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Website Design Agency in Denver

Pryde Designs

Whether clients are establishing their web presence from scratch, or are in need of visual modernization and functionality updates, Pryde Designs is here to help. 

Run by a pair of web design experts with 17 years of collective experience, Pryde loves the opportunity to assist small businesses in reaching their goals – no matter how overly optimistic they may seem. 

In less than a year, they’re already completed eight web design projects, and are excited to continue building positive relationships with companies across a variety of industries.

Big Orange Planet

Big Orange Planet services small businesses with affordable custom web design fine-tuned to help raise brand awareness, develop effective SEO strategies, and generate increased conversion rates. 

Emphasizing the equal importance of design conceptualization, development, and deployment, this agency excels in the creation of responsive ecommerce and WordPress websites that involve business owners every step of the way. No project is too large or complex.

The Design Heroes

The Design Heroes love working with businesses that want to build content that resonates. Creative content that not accomplishes goals, but also defies accepted norms to stand out. 

They specialize in customizable WordPress and HTML websites, and take great pride in giving clients the tools and know-how to feel comfortable making edits own their own.


For businesses in need of a website aligned with specific marketing strategies in mind, Distill is a solid pick. This agency is strikes the perfect balance between efficiency and ideation – working to understanding the website goals of clients, while simultaneously bringing them to life. 

Not only will they excel in the visual aspect of web design, but they’ll assist with everything from audience research and brand messaging to marketing automation and staff training too.

Emerson Stone

Emerson Stone is a great choice for companies that value telling a story to their consumer base. They create marketing strategies, research the habits of customers, and produce thoughtful branding while crafting user-friendly websites. 

Company identity informs all decisions made during their projects, and clients can expect a finished product that truly sets them apart from the crowd – whether their business is established, or just starting up.

Johnson Marketing and Media

For nearly a decade, Johnson Marketing and Media has offered a wide range of web services – ranging from graphic design and video production, to web design and the development of mobile applications. 

Their impressive portfolio covers several industries, and exemplifies their flexibility in the digital space. Whether project goals are driven by sales and conversion or web traffic and general brand awareness, this experienced full-service agency will work hard to ensure that clients are beyond satisfied with the final results.

Lighthouse Web Design, Inc.

Lighthouse Web Design Inc. takes a thorough approach to get their clients the shine they deserve. For almost 20 years, this agency has helped business build their brands with effective search engine optimized websites that uniquely portray the reasons why consumers should keep coming back. They emphasize clean and modern designs that make it easy for content updates to be implemented, and also simplify the process of users finding the information they need.

Maniac Monkey Media

Maniac Monkey Media encourages clients to think outside of the box when conceptualizing their web designs. This agency wants businesses and nonprofits to know that sky is the limit, and the possibilities are endless. Their portfolio exemplifies this philosophy, with project for a wide variety of companies within and beyond the Denver, CO area. SEO, web graphics, and a creative user experience are all part of the deal.

Relish Studio

Websites that work” is the motto at Relish Studio – a digital marketing firm committed to developing memorable designs that actually function the way they’re supposed to. With this agency, clients can rest assured that the appearance of their website is in good hands, and users won’t have issues with mobile responsiveness, slow loading speeds, or broken links. Simply put, they build functioning content management systems that prevent headaches for business owners and customers alike – and they raise brand awareness through search optimization too!

Tomato Based Web & Media

This Boulder, CO-based web development agency knows all about the value of a first impression. They understand that websites shouldn’t only offer a simple user-friendly experience for clients and their regular audiences, but should also operate as branding tools that promote businesses for those discovering them for the first time. There’s something special about web design that makes new visitor excited to come back for more – simply off the strength of optimized mobile visuals and clever menu navigation functionality. Tomato-Based Web & Media enjoys helping companies accomplish this in each project.

Frequently Asked Questions

6 questions you should ask any Web Designer before hiring them?

1) How much knowledge do you have about search engine optimization? A common misconception people have is the belief that having a website is enough to establish your business online presence. In fact, it’s only just the beginning. You need a company with the necessary knowledge and capital to make sure your website isn’t just sitting on the internet, but is truly visible to search engines and can be easily accessed by potential clients.

2) How will you get me a return on my investment? Every business owner wants their website to bring them more revenue, not cost them even more money. A good web designer will be able to explain how they are planning to do that. They should be able to tell you what they are going to do to get your website ranking well in the search engines, and how they plan to make sure people are clicking through from those listings to visit your website.

3) How much experience have you had with this type of work? Everyone has a story about the one website they designed a few years back. This could be good or it could be bad, but what you should really look for in somebody who is going to do high quality professional work for you is how much experience they have had and if this has been part of their business for a long time. The best web designers are the ones that have done this consistently for many years.

4) How will you make sure my business is getting enough traffic to justify the cost? Even if your site looks good, it won’t do you any good unless people can find it. The most basic service that a web designer should be able to provide is search engine optimization (SEO). This means they will make sure that your website not only looks good in search engines, but it will also be listed for all the right keywords so people can actually find you when they are searching. They may also recommend other services as well like pay per click advertising or social media management to help you get more traffic from a variety of sources.

5) How many hours do you expect me to work with you? Depending on the level of service provided, web designers may have a retainer fee that covers various hours. It is important to identify your needs and how many hours are covered in your retainer so there aren’t any surprises halfway through the process.

6) How long will it be before I can start seeing results from your work? Results can vary depending on how much you are willing to invest in your website. You should trust the judgement of a professional when it comes to what types of things will lead to success for your business and they probably have specific strategies in place already that may result in traffic and sales immediately.

What is included in the cost of maintaining my website?

Most website maintenance packages include a variety of different things that can be customized to your needs. Different companies offer different things, but it is typical for the maintenance package to at least provide basic coding and updates as well as hosting. It is also possible for you to have a service included where they will take care of all of the SEO, because this is something that must be done consistently.

What are the benefits of having a website for my small business?

The number one benefit of having your own website is to allow you to have a more professional image than using social media alone. A good looking website says that you are serious about your business and allows potential customers to see what kind of products or services you offer. A website is also an important part of your search engine optimization strategy, because it allows you to easily target potential customers searching for products and services like yours.

A blog can be beneficial as well, if it is updated frequently and features tons of high quality content that brings a lot of value to the reader. This makes it a great marketing tool. A blog can also increase your traffic, which is good for business because it exposes you to more potential customers.

What type of marketing will increase my online visibility?

In order to be successful, your website needs to be visible to people who are looking for you. Some people find success by investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Others know that search engine optimization is the way to go and still others believe social media will help them achieve their goals.

There is no right or wrong answer here, but you should ask questions about their strategy and what they do when it does not work out. Trust in their expertise and know that there is always a contingency plan.

Does your web design company offer an SEO strategy to help grow my online presence over time?

One of the most important ways you can get customers to visit your website and keep coming back is through search engine optimization.

The way search engines like Google work is not like any other marketing platform. Their algorithms change often and you need to have someone that understands that and is able to accurately maneuver through these changes, and position your site in a way that produces consistent growth.

With that being said you need a company that is committed to maintaining your website from the start and that can be there every step of the way.

Should I be in charge of building my website, and doing my own SEO?

No. Someone who is knowledgeable about SEO and web design will have a better understanding of how things work online.

If you are working with a company that manages your website for SEO, they will continue to find ways to improve your site over time and grow traffic on your behalf.

Web design is not something you want to try and do on your own, because it really requires someone who has been doing this for a while in order to be successful.

What is a web designer? What makes them different from other online marketers?

A web designer or website developer is someone who knows how to develop and design websites.

They can also offer hosting, but it would be best if you found someone that specializes in the services you need the most.

A successful website will require one part visual design, one part marketing strategy and a lot of technical functionality, so hiring separate people for each area may not be the wisest decision.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution then find someone with experience that will bring your project to life on time and on budget.

What kind of platform will I be using for my website?

There are tons of different platforms available for websites and most likely the one that is best for your needs will vary by industry. That being said, it is a good idea to understand the pros and cons of each platform before making any decisions about which one you want to use. If you decide to go with WordPress as an example, you will want to ask this question to find the best WordPress web designer in Denver for your needs.

How can I find a good web design company?

If it seems like we’re recommending that you use these questions when speaking with any website designer, that’s because we are! You need to feel confident that the company you choose will be able to meet your goals and above all else, you need to feel that you can trust this company 100%.

A lot of it will come down to how well the two of you get along. You should ask questions about their history, previous clients, portfolio and be sure to get a feel for what type of personality they have as well.

Even if you’re not considering a website revamp or redesign, it makes sense to ask those questions before hiring any company.

You want to feel comfortable with whomever you choose and that means including pricing into the equation as well. If you really want to know if they are worth your money, then this is as good of a formula as any to measure their response to those three questions.

How Much does it cost to have a website built?

Depending on what type of website you want and how many pages, will often determine the cost.

It is not unusual for websites to be priced anywhere between $1,500-$25,000 but this number can vary depending on any number of things.

The best way to avoid paying too much is by taking your time and asking a lot of questions before choosing a designer.

Not only will it help you understand what you are getting into, but it will give you peace of mind when hiring someone you trust to complete the project successfully.

It also helps if they offer one-on-one consultations so that you can discuss your ideas in more detail prior to creating a full proposal.

This should keep both parties involved in the creative process throughout the entire project and ensure that everyone is happy with the finished product.

Do web designers offer social media marketing?

You can find a number of web designers that offer some kind of social media package in their marketing packages.

It is important to understand what is included in this deal and if it is something that you are interested in, then ask more about these services as well.

If they do offer social media management, then chances are they have experience using popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so there is no reason why they wouldn’t be able to help you grow your numbers online with the existing channels you already use!

Can I change my website’s design later on?

This will depend on how much work goes into creating the site and how long ago it was built.

This will save you a lot of money in the long run and prevent you from hiring someone to get rid of the old website design or to change it up completely.

If possible, you should look for web designers that know how to create websites using WordPress because they are pretty easy to manage on your own if ever needed.

It is also worth mentioning that not all web designers have experience with creating mobile friendly websites so be sure to ask them about this before moving forward with any projects.

Do I need to host my site on my own server or can I use a web hosting provider instead?

Many web designers still offer this service and depending on how much you know about the online world, it’s worth researching what hosting option will work best for your business.

If you don’t require many features or a lot of storage capacity, then this should be fine. You can always upgrade if and when you decide to add more content to your website in the future. If you want something that is more affordable, then opting for shared hosting might be ideal as well since these packages are cheaper.

Can web designers help me find new customers?

Of course they can! Some offer SEO services, pay per click advertising and/or even social media marketing which all fall under paid advertisement channels online.

If you want to know what else they do behind the scenes to bring in new customers, then ask them!

Their response should be something similar to this: “I will create an effective plan that takes advantage of every free traffic source and then I’ll strategically add ads for greater conversions over time.” This way you can decide what is worth it and what isn’t.

How long do web design projects take?

This really depends on the complexity of the website but if we’re talking about a responsive site built with HTML5, CSS3 and WordPress, then these types of projects usually take up to 1-2 months depending on how active a client is in responding back and forth with questions or concerns during the process.

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