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Website Design, Seo & Digital Marketing Companies in Fresno

Let’s face it: anyone can build a story these days. To ensure you spread the word to the audience, you must have the top website design in Fresno. But with time limits and tight budgets, you may feel overwhelmed when choosing the best company to work with. Here is our definitive list of the top web design agencies in Fresno.


Are you looking for an agency that can help you optimize your online presence? Optimizi has a goal of helping customers increase ROI. And as part of their strategy, the team will use the latest technology to ensure your brand excels online. Another benefit of hiring the agency is that they can help you achieve Google status soon. Optimizi will also make sure you’re visible using PPC and SEO campaigns. Think about it- visitors will hardly get to the second page of the search engines.

Blooming Belle Marketing

Whether you need a small business card or apparel for the whole company, Blooming Belle Marketing is the company to work with. They help with logo design, unique graphic design, creative promotional ideas, and savvy marketing. Blooming Belle Marketing has partnered with four local charities including Fresno County Women’s Chamber of Commerce, California Restaurant Association, and Fresno Art Museum.

SpireLight Web

SpireLight Web helps to build fast and simple websites for churches. If the current website is aging or dysfunctional, it should be addressed by a professional. The team is experienced with deep web knowledge for a church ministry.

Loops Marketing

Loops Marketing is dedicated to designing high-quality and professional websites that look amazing. Whether you want the business to get listed on placing advertisements, Google Search Listings, or social media, this is the team to work with. Some of their services include brand identity, graphic design, e-commerce, SEO advertising, web design, and marketing strategy.


Are you looking for the best web experience possible? Buildicus has the tools to help you build a site that you want. They ensure that every website is mobile-friendly, so customers will experience a fast-loading website on any device. Some of the reasons why you should work with Buildicus include speed, quality, expertise, security, and reliability.

Windsong Productions

Windsong consists of a creative team of editors, colorists, producers, and writers. The team has diverse backgrounds in production, so they will create something that wows the audience. And to ensure nothing gets overlooked, they will guide you from start to finish.

California Dingo Media

If you’re looking for a website that communicates complex ideas with engaging design, the California Dingo team is the best team to work with. They will tailor a personalized workflow that can help solve any communication breakdown. Also, the agency has a unique problem-solving approach that delivers `I get it results’.


This agency is determined to help you modernize your online presence. It works with community-based organizations (non-profits) to create a strong online brand. If you want to modernize your online presence, this agency will create a story so that others can help. When you engage with the team, you’re hiring a marketer, a designer, and a developer. Socient has worked with big names like Placer community Foundation, Fresno regional Foundation, Economic Development Co-corporation, and Stanislaus Community Foundation.

Designed for Online

This firm partners with local businesses to design websites and give the most efficient solutions possible. Their professional team will craft a website that reflects your message and one that shows your values. Whether you’re a small business owner or a seasoned veteran, you can be sure you have a team that can help you stack up above the competition.

Before the team starts any project, they will first analyze the challenges that your business faces and then conduct a thorough interview. This will give a clear picture of where your business stands. After that, the team creates an actionable blueprint to bridge the gap. And to ensure they give the best business solution, the team will use more efficient methods to fulfill that need.

LG Computer Services

LG Computer Services is committed to providing solutions that are honest and reliable. The team will work diligently to explore all possible options to ensure you achieve the best possible solution. They will use the best technology to create informational websites, ecommerce data sites, and database websites. Most of their web design uses PhotoShop, Java, HTML, Active X controls, MS FrontPage, and CSS.

Frequently Asked Questions About Service Providers in Fresno, CA

What is a web designer?

A web designer is someone who designs websites. A website can be a one-page site or it may have many pages, images, and videos embedded in the design of each page. Web designers work with HTML code to create these sites for clients’ businesses, organizations or individual use.

They’re usually not responsible for marketing either, since many times this job falls under a different company that handles more of the nuts and bolts of a business.

What does a web designer do?

A web designer does a variety of tasks related to creating websites. Some of these tasks can include designing the layout, adding text or images, and developing pages with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Web designers also work with graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, for more complex design projects.

What are the benefits of hiring a website designer in Fresno, as opposed to elsewhere?

Web Designers in Fresno, CA are typically more versed with the latest trends and technology.

They have a shared culture that is uniquely Californian. The city of Fresno has an established web design community where many designers work collaboratively, often on projects for clients outside of their region.

In this way, they can help each other make sure that all aspects of new technologies, such as responsive layouts, or HTML templates, are covered by one designer who understands them best.

Why do companies hire website designers? Why not just build it themselves?

Most businesses want to be competitive in today’s market – but don’t know what’ll differentiate them from competitors already out there!

Web designers will use your business goals as input into the design process and create a website that reflects your business needs, objectives, culture, style – all in alignment with an overarching marketing strategy.

Can I hire someone to design my logo?

Yes! Web designers will work alongside you on every aspect of the project from start to finish so they can make sure that everything is done just right.

How do I know who should be designing my website?

This depends largely on factors such as; industry type (retail vs healthcare), goals for site content delivery (corporate overview vs e-commerce page) or desired aesthetics/design elements according to brand guidelines (minimalistic vs highly stylized). These are some decisions that we’re happy to help you consider during our free consultation process over email or phone.

How much will it cost?

There are two main pricing models in web design: hourly and fixed-fee. Fixed-Fee is the easiest to understand because you can anticipate exactly what your project’s final scope of work will be, but there may also be hidden costs in setting up hosting accounts or designing a logo that goes beyond the initial fee.

Hourly rates vary widely depending on which city they’re working out of – Fresno designers tend to charge less than New York City designers for example – so if this is an important factor for your business budget we recommend bringing it up during the consultation call before getting too deep into any discussions about price points.

What do I need from my company before hiring someone?

We recommend that you have a logo, content, and images which can be mocked up into an idea of what the site will look like.

What are typical design stages?

This depends on how much information is available to the designer but typically we’ll work together through discovery (talking about your business, goals for website), wireframing/mockups (drawing out early drafts of pages) and final project completion including hosting setup if necessary.

We recommend scheduling a free introductory consultation call with one of our web designers before making any decisions so they can do all this in more detail over email or phone!

How quickly do Fresno Designers complete projects?

Depending on complexity, we aim for completing every project within 45 days from start to finish – but this is just a guideline and not an exact timeline.

What do Fresno Designers specialize in?

We design for all types of industries – from retail to healthcare, non-profits to e-commerce. It really depends on what your business needs are, so we need to go through these with you in more detail before working out the details of our agreement.

Can I hire a Fresno Designers for my SEO?

Yes! We’ll work with you one-on-one to improve how well search engines can find your website by using keywords and phrases that resonate with your target audience or industry. For example: if someone is searching for “discount designer clothes” they will be able to see that right away when viewing our site design mockup according to this feedback from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines – which means it might appear at the top of their results list because it meets all criteria for an optimized page layout.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a subset of web marketing in Fresno, CA. You need to hire an expert if you want your website to rank higher and get more traffic online – this will help you grow your business!

Can I take my logo elsewhere?

Yes! We’re happy to work with any company that hires us for design services but it’s important for our clients to know that we do not provide trademarking or copyright registration services out of our own agency so please be sure to check into the appropriate entity within your area before taking anything down from Internet-based sources like social media sites.

What should I keep in mind when hiring a Web Designer?

There are a number of considerations that go into the design process and significance depends on which pricing model a designer chooses.

Fixed rates are easier to understand because you can anticipate exactly what your project’s final scope of work will be, but there may also be hidden costs in setting up hosting accounts or designing a logo that go beyond the initial fee.

Hourly rates vary with location, so make sure you take this consideration as well before choosing one type over another.

Another thing you’ll want to find out when chatting with prospective web design companies over email is whether they provide some kind of warranty/guarantee and how long their turnaround time is.

What do Fresno Designers not specialize in?

Several designers specialize in many different digital services like social media design, graphic design for print, social media marketing, SEO and more. It’s important to know what you’re looking for before trying to hire one over the other!

What are some design trends Fresno Designers have seen in recent years?

Designs for websites and social media profiles that use horizontal scrolling, as opposed to the old web layout which usually had a right column down the side. Text is more minimalistic with less images on it at once (less white space). And we’re seeing lots of pictures or illustrations instead of text logos!

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

We do not currently offer any kind of discount rates specifically for nonprofit work, but our standard terms would apply equally regardless if your organization falls into this category. Please contact us if you’d like to speak about this further during an introductory call so we can answer specific questions relevant to what type of work you’re looking to have done.

What is the difference between an agency and a freelancer?

An agency will provide more resources for your business, while a freelancer may offer specific expertise or skill-sets that are needed in order to complete certain projects.

For example: if you hire our company as web designers we’ll work with you one-on-one on designing your website from start to finish – we don’t subcontract any of this service out!

If instead, you need someone who specializes in logo design only then it’s better to contact another firm that handles these types of services exclusively outside of their primary responsibility since they would be able to dedicate themselves fully without distraction.

Do Fresno Designers handle marketing too?

Some do, and some don’t. Please contact us with any specific questions about this during the introductory call we set up for our consultation!

Do Fresno Designers provide hosting services?

Yes, but these are typically billed separately as a third-party service that is not included in the initial cost of your project or company’s web design package – please ask which providers they use and what costs will be incurred when you inquire on an individual basis if you need to know more specifics about how this operates.

Some companies may offer free websites through certain paid plans so it would be important to find out whether designers include those types of features into their pricing models before getting too far down the road with discussions about price points.

What should I do when considering hiring a Web Designer in Fresno?

Find out their hourly rates – do they provide a warranty or guarantee?

Ask about the turnaround time for your project (when you’ll be able to see it in action)

Figure out what type of design work – branding, logo design, web design, graphic design and so on – is most important for your needs. If there’s something specific that only one designer specializes in then go with them!

See if they offer hosting services separately from their service package and how much those are billed as an adder cost. You might need this feature since many businesses can’t afford hosting packages through private providers without getting too deep into debt after paying off other crucial expenses like rent/mortgage payments.

Ask about discount rates for nonprofit organizations

See if they offer free websites through certain paid plans. Some companies may include these in their pricing models so it’s important to find out before getting too far down the road with discussions about price points!

What is hosting?

Hosting refers to storing your website files on an external server that anyone who enters your domain name can access – this service typically costs money outside of what you’re paying for web design services so it’s important to get more details about how much space, bandwidth, and other features are priced separately from the initial cost upfront!

How do I know if Fresno Designers have experience with my industry?

Only an individual consultation will provide all the answers you need since we want our customer interactions to be meaningful conversations instead of feeling like they’ve been sold something by someone who doesn’t understand their needs as well as possible.

Why should I hire a Web Designer?

If you are looking to improve your website’s online presence or want more traffic and leads for your business then hiring a web designer is the way to go.

Web designers do all of the above – provide SEO services through keywords and phrases that resonate with target audiences/industries; manage social media accounts in order to increase visibility; conduct research on competitors’ websites so they know what does and doesn’t work well when designing pages for their clients; use analytics software such as Google Analytics to learn how visitors interact with content on company sites.

Hiring a website designer in Fresno comes with many benefits. Not only will you get great quality for the price, but it’s also an opportunity to promote your business on their portfolio page.

It doesn’t matter what industry or services you provide, hiring a web designer is an investment that pays off big time!

How does this work? Will I have input?

In terms of feedback throughout the process – absolutely! We want to get your input on what you like and don’t like. The web designer will work closely with you throughout the process, so that way they can ensure a successful outcome for both parties in terms of satisfaction!

What does SEO mean?

Search engine optimization is an online marketing strategy aimed at improving your search engine ranking through methods such as creating content for optimal keyword density, including keywords on your website, and linking to other related websites.

What is the difference between a Web Designer and a Graphic Designer?

Web designers focus primarily on web design, such as HTML coding for pages; graphic designers create logos or branding imagery that represent what you do in print materials like business cards.

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