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Web Design Firms in Los Angeles

Web design is more than just the color and function – it’s about spreading the word and promoting the right products to the audience. If your main goal is to grow your business, you should work with a company that has earned the spot of top website design in Los Angeles. Here are the best agencies that can take your business to the next level.

Vrrb Interactive

Vrrb Interactive works with a range of professionals including global enterprises. Whether it’s a hot new product launch or a corporate website, the team will get their hands dirty and provide the results you want. Vrrb has the people with ideas to get your business where you want it to be. Some of the clients in their portfolio include CADENCE, Simon Malls, Slate Digital, UCLA, INHALE Health, and Biotene.


Weberous web design agency has the expertise to build a functional and responsive website. They implement market-driven strategies to turn casual browsers to repeat customers. It all starts with a conversation guided by your brand style. Then, they will build beautiful experiences in sync with the target market. Whether you’re just getting started or you want to give your site a revamp, the team will craft something exclusively for your brand.

Ambered Design Studio

Ambered Design Studio provides web design and SEO services to residents in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. The team will work with you to polish your web presence and keep customers returning to your business. They provide results-driven services to gain a competitive advantage and help customers grow online. The agency will also help you build awareness through internet marketing.

SPINX Digital

SPINX team consists of designers and digital marketers that go over and beyond in every project. The team is involved in digital strategy, mobile applications, content management systems, email marketing, and social media. These professionals have a deeper understanding of user habits and knowledge to dominate the competition. The agency works with new brands and well-known corporates. Some of the selected clients include NBC, CBS, Amazon, Wet n Wild, and Black Radiance. As innovators in web design, the team will help you get the edge you need to boost your digital presence.

Use All Five

This is a technology studio that will create a unique digital experience across different industries. They are committed to exploring new strategies and creating thoughtful experiences. Besides that, they build unique solutions that will shape an exciting future. They envision and create designs that align with the ever-changing world. Their key clients are Guggenheim, Google, MOCA, Spotify, and UCLA.

Wire Media

Wire Media works with small businesses, non-profits, and universities. They help to create visual storytelling based on user experience and data. The talented staff can create Drupal and custom WordPress sites, microsites, and apps to provide engaging information. And to ensure customers understand what you do, the team will give a thoughtful and interactive experience. Wire Media is honored to work with inspiring organizations like TIDES, CREDO action, Leadersup, RUTGERS, and United Ways of California.

1111 Media Group

This is a full-service digital agency that offers a range of services including digital marketing, social media, and video production. If growing a business is a priority, the team can create a solution tailored to your needs and budget. Why would you invest in a website that doesn’t generate leads? Over the years, the agency has been helping businesses create a platform that nurtures sales leads. And if the competitors are ranking higher than you, the team has a proven system to create long-lasting results.

Revealize Inc.

Revealize offers a range of services including the creation of WordPress websites, charity organizations, blog sites, and more. Their goal is to create websites with more intuitive user experience and keep tabs with today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Wanted for Nothing

This agency combines technical expertise with cutting edge creativity to design a website that appeals to the target audience. Their unique approach will help turn visitors to long-lasting customers. Wanted for nothing places emphasis on user experience. They also provide businesses with holistic branding that includes logo design and bespoke graphics.

Clap Creative

This agency is dedicated to creating outstanding websites in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. They take pride in delivering services with attention to details and utmost care. Once you approach the team, they will take care of every aspect of your site.

If you’re a busy professional and you have no time to mess with amateur designers, you should try any of the above agencies.


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Can’t seem to decide what website designer is best for your next digital project.

Let our staff at DirMarketing create a custom shortlist for you.

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