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Top Digital Marketing, Social Media Management Agency in NYC

If you want to bring your brand to life, you should work with a reputable social media management agency. Here are the best companies that can elevate your business in the digital space.


Tinuiti is a top social media marketing agency in New York that can accelerate your business in the typography of Facebook, Google, and beyond. 

They use marketing intelligence and digital strategies to empower businesses. Also, they leverage a strategic planning process to ensure brands see the next best opportunity. The team will also conduct the latest industry research to accelerate your growth.


Taktical is an internationally-recognized digital marketing agency that can help you maximize ROI and see tremendous success in your business. 

Taktical is an industry leader in search marketing, lead generation, and paid social advertising. They leverage the best technology to ensure your business sees the best possible returns. Furthermore, the agency is recognized by major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. 

The team will build campaigns that scale up quickly and generate the most returns. Once you hire the team, the company will assign an account manager to take care of your social marketing needs.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer marketing Factory creates authentic and scalable social media campaigns. They have helped brands leverage YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Before they embark on any project, the team will identify the right influencers and understand the key performance indicators. Then, they will work on the campaign narrative and finalize it by tracking the results. Of course, the services are focused on your mission and vision.

To know the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns, the team will provide tangible metrics and extensive reporting for all your activities.

Pan up Productions

Pan up Productions has the best talents that can make your social marketing a worthwhile investment. It doesn’t matter the stage of your business – the team will handle every detail. 

Also, they offer unmatched technical prowess and ensure high-quality work. Pan up Productions has worked with renowned brands like Amazon, Netflix, Chase, Gainful, Convene, VERB, and Birdsintown, SEATED, among others.


If you want to hone or sharpen your brand, Cutwater will create something distinctive. They use social media to drive growth and keep you ahead of the game. 

That’s not all – their integrative approach makes the agency one of the most trusted brands in New York. When you hire the team, they will evaluate your key performance indicators and client goals. Cutwater believes in the power of creativity and having the right mindset.

Casual Films

Casual Films has a competent team that can help you increase brand awareness, recruit the best candidates, train & motivate staff, or explain a product/service. 

Whatever your needs are, they will help you achieve them without cutting corners. Unlike other agencies in New York, the team maintains a positive attitude on all their projects. Casual Films has worked with notable companies like Red Bull, Canon, Capital One, AutoDesk, Google, and Adobe.

Major Tom

For two decades, Major Tom has been providing social media marketing services to big brands in New York. They combine top-level strategy to cut the noise in the digital arena. But this is not just your ordinary team – they have the expertise to tackle every problem. Because the team is made up of the brightest minds on the web, you can be sure your social media goals will come to life.

EDesign Interactive

For 16 years, eDesign interactive has been using the power of technology to engage the audience. They strive to create meaningful stories and fantastic digital experiences. Because their approach is data-driven, they analyze user interactions to create visuals that draw more business.

EDesign collaborates with companies (both small and big) to build brand awareness. The team will conduct deep market research and use practical strategies to ensure your business shines on the web.

OAK Digital

OAK digital is a performance-based marketing agency dedicated to helping clients thrive online. They use a unique approach to leverage affiliate marketing and fuel growth. 

Some of their social media services include Facebook Advertising, Search Marketing, and Affiliate marketing. For five years, OAK Digital has been working with firms like Angie’s List, MindBodyGreen, Freshly, Yummy, Lumin, and AIRWEAVE.

The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is a content marketing company that has worked with the most elite brands. Some of their services include social media management, influencer programs, IRL Citations, and paid advertising. At its core, Creative Exchange will craft a meaningful message that cuts through the industry noise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost for social media services in NYC, NY?

The price of social media services in New York, NY is typically determined by the size and scope of the project.

Larger projects may cost more than smaller ones. Prices range from $1500/month to upwards of $50,000 per month for larger brands with higher profiles on Facebook or Twitter.

The average monthly fee for a typical small business marketing agency ranges from about \$1500-4000 per month; however, these prices vary depending on what specific services are included in the package deal that you have negotiated with your agency.

What does a social media company do?

A social media company creates a marketing strategy for your brand, and then they create content or work with you on creating content to post on the various social networking sites.

This can include writing blogs, posting about new products that are coming out, things going on in the world of your industry, giving people tips and tricks on how to use your product more effectively – anything that will help grow awareness for your business or get people talking about it.

What’s the best way to hire a digital agency?

The simplest answer is by reaching out through our website contact form! We’ll be happy to set up an interview time where we can go over all of this information in detail and make sure you have everything you need before committing.

In addition, you can also take a look through our blog and social media channels to see what we’ve done for other companies in the past.

What are the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency?

When you hire a company to manage your social shares, there is often no need for time-consuming manual updates; posts are automatically shared across multiple platforms at once so that all postings remain consistent throughout all our networks. It can also save hours upon hours per week by freeing up more time to focus on other tasks pertaining to running your business. The best part is there is no limit to the amount of posts and updates that can be scheduled.

How much time is spent on social media?

It’s no surprise that a lot of people are spending more time on social media. In 2020, the average internet user spent 2 hours and 24 minutes daily on these platforms; this is up from 2019 (2 hrs 22 mins) but way up from 2012 when it was just 1 hour.

The amount of time we spend browsing our favorite websites continues to rise according to new data published by Statista in their latest article “Social Media Usage Statistics for Internet Users”.

The report shows how much the average person spends online per day: an astonishing two hours and twenty-four minutes! Compared with what they had back in 2012 – one hour – web surfers have invested over three times as many seconds looking at Facebook posts or scrolling through Instagram feeds than ever before.

Social media has become one of the most important aspects of marketing for businesses. Yet, it’s not just about “being on” social media channels like Facebook and Twitter – but rather building a reputation as an expert in your industry with quality content that will generate qualified leads to improve the number of people who visit your website through search engines or referral traffic from other sites.

What should I expect from my chosen social media marketing company?

During our first consultation call, we will discuss budget limitations and how many hours we feel are appropriate based on those parameters, and we’ll also create a list of social media platforms that are most relevant for your business.

We will then develop an effective marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals and identify any specific niche markets or communities that may need more attention in order to reach them.

We want to make sure you receive the best possible service, so during this call, we will discuss what kind of posts might be helpful on each platform so there is no question about how much time should be spent posting content versus other tasks. This way you can see results quickly!

What if I don’t like the work of the social media company that I hired?

If you’re not satisfied with your hired Social Media Company and want to get rid of them then there are three steps that need to be taken.

First, contact customer service or email their support team; secondly, search for an alternate marketing agency online if they can provide what you need in terms of services at a price point that works better for your budget.

Thirdly make sure all information has been transferred over to you that includes passwords, etc.

What type of contract do I need?

You’ll receive our standard social media contract which covers all aspects within one document; including pricing for packages from 20 hours up through unlimited services. You sign it electronically and then email it back so both parties have access as well as a PDF copy saved in case something happens (although we hope nothing does!).

No two businesses are the same, so we do not provide one-size-fits-all pricing packages. Pricing is based on three different tiers: Bronze (20 hour package), Silver (40 hour package), and Gold (unlimited). The more hours you purchase of our services, the cheaper it will be for your business.

We know that hiring a social media company can seem daunting at first – but don’t worry! We’re here to help answer any questions or concerns about what’s possible with this type of service and would love to chat with you in person by either phone or email.

What makes one digital marketing agency better than another?

Hiring an internet marketing company should not be taken lightly when considering how much of a difference they will have on your bottom line. The best way to decide which service provider is right for your needs would be to evaluate their SEO Services (including backlinking) as well as take into account what kind of content strategy they are proposing; this would include things like video production or blogging posts–and also whether the price included all these things or if you need to pay more for any of them.

If I want a social media company in New York, NY; what should I look a for?

An ideal social media company for New York, NY would be one that is located in the area and can provide you with excellent customer service while also taking into account your budget. They should have a good understanding of what it takes to grow your business online through digital marketing services.

Do social media marketing work?

Yes! Social media promotion does work. There are many studies that show a correlation between social media and increased sales. We can’t speak for other companies, but we do have an excellent track record of successful campaigns.

Do you think the investment in social media is worth it?

The answer is: it’s hard to say, but based on some studies there seems to be a correlation between increased sales and using social media. We are happy to speak about our track record with clients, but cannot comment on other companies.

Do I need both SEO and Social Media services?

No, you don’t need to hire both SEO and Social Media companies. But it’s not a bad idea – because they work hand-in-hand with one another–and this can be helpful if you want your content seen by as many people as possible online!

What is the difference between SEO Services and Social Media?

Social media marketing entails posting original content daily with links back to your website or blog in order to drive traffic while search engine optimization (SEO) services are geared more towards generating high-quality backlinks from other websites.

What type of content will my social media company post?

Your digital marketing agency in NYC should be posting beautiful pictures that are representative of your brand – all while including a link back to your website, blog or product. It’s also not unheard of for companies to use videos as part of their strategy which can increase customer engagement!

Can I have someone from the social media team, work with me one-on-one?

You absolutely can! We know how important it is for our clients to build relationships with us and we want you to feel confident about what you’re getting before moving forward, so we encourage personal meetings where possible. Feel free to reach out by phone or email anytime if interested.

What’s the difference between free and paid services from my SEO agency?

As mentioned above, it really depends on what level of service package you want–and whether these costs include all aspects of their company or not (like video production). Free services might consist only of posting original content daily with links back to your website while paying upfront might include everything (such as video production).

Can I opt-in for a contract with my company?

Certainly! We offer both month-to-month and yearly contracts depending on what you’re looking for. If there’s anything specific you want included, just speak up – we can create the perfect package for your needs.

What are the characteristics of a good social media company in NYC?

A social media company in New York, NY should be reliable and have a good understanding of what it takes to grow your business online.

They should also offer content that is representative of your brand while providing excellent customer service – all for an affordable price!

Our agency has been helping businesses succeed with various digital marketing services for over 15 years.

Get in touch today if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help or would like us to provide a free quote on our packages. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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