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Web Design, Digital Marketing Agencies in Louisville, KY

A good website will help you elevate your brand and achieve measurable business results. It should be professionally built to the highest quality. If you’re looking for the top web design agency in Louisville, here are some companies you can work with.

Blackstone Digital

Blackstone Digital is a top web design agency in Louisville that can help you drive sales and generate leads. The team is dedicated to translating human ideas into beautiful technology solutions. Unlike other agencies in Louisville, Blackstone Digital can help with UX strategy, design sprints, and discovery phases. They have worked with leading organizations like Cambridge Savings Bank, Sonoma-Cutter, Trade Hounds, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Santander.

DBS Interactive

DBS Interactive has a team of professionals who will help bring your brand to life. Whether you’re a new company or an established brand, you need a thoughtful web design that allows you to shine online. Apart from web design, they also offer other services like infographics, apps, and animation VR. No matter how complex your business looks, they will do a deep analysis and carefully bring your goals to fruition. DBS has worked with brands like ResCare, ZEON, Holiday World Safari, and BigAss funs.

Innovative Publishing

Innovative Publishing is a multi-media design company based in Louisville, Kentucky. Their core services areas are websites, branding, logos, Newsletters, and sales & marketing. Since 1993, the team has been creating professionally designed publications that are easy to work with. Once you hire the team, they will first understand your goals and challenges of the organization, and then develop a website that suits your goals.

Write Now Marketing

Write Now Marketing offers an array of services, including custom artwork logos, database publishing, design layout, and web design. They also offer web hosting services, analytics, and search engine optimization. Write Now Marketing is responsive to requests and delivers the project on time. The team has worked with small businesses and fortune 500 companies.

No matter your business needs, the agency will make your brand memorable. And because they will handle all your marketing needs, your brand will be memorable. If the idea of creating a responsive website overwhelms you, then this is the team to work with.

Ink Publishing & Design

Ink Publishing & Design will help you create connections with customers. No matter your business size, they have the expertise and experience to design a website that suits your needs. And because their core area is on publishing, this is the perfect platform to share your expertise. The company has also expanded its areas of operation on logo design, social media publishing, email marketing, and company branding. Ink Publishing and Design has worked with Construction Machinery Company (CMC), Home Builders Insights, Taylor Regional Hospital, and Scott Orthopedic Center. It’s time you let your story be heard.

Social by Design

Social by Design specializes in WordPress website design. Whether you need a brochure, business card, banners, or illustration, this is the company that will help you transform your digital identity. They will offer beautiful design variations that will make your dream come true.

Noteworthy Creative Group

Noteworthy Creative Group offers web design services with 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need an updated website or a branded appeal, the agency will cover all your needs. To date, they have designed 62 websites and over 180 logos. The team prides itself on affordable packed pricing and quick turnaround time.

Mission Data

Mission Data is a digital agency that provides real solutions. They use leading technology to make meaningful impact to organizations. What’s more, they create cost-effective solutions for B2C solutions. Some of their satisfied clients are Mercer, Advisory Board, National Geographic, Bravo, and Pizza Papa Johns.

Griffin Fundraising and Marketing

This is a full service marketing consulting firm that delivers on organizational goals. Since 1992, the firm has been working with non-profits across the US. They have a tradition of addressing the needs of individual clients. GFM has a talented team that will help boost your online brand. The firm is also a member of Leadership Louisville Center, Fund Raising Executives of Metro Louisville, and AFP.


This is a client-centric digital agency that delivers precision in the marketing efforts. Oohology has a competent team of professional you can rely on to bring your wildest dreams to life. Since 2006, this agency has worked with many firms in Louisville to boost their online presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do web designers in Louisville charge?

Web designers’ rates vary and depend on the type of business, complexity of design, project phases (design vs. development), number of pages to be created, whether it is a website only or if there are other marketing materials involved etc.

For example – some companies will charge by the hour while others might charge by page count based on what is needed.

However, if you need a ballpark figure, the average cost of a website ranges from $1,500-$10,000 for local Louisville, KY businesses and up to about $25000+ for national companies.

What will I need in order to hire a web designer?

Since every business is different, it would be best if you call around or email some potential designers and find out what they require so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

However, many times clients are required to provide wireframes (mockups) of their ideas with specific details on content as well as specifications like colors/fonts etc., when this is necessary; other design services may not have any requirements at all. Clients should also specify whether there are any budget constraints – since web designing prices vary.

How long does it take for a designer to make my website?

You can get an idea of how much time is required by taking into consideration the complexity, number of pages and features that you want included in your site or blog.

Some designers offer fixed-price packages which include unlimited revisions during development phase. This helps eliminate any confusion as to what will be delivered based on hourly rates or other factors.

What are some examples of types of websites they may design?

A logo company might have a simple one page basic brochure style web site with just their logo and contact info displayed prominently at the top.

An eCommerce store would need to display all products around categories/products tabs and also allow buyers to search for specific products.

A professional company may require a website that includes an about section, client testimonials and portfolio with photos of past work – all on separate pages.

It’s best to get in touch with your potential designer and ask them what they specialize in or have done before to make sure you are both understanding each other’s expectations.

What are the different types of Web Designers?

There are many different types of designers out there including:

Graphic Designers who design logos/brochures; Multimedia specialists who create websites using Flash & Dreamweaver; Programmers who focus solely on the back-end coding part like HTML java script etc.

Producers use Photoshop/Illustrator to produce graphics for layout and design; Web Developers who use HTML, XHTML, PHP & ASP.Net to program the front-end site content.

How do I find a good web designer?

There are many ways that you can get in touch with your potential designers including:

visiting their website or portfolio online; looking through business listings/yellow pages list (some may even be listed as “web design”); and from referrals by friends/family members.

It’s recommended to narrow down your choices first before actually contacting them about specific work since they will usually want to talk on the phone or have a meeting before starting any work – unless it is an agreed fixed price package deal upfront where no revisions are allowed after signing off on the contract.

What is the difference between a designer and web development?

A designer will work on anything from graphic design to logos, brochures, business cards etc. while a Web Developer concentrates solely on designing websites or blogs like HTML/XHTML coding for content as well as Java Script programming in order to ensure smooth navigation.

They may also be responsible for website hosting issues too. Hiring both services at once can have benefits since it eliminates any potential communication breakdowns that might occur if only one person was hired.

However, some designers offer packages where everything is included including functionality and features up-front which would eliminate the need of hiring an additional programmer – this works best with smaller projects though so keep that in mind before proceeding otherwise you could be paying more in the end.

What if I am not sure what my website should include?

It’s best to talk with your designer up-front about any specific features/content that you want on your site or blog before they start work so you are both clear of expectations and budgets.

Some designers may have fixed price packages where everything is included upfront but this usually works well for smaller sites only – since larger projects would take longer, require additional help from a programmer and cost more money due to budget constraints.

Do Web Designers charge by hour or project basis?

Designers will either offer hourly rates or a set fee for each project which always includes unlimited revisions during the development phase until it meets all specifications required by client; this is usually set as a fixed price package.

What types of payment methods do web designers accept?

Web Designers will typically take payments by cash, credit card or PayPal – it’s best to have your designer clarify which they prefer before starting any work so there are no misunderstandings and extra fees on either end later on in the project.

How long does it normally take for my website to be finished?

It completely depends on many factors including: size/complexity of design; type of service being offered; how much content needs to be changed etc.; but some estimates can range from around one week up to three months depending what needs done.

How do I know my web designer is trustworthy?

It may not be possible in many cases, but try asking them about their work history and experience.

See what other clients have said about them online; and look at past projects they’ve done which should always include examples of previous designs so you can tell how skilled/experienced they are.

Another way would be to ask for references from people that you trust or who have had similar projects done before like talking with friends/family members, co-workers etc.; often these individuals will have more knowledge about the process and how well a designer works which may help narrow your choices down.

If you’re still worried, do not pay them any money upfront before they start work on your project since this is usually when scams happen; have them provide an invoice/receipt so that all bases are covered legally.

It’s also recommended to get everything in writing during contract negotiations with either email or snail mail correspondence (e-signatures would be ideal but may not always be possible depending on state laws).

What should I look for in my web designer?

This completely varies from client to client based on their needs and preferences. However, some things to consider: reputation of past clients; if they offer fixed price packages inclusive of all services upfront; what types of payment methods they accept and the level of customer service provided before, during and after a project.

What are some common problems to look out for when hiring a web designer?

A few things that should always be considered: designers who ask you to pay up-front (especially if this is not part of their usual process); shoddy workmanship – which can lead to more issues down the line with website functionality/content etc.

Poor communication skills between client and designer which may cause delays in completion time or missed deadlines etc.; lack of experience on either end, resulting in low quality work being produced due to inexperience or laziness.

Do I have any say over how my site looks like?

Yes, you should always have some input on the type of design they’re using and how it should look/function; just make sure that this is reflected in your contract before work starts so there are no misunderstandings later.

How much will a WordPress developer cost me?

 It depends on many factors including how complicated your project is and who you hire to help with specific parts but some estimates can range from around $1500 to tens of thousands depending what you need done.

What are the pros and cons of building a site on my own as opposed to hiring an expert web designer?  

The pros include: saving on the cost of hiring a professional web designer, being able to decide what you want your site to look like and how it should function – which may be more important than the price tag depending on the type of business.

Potential downsides are that you will probably take longer than a professionally designed website. The website you’ve designed may not be optimized properly to rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

There’s also no guarantee that your design skills/knowledge is up-to-par with industry standards, so there might be issues later down the road.

Vulnerable to security problems since you were not professionally trained in website building (which can lead to sensitive data leaks, hacking, etc).

Can I hire someone who’s outside the U.S.?  

There are international web designers as well so it’s possible; however you will need to factor in a few things: potential language barriers leading to miscommunication or lack of communication etc.; cultural differences which could lead to misunderstandings about what type of site is wanted (e.g., different symbols for navigation instead of URL links); and any legal/technical hurdles that may happen when working with another country – one example would be not having the same privacy laws put into place because American companies fall under EU regulations without them being physically located there).

What are some of the common mistakes that people make when hiring a web designer?

Some mistakes are: not considering what they need for their site before contacting designers; requesting one page only instead of an entire website which may lead to less-than-stellar results or having incomplete content on the site (e.g., no About Us section); not asking enough questions about how much experience they have etc.; and going with someone who’s known locally but doesn’t have any major accolades like awards, press coverage, speaking engagements etc.

What types of questions should I ask my web designer before hiring them?

Some important questions to ask your designer are:

How long they have been in the industry; what their work process is like (e.g., using wireframes or sketches etc.), and whether they’ll be able to meet deadlines for your project without delay.

You also may want to discuss other services that can provide during the design period, like site maintenance, hack prevention, content creation/management, SEO optimization, video marketing, social media integration, etc.

What is wireframing?

This is when rough sketches or outlines are used to map out how certain aspects of your site should look on-screen so it’s easier for designers to come up with an idea about what elements will go where; it also helps them determine features such as navigation menus, text size/color contrasts etc., screen type compatibility (e.g., some layouts work better on RWD screens) and other important considerations like SEO optimization strategies.

What is a responsive web design?

This means the site will be responsive to all types of screens (e.g., desktops, laptops, tablets etc.) rather than just one type; this makes it easier for users to access information quickly and eliminates any issues with having a clunky or difficult-to-navigate website which can turn people away.

Can I speak directly with the designer if I want feedback on my own ideas?  

Yes – as long as they have enough time available within their work schedule that you’ve agreed upon in advance during contract negotiations so there’s no confusion later down the line about whether anything was discussed at some point before starting work together.

What types of work do designers specialize in?

Some common ones are: web design; logo/brand identity creation; content management systems (e.g., Drupal); social media marketing campaigns and strategy; print materials like brochures, business cards etc.; interface designs such as mobile apps or software programs with both front-end UX and back-end programming support needed to bring it all together seamlessly.  

How long does the entire process take from start to finish?  

This also depends heavily on how many revisions need to be made along the way but can range anywhere from just 2 weeks to (45) days depending on the project.

What are some different types of design processes that designers use?

Some examples include: waterfall (or ‘waterfall’ since it’s not an acronym); agile; heavy documentation and wireframing/prototyping phases with fewer details in later stages vs. more frequent contact during all stages like a scrum-project management approach which helps clarify any questions or issues as they come up along the way rather than waiting until closer to completion before anything is addressed so there isn’t as much backtracking needed; remote vs. local work environment etc.;

For example, you might want someone who works remotely if your business operates outside Louisville, KY but needs assistance from time-to-time when it comes to content management or design.

What is the difference between an on-page and off-site SEO strategy?

An on-page strategy focuses primarily on how your site’s pages are constructed with meta tags, new website updates/changes, keyword placement etc., while off-site utilizes things like links from other sites that point back to you which have been generated by search engine crawlers because they’re relevant enough for them to pass link juice over; this helps improve rankings in SERP results for specific keywords people might be searching for so it can lead to more traffic coming towards your page(s).

How often should I plan on updating my blog post if I’m using a CMS system (e.g., WordPress)?

This depends on how often you’d like to add new content or update old posts with fresh info/content but it’s typically recommended for blogs that have a lot of readers coming in daily to update their site with fresh content every 1-2 days.

What should I consider before finally signing the contract?

You want to make sure that everything is clearly listed in writing – such as what the cost will be for different stages of work like design, development, and ongoing maintenance; your expectations about deadlines or turnaround times for any tasks/projects.

Clear communication protocols if there’s an issue (e.g., no response after 24 hours; multiple messages left without reply etc.) which may result in additional charges due to delays from either side because confusion could lead to extra costs incurred by both parties.

Contracts helps ensure everyone is on the same page and that there aren’t any surprises down the line.

How much are social media management companies typically paid?

This will vary depending on the level of work that needs to be done and the number of hours designated for it; some examples are: $5,00-$3,000 per month with a one-hour weekly phone call on Mondays or an hourly rate determined by how much time is needed for updates.

Do I need to know what my budget is before hiring someone?  

Yes – this helps ensure you don’t get into any disagreements about price since designers typically have packages available that cover different levels/types of projects ranging from simple logos, websites etc., but your expectations should still be clear in terms of deadlines so everyone knows when they’re being promised something if not sooner than expected.

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