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Since WordPress is such a great system, we do most of our web design work on WordPress using custom themes.

Our website designers can develop and program websites in almost any web language and on any platform.

We also specialize in creating mobile & tablet themes, as Google has recently shifted its website focus to include interactive themes for all platforms.

Search Engine Optimization is a technique that allows pages on the internet to rank in Google search engines.

At My Favorite Web Design, some of our SEO program services include optimizing your website’s coding for Google, local search optimization, social media management, quality article creation, on-site optimization, video production, and unique media content creation.

My Favorite Web design is strictly Google-compliant. Our company practices no outsourcing, automation, or black hat marketing techniques. All of our Arizona SEO strategies are white hat and are performed in-house by experienced SEO specialists.

Whether you need a website for your company, or you need a quality SEO company for your existing website, we can help.

Contact owner, Joshua Jacoby, today to learn how we can provide your company with quality web design, SEO, and marketing services.

Services Provided:

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