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Top 10 Best Graphic Design Company in US

Design conveys the style and voice of a brand. When choosing the best graphic design company, you should pay attention to the portfolio, skills, customer reviews, and experience. Here are the top graphic design companies currently.

1. Digital Silk

Digital Silk creates cutting edge brand strategies for businesses that demand best-in-class service. They have worked with tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Sony, XEROX, and P&G. 

The professional team will ensure your website performs better in terms of bounce rates, visits, and on-site management. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, this is the team to work with to make your business visually engaging.

In the IBM marketing project, there was a challenge of adopting an industry-specific communications strategy. Digital Silk helped them streamline the process and came up with a dedicated strategy in all their regions.

2. The Bureau of Small Projects

Whether you’re a startup or established business, the Bureau of Small Projects will help you see what works and what doesn’t. 

The competent team is determined to give your business a competitive edge. Some of their services include website design, WordPress Website design, search engine optimization, and SEO commerce & marketing.

The company leverages on major brands to make big and small businesses make an impact. And because a website is the first contact for your brand, this firm will give your business a competitive edge. 

The graphic design company has worked with clients like New Wave Entertainment, UPerform, the Imagista, SpringML, NTSOC, Los Angeles, and Workshops for Warriors. 

The Bureau of Small Projects will not only help in brand engagement but also helps you increase authority with search engines.

3. Slice Design

This is an international web design agency that offers what other web design agencies cannot offer. Whether you want simple packaging updates or big brand redesign, Slice Design is the company to work with. 

But what makes the company stack up above the competition is its pragmatic approach. This has helped thousands of customers from around the globe.

Slice Design is independent and honest with its services. The team has worked with clients such as Unilever, Bayer, Cypressa, Pladis, and Danone. 

Apart from graphic design services, the company offers a unique approach to brand positioning.

4. Live Animations

Live Animations is an award-winning company that specializes in children and family brands. They have worked with clients like Disney, 20-century Fox, Little Hippo, Hatbar, LG U+, Ferrero, Norma, and Faber Castel. 

Live Animations offer effective graphic design solutions that give your clients a chance to interact with your brand. Other services include mobile app design, branding, and AR/VR.

5. Ink, Inc. Creative Group

Ink, Inc. offers a wide range of digital agency services including graphic design, copyrighting, campaign management, and web& landing pages. Their team consists of copyrighters, graphic designers, and UI & UX designers.

Ink, Inc. prides itself on offering innovative solutions that bring life to your business. They specialize in matters of branding, messaging, and managing your online presence. 

Besides that, the company uses a unified creative strategy to produce visual assets for your campaign.

The creative team has experience in industry-leading methods like Instagram for business, Facebook Advertising, search engine optimization, etc. One company that is featured in their portfolio is Decision Boundaries LLC. 

They carefully coordinated guided development and design to ensure all elements meet the strategic goals of the brand. Additional emphasis was placed on-site structure which contributed to the ultimate goal.

Ink, Inc. has worked with famous companies like Spring Works Therapeutics, Clock in Easy, Janet Mavec Jewelry, and California Energy Designs.

6. Crafted

Crafted is the leading digital design team in NYC with hundreds of clients across the globe. They offer services including website design, Shopify, and video production. 

At Crafted, the team believes a stunning design has a huge impact. To ensure your brand is more memorable, the company has partnered with platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Crafted has worked with clients like AMC networks, Revolt TV, PVH, and New York Times. When The Revolt TV team approached Crafted, they were looking for something that is conceptually appealing to millennials. 

They helped to design a user-generated platform and brought the younger audience into the picture. Today, users are given social tools to enhance their experience.

7. Bonfire Effect

Bonfire engages customers with strategies that help to fuel business growth. To ensure your brand tells a story, the creative team brings to you web development, digital marketing, and graphic design services. 

Located in Colorado, Bonfire Effect is passionate about setting your brand ablaze. They have worked with clients like Purpose Brewing & Cellars, Sola Salon Studios, Hach Company, Brother Mobile Solutions, Accurence, and HPE.

8. Incline marketing Group

This is a digital advertising agency that offers services like branding, package design, website design, ad agency services, video production, logo design companies, email marketing automation, paid media, and email & marketing automation. 

They have worked with clients like Bloomington Dental, US stemology, the Dexie Foundation, Blink Water Solutions, Cache Valley Bank, and Cable Mountain Lodge.

Incline Marketing Group understands that clients are looking for a solution that encompasses their needs into one. 

They can design anything including flyers, digital ads, billboards, business cards, brochures, and banners. The team has worked with over happy 240 clients.

9. Red Spot Design

This is a full-service web design company that offers a variety of services including social media marketing, website design, paid media & pay per click, digital marketing, and e-commerce SEO. 

Red Spot Design has worked with many clients including Trinity Valley Electric Co-op, Fit Chick Training, and Pollo Regio Restaurant.

When Medina Oven & Bar Restaurant approached Red Spot Design, they wanted to promote their restaurant online. The team helped them create an atmosphere where customers can get much-needed information.

10. Axis Visual

Axis Visual strives to make your branding more effective through graphic design. They offer a wide range of services including package design, website development, ad agency services, and user experience design. 

They have worked with many clients including Crothall, NDRI, United Incentives, Compass One, Draeger, and Acurian.

The team is dedicated to providing the much-needed tools to businesses that can help them stay ahead of the competition. Axis Visual can custom-build everything from brochures, logos to websites, and trade show materials – you name it.

Wrapping it up

A graphic design company will give a strategic visual appeal for your business. The above firms specialize in various types of graphic design including labels, flyers, logos, and digital collateral. 

Their talent is appreciated from every corner of the globe, not to mention, some have received several awards for their work.

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