before signing up for any SEO service or PPC company in Columbus, OH, make sure they have a proven track record of success and results.

What question should I ask when searching for an SEO Company in Columbus, OH?

1. How long have you been doing this? 2. What services do you offer that is most important to me? 3. Can you give me some examples of your work? 4. Do I need to sign a contract or pay a deposit so we can begin working together now on my SEO project ? 5. Are there any guarantees or warranties that come with our agreement ? 6 . What steps will be taken during the development phase of my campaign ? 7 . What results are expected within the agreed timeline ? 8 . Who will be managing and updating my website after it is built? 9 . Can you provide me with a portfolio of your work? 10 . Do you have any recommendations for other digital marketing agencies or companies in Columbus, Ohio that I should consider as well?

A good web designer will answer your questions thoroughly and honestly. If they seem surprised by your question or if their answers are vague, it’s best to look elsewhere. One thing you don’t want is to hire a web design company that does not stand behind their work.

How do you know your SEO campaign is working?

There are many ways to measure results from search engine optimization campaigns but the one most commonly used these days is through Google AdWords’ Quality Score which considers: * Click-through rate * Landing page quality * Domain Authority (DA) Social media traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter is also an important part of measuring your results. Many companies now offer a free SEO audit which means you can find out what areas on your website need improvement to increase traffic and bring in more visitors.

Is it important for a web design company to have a good portfolio?

Yes, most definitely! A professional digital agency will offer an array of services including SEO , PPC management , Social Media Marketing , E-mail Marketing and other advanced techniques such as Web Design & Development , Mobile App Development and Content Marketing . There is also a section where you can view their work which will give you an idea on what kind of design they are capable of producing.

do I need a content strategy to increase my brand?

Yes! Content marketing is a great way to improve your brand, drive traffic and interest from prospects and customers. A good web design company in Columbus will provide you with the right tools, methods, strategies and metrics that can help you succeed online.

Before working with any company in Columbus , check for their previous experience especially on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Researching the agency will shows they are capable of delivering quality content  throughout the promotional process (from setup to optimization).

How do I know who my target audience is?

Without knowing who your most likely competitors on search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing are, there’s no way you can attract business from this target audience. You can research and examine your competitors’ strategy especially by looking at the keywords they’re using to get organic results on search engines, what landing pages are being used and how traffic is brought in through the internet.

The best way to determine who your competitor is?  

Analyze their site, analyze keyword competition (how many people are searching for that keyword) and also analyze their content quality as well as the time it takes for your page to load if you are currently ranking #1 or not.

Where can I find affordable designers in Columbus, Ohio?

Here are some top digital agencies offering good value for money and using proven techniques to ensure your site’s success. * Web Mavens ( * Relevant Media Group ( * The Amazing Agency ( For more information about how the internet works or any other related questions you have, please visit

Will my site be secure? What if I have no time to manage my account?

Many web design companies offer website security and account management options for their clients. If you’re just starting out with a simple website there are affordable options available, such as: * 24/7 Account Monitoring.

How do I take my small business to the next level?

If you want to take your business to the next level you need to invest in Paid Search traffic and Social Media ads that can help drive traffic from Google and social media channels like Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

You said I should use a content strategy to improve my brand but how do I choose the best keywords for my website?

There are many website ranking factors that need to be considered before deciding on specific keywords but here are some popular factors that you should consider: * How much traffic is driven from search engines each month? (Average of 100 searches per day) * What kind of keywords are being used by competitors in their page titles and meta descriptions? * How often does the company update their blog content? * What type of content is being used on each page?

Do you think my site will be successful if I don’t take advantage of SEO, PPC or Social Media Marketing?

No! If you want your business to grow through online channels like Google & Social Media, you need to invest in strategies that will help you get more organic traffic from search engines like Google and Social Media.

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