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Website Design and Digital Marketing Firms in Jacksonville

Your website is like an automated sales team. When customers visit your site, they want to see a user-friendly site. So if you want to discover the potential of your visual branding, you should work with the top website design company in Jacksonville. Here are the most reputable companies that can represent your brand across all platforms.

Ward Media Group

Ward Media Group uses the latest technology to create responsive websites. The team offers a variety of services, including logo design, online marketing, and web design. To ensure the best level of service, this agency employs a highly-qualified team. The staff has extensive knowledge of providing solutions that align with the client’s needs. Ward Media Group has worked with several organizations to design logos and concepts for businesses.

Graphic Design Jax

Graphic Design Jax offers an array of services across different sectors. These guys believe that every business is different, and that’s why they use innovative graphic design and dynamic visuals. This is the team to hire if you want to create a site that intrigues all users.

The team will work with you to create an image that reaches your target audience. Whether you’re a startup company or you want to give your website a revamp, the team will use exceptional graphics to build brand awareness. While the majority of clients are based in Jacksonville, they also offer services to customers all over the US.

Dimension Design

Dimension Design is an agency that curates unique websites for the most respected agencies in the world. Once they understand your needs, the craft masters will design a website that gives unique customer engagement. What’ more, they use the latest cutting-edge principles to translate your message to beautiful digital experiences. Apart from web design, they can assist in CAD/Graphics production and creative art.

63 Visual

Since 2010, 63 Visual has been helping businesses focus on operational efficiency and better communication to give better results. 63 Visual will also help in logo design, creating visually compelling graphics, and operational efficiency. Over the years, they have worked with advertising agencies, startups, and technology companies.

Graphic JAX, Inc.

Graphic JAX provides graphic and web design solutions to startup businesses. Whether you need small print jobs, signage, billboards, or digital ads, you can be sure your brand will be represented online. Since 2006, the agency has been combining personality and creativity to create websites that appeal to different audiences.

Tal-Kin Trees Creative Services

Tal-Kin Trees Creative Services is an advertising agency that offers an array of services like digital photography, media cover design, website design, among others. Based in Jacksonville Florida, Tal-Kin works with individual businesses and educational institutions. Some of the notable clients include Edwards Waters College, Florida State College at Jacksonville, and Jacksonville Urban League. Tal-Kin is also privileged to work with global communities like Dignity you wear, Red Bull USA, British Airways, and the Florida Department of Agriculture.

Signs by Tomorrow

This agency uses the latest technology to create websites that cater to businesses of all sizes – from displays to impactful graphics. As one of the signage founding companies, the agency is known for creating signage for businesses. The cornerstone of their success is attention to detail, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer experience. And no job is too small or big for them- Signs by Tomorrow has more than 100 stores nationwide and has worked with Fortune 500 companies.

Shimp Sign and Design Inc.

This is a well-established sign company that helps businesses in residential and commercial companies. The agency understands what drives customers. For three decades, Shimp Sign and Design have been working with companies that want to communicate their message in style. Every design work blends well with the latest technology. And best of all, they will keep you updated on the latest updates.


In today’s digital age, people embrace companies that give the best online experience. Huge will create best-in-class experiences that are rooted in data, technology, and organizational strategy. All these capabilities are combined into one simple solution and foster relationships among customers. Furthermore, the team uses a data-driven approach for a more impactful website.

Lithographic Services

For four decades, this agency has been providing print design services to clients in the greater Jacksonville area. Their customers include Fortune 500 Companies, individuals, and educational institutions. Apart from that, the agency maximizes cost efficiency and improves production time. Lithographic Services Company doesn’t just take printing like any other task – it’s using colors to a whole new substrate.

The above web design companies can help you maintain a professional look across all platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to hire a web designer in Jacksonville, FL?

The price of hiring a web designer in Jacksonville, FL varies from project to project depending on the size and scope. Typically, it will cost between $1,500 and $25,000+ for design work, or less than that if you are only looking for someone to manage and maintain your site.

Some designers may charge by the hour while others may have fixed costs associated with their services–this is something you should discuss during your initial consultation before signing any contracts.

Do I need a website maintenance package?

Some web designers will offer maintenance packages as a part of their services. The benefit to this is that you won’t have to worry about security issues, hack attacks, or other possible problems.

The downside is that the maintenance package usually requires a longer-term commitment and can cost more over time than what you would spend if you took care of the maintenance yourself.

If your website is a one-time project, it may be more cost-effective for you to hire someone who will do maintenance on an as-needed basis.

What should I ask during my consultation?

Get an idea about what they charge and whether they only work on-site with clients, which could make it difficult if you’re located far away from them or can’t afford travel costs.

You’ll want to know exactly how much their design process will cost upfront so there are no surprises later!

You might also want to inquire into how they will communicate with you during the design process, how often they update their portfolio and ask what types of projects they’ve completed in the past.

What is a website homepage?

A website homepage serves as your site’s main page that provides some information about who you are, offers contact details for people looking to reach out and more importantly it serves as an area where potential clients can find out what you offer, and take a look at some of your previous work.

Why does my web designer have me sign a contract?

Contracts exist to protect both parties from any unforeseen circumstances should anything go wrong during the project. The agreement outlines expectations so there is better understanding on both sides on where things stand throughout the course of work being done. For example, a contract will provide information on what happens if one party is unable to fulfil their obligations, how much time they are allotted for the project and other things that might be necessary.

How do I know if my web designer has good reviews?

You can find out by looking at testimonials or online reviews of those who have previously hired them! If you’re looking for more than just design work–such as website maintenance packages–make sure to ask about this during your consultation.

What should I expect from my initial meeting with my web designer in Grand Jacksonville, FL?

This meeting will go over any questions you may have like pricing and an outline of services provided so there isn’t anything left unanswered before signing contracts. They’ll also ask about your expectations for the project so they can tailor their services to best fit what you’re looking for.

What skills does my new web designer need?

Your new website might be designed using one of many different software programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign; these tools vary in complexity so knowing what program they prefer to use will help narrow down your search when hiring them.

Some designers are skilled at all facets of the website design process, while others prefer to focus on just one area such as graphic design or front-end development.

A good web designer should also have reliable communication skills and be able to communicate their progress in a timely fashion; this is important for managing their own workload but will also mean that they can keep you updated with how your project is progressing without having to chase after them constantly.

What kind of time frame do I need?

When hiring a new web designer it’s useful to work out an approximate timeline so that both parties know what’s expected from each other–this will help avoid any potential issues which could arise if there isn’t enough lead time between when you sign a contract and when the work is due.

You should also ask about how they handle revisions–some designers charge per revision while others might not offer any changes at all, this will vary depending on their level of experience in web design.

How do I know if my new Jacksonville website designer can handle my project?

The first thing you should do before hiring a web designer to help with your site’s redesign or build is research their previous projects; it’s important that they have done other successful website designs for businesses like yours because otherwise you may end up unhappy with the final product.

It doesn’t matter whether these websites are just as big or smaller than what you’re looking to create, but ideally they’ll be close enough to give you an idea of the scope and complexity level–this will allow you to make a more informed decision.

How do I find a good web designer in Jacksonville, FL?

Finding a reliable website design company or freelance designer for your new site should start by getting recommendations from friends or business associates who may have gone through this process; they might be able to refer someone that they’ve worked with before which can save time on both ends.

You could also contact professional associations such as AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) or ASIFA-Hollywood if there are any chapters in Florida where designers congregate regularly–they’re bound to know at least one person who does great work!

What questions should I ask my new web designer?

It’s important to get a good feel for your potential website design company or freelance designer before you make any decisions, so talk about how they will respond if there are any problems with the site in future such as bugs, crashes or security breaches.

You should also check that their work complies with applicable laws and regulations–this includes whether they have insurance cover for injuries which may arise from certain aspects of the job like traffic control during building sites.

How do I know if my new Jacksonville website designer is any good at what they do?

There are several ways to tell if someone does great work: most experienced designers should be able to provide testimonials from past clients who can attest to their skills, or they may also be a member of professional organisations which require ongoing education and/or experience.

In some cases you might not find any information online, but this shouldn’t worry you too much as long as the designer has previous work to show for it–if all they have is an outdated website then these are probably old projects that do not reflect their abilities in today’s digital landscape.

What is SEO, and do I need it?

SEO is the acronym for “search engine optimisation,” which can be described as a way of improving your site’s visibility in search engines like Google.

You might not need SEO if you plan on having an extremely small website, and have no plans on scaling your business.

However, if you want to build a footprint online, and consistently grow your revenue, then you’ll need to invest in SEO.

How much does SEO cost?

The costs for SEO depend on the complexity of your website–for instance, if you have a blog with only around 10 articles and 20 pages, this would be considerably cheaper than building an e-commerce site that has hundreds or thousands of products.

A good rule is to estimate how many people who’d like to visit your website every day (known as “daily page views”) so that you can factor these into your budget, but keep in mind that there are also additional monthly fees depending on whether they’re a freelance designer or company.

What’s the difference between responsive web design vs adaptive content layout?

Responsive websites automatically fit themselves to the screen size of the device they’re being viewed on, which means that it could look different on your phone or tablet than it does on a computer.

Adaptive content layout is when you design one website for all devices–for example, if someone visits your site using their laptop then this will load in desktop view; and if they visit from their smartphone then this will also be displayed as just like a mobile-friendly version of the website.

What should I do before hiring my new web designer?

The first step is to set up an initial meeting with them so that you can see examples of what other work they have done–this way you’ll know whether or not there’s any potential risk involved by working together.

You should also make sure that this is someone you can communicate comfortably with, so ask them how often they work and if there are any days of the week when they’re not available.

This will give you an idea of their availability in terms of project management–for instance, some designers might only be free to work for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

How to prepare for my initial consultation with my designer?

Before your meeting, it’s important to have as much information about what you want your website to look like–this includes colours (whether these are specific Pantone® codes), images that could represent company values etcetera.

It’s extremely important to know whether the site needs to function 24 hours a day/365, or if it will be built for just one singular event.

Make sure you also include any pages that need to have content on them–for instance, if your site has an online store then these are things like product descriptions, customer reviews etcetera; and if it’s more corporate in nature than this might not apply.

What does it mean when someone says I’m “search engine friendly?”

One factor which could affect how well your website ranks is whether people can easily find what they’re looking for on the page–this means finding keywords (either explicitly mentioned or implied by some other text), headings that make sense and relevant images.

Search engines cannot index websites with JavaScript disabled because they can’t read the content–so make sure that you have this enabled and also keep in mind to use keywords which are relevant for your business.

Why do I need a web designer if everything is done on social media?

Many people think that social media is now more important than a website—this is not true.

If you want to build any sort of online presence, then this should be through your website and also on other platforms such as facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or Twitter; but it’s still best if these two things work in tandem with one another rather than being stand-alone channels.

What makes up the cost for web design?

Web designers will charge either by project (which means they’ll provide an estimate based on how much time they need) or by hour (depending on how long their meeting was).

The average hourly rate for freelance designers ranges between $50-$200 per hour depending on experience level and location, etcetera; so most companies would be looking to pay between $1,500-$25,000+ for a website.

What are some of the benefits of SEO?

Paid advertising has become increasingly difficult over the years due to changes in algorithms by Google®, meaning that people now rely more heavily on organic (or free) traffic from websites like Yelp® or TripAdvisor®.

This means that it’s more important to make sure your site is search engine friendly and easy for customers or potential clients to find; this includes making the pages load quickly, using keywords that are relevant etcetera.

What are some common mistakes people make when hiring web designers?

One mistake people often make is using someone who’s inexperienced or just getting started; and also forgetting about their own brand colours (e.g., Pantone® codes) to ensure consistency between other material like print ads, billboards etcetera. This can lead to things looking mismatched because there are no uniform features across all platforms.

Do I need web hosting?

Web hosting refers to where all the files that make up your new website lives; this includes text content (such as articles or blog posts), images, videos, audio clips etc.

You should discuss whether they have any experience with web hosting during any initial meetings so you know what their level of expertise is. This isn’t something that requires much knowledge though, so most people should be able to do this on their own.

What are some of the different types of web hosting?

There are four main flavours: shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated and cloud-based. The first two options have very limited space for storage–so these might not work well if you’re dealing with huge files like videos.

The last two options are better for larger-scale websites with a lot of traffic; this is because they offer more storage and RAM (this refers to processing power). One issue, however, is that these types of web hosting require someone who understands how the technical aspects work–so if you don’t know anything about this, then you’ll need to find someone who does.

What are some of the advantages of working with a freelance web designer?

Freelance designers offer many benefits that other types can’t–like flexibility and creativity. They’re not confined by company rules or regulations and also have the ability to recommend new ideas for your website (something that might not happen if you work with a company).

What are some of the disadvantages to hiring freelance web designers?

One disadvantage is that they may have lower levels of experience than those who work for companies. It’s also more difficult to control, as there isn’t someone overseeing everything; but this can be seen as an advantage too–as you can have more say in what’s happening.

Can I hire a web designer to redesign my website?

Yes, but if they’re only handling the design work then it’ll cost substantially less than hiring someone who will perform all of these tasks (e.g., designing and building). There are many different types of designers–like photographers, graphic artists etcetera–so be sure to ask what their level of expertise is so you know whether or not this fits your company needs.

How do I find the best web designer for me?

Ask them about any experience they have with other companies that are similar to yours; what type of projects they’ve worked on in the past; how long meetings typically last before an estimate is given; and what their process is for getting to a final estimate. You should also be clear about your budget from the get go, so they understand how much you can afford.

Do I need someone who specializes in web design?

No–many people combine both skills (e.g., graphic designer) or hire an entirely different type of person altogether (e.g., photographer). It’s worth asking them whether they’ve done any work with other companies that are similar to yours though, as this will give you some idea about their experience level with various industries etcetera–although it doesn’t guarantee success by any means either!

What if my website crashes during launch?

This could happen because there wasn’t enough time for testing or they didn’t anticipate enough traffic–or it could be because the design of your website is too complicated. The first two options are usually easily resolved by adding some time to test and fix any bugs that might pop up, so this really depends on what happened. If there’s a specific reason why you think their design is causing problems then ask them about it (e.g., maybe there was an error in programming).

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