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Digital Marketing and Social Media Agencies in Minneapolis

If you want your business to thrive online, you should leverage platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. The top social media management company in Minneapolis can help you with all your campaigns. Here are the top agencies you should work with.


This is an independent agency that focuses on repositioning and reinvigorating brands. They use a data-driven approach to bridge connections and drive stronger results. What’s more, they help build brands in a challenging landscape. Their industry focus is on healthcare & medical, consumer products & services, and education. The team believes in success and has helped thousands of brands achieve their goals.

Bite Sized Media

This is a Milwaukee-based digital marketing agency that helps you win customers online. If you have no expertise in marketing, Bite Sized Media will help you create and execute your online marketing services. Whether it means sending emails to customers or starting on marketing, the agency will help you realize the true potential of your customers. Bite Sized Media also helps businesses create more engaging content on Facebook and Instagram. As a small business owner, you can spend more time doing what you love most.

Concept Co.

This is a talented-driven agency that focuses on providing social media marketing services to customers. For one decade, Concept Co. has been specializing in B2B, action sports, and consumer brand markets. The team helps to design graphics, develop brands, build websites, and activate campaigns. Their focus line areas are web design, branding, and digital strategy.

Concept Co. has worked with key clients like UNFC, CED, Beachwood Sales, Explicit Nutrition, Milwaukee Brewers, and sea hunter. Whether you’re a startup or an established company, the talent-driven team will create a story that brands believe in.

Take7 Productions

Take7 Productions consists of like-minded artists that are always looking for innovative ways to boost your brand. They will help you create films, music videos, and commercials. Some of the key clients include MOFILM, Children’s Hospital, Gerber Technology, Dodge, Atlantic Records, among others.

Mock Design Group

For 30 years, Mock Design Group has been helping clients on a broad spectrum of projects including corporate communications, exhibit design, identity systems, and branding. They also help with presentations, photography, video production, and custom-built projects.

Their work experience is distributed to markets like insurance, education, property management, beauty, community, local organizations, non-profits, and publishing. Also, they put their best foot forward to drive the brand forward. Mock Design Group believes that collaboration is key to building relationships.

Jacobson Rost

Jacobson Rost is a digital agency that helps brands tell stories with web videos and social networks. They will help you understand true market behavior that defines your business. And to increase engagement, the team will boast brand loyalty and enhance mobile interaction. Apart from social media, the agency can assist with packaging, print/POS, digital, brand strategy, and social media design. Their industry focus is on hospitality & leisure and education. Jacobson Rost has worked with key clients like Peroni Italy, Otterbox, MillerCoors, Lifeproof, and Walmart.

Hanson Dodge

Hanson Dodge consists of a team of inventors, writers, dreamers, analysts, and developers. Since 1981, they have been working with businesses in healthcare & medical and manufacturing industries. The agency also capitalizes on consumer insights to beat the competition. They also connect with brands in the tourism and leisure industries. Some of their partners include Home Base of Harley Davidson, Pelican, and Guaranty Bank.

Mindstream Media

Since 2016, Mindstream Media uses sophisticated media strategies to connect brands where it matters most. They are open to sharing business insights and drive better media strategy. The agency operates at an energetic pace and understands the need for urgency at all times. This agency will also help with content marketing, creative services, media planning & buying, and performance analytics. Mindstream Media works with clients like Sony, Texas Health Resources, IZOD, Energy Transfer, and REYKA VODKA.

KD Interactive

KD Interactive can help boost your business with local SEO. And if you want to be at the top of the search engines, this is a team you can rely on. They understand the struggle of small businesses and will craft something that suits you best. They also offer other services like fully managed blog writing, link building, on-page optimization, online reviews & tracking, and analytics tracking.

Morgan Myers

For 40 years, Morgan Myers has helped brands adapt to change and excel online. Driven by strategy, the team doesn’t cut corners. They will listen to your needs and craft something that can boost your social media presence. Their core service area is on branding, advertising, and public relations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost for social media services in Minneapolis, MN?

The cost for social media services varies depending on the type of service being asked, the size and scope of your company’s needs, budget, as well as how often the service is requested.

Though the average rates for social media services in Minneapolis, MN are typically set between $20 and $150 per hour, some companies offer monthly packages with lower prices while others charge a flat fee starting between $600 and $1,500 monthly.

Other factors that affect pricing include the amount of time spent on each project as well as whether or not it requires research outside of the client’s social media accounts.

If you want to know how much it will cost for your company, please contact us today and one of our representatives can help pinpoint a price that meets your needs.

Why does it cost more to use an agency instead of doing it myself?

Hiring a social media agency can help save you time and money.

An experienced company like ours will have the knowledge to get your content seen by more people, making it more likely that they’ll “like” or share it. The cost of hiring an agency is worth the potential for increased exposure (and higher numbers) on all platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram etc., which in turn could lead to new business opportunities.

We have a team of professionals who are experts in their field, so you’ll never need to worry about being out of the loop on social media ever again!

Do you work with only startups?

We don’t specialize in working exclusively with clients who are just starting up. Our company works with companies of all sizes and stages, from small start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. We can provide services tailored for any business!

How do I get started with a social media company?

The first step is deciding what type of service you’re looking for, and whether or not it’s worth investing in one at all.

Will an agency be able to help me achieve my goals if I’m located outside Minneapolis, MN?

Since we offer services internationally (as well as domestically), there shouldn’t be any problem connecting even those who are located remotely!

We work with clients all over the globe, so anywhere that has internet access can benefit from our expertise!

All digital marketing campaigns are done online and through the use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., which means no matter where you live, we can work together!

How do I know who to hire?

Start by figuring out what your needs are. If you have a lot of time but not much money to invest in social media marketing then a DIY solution might be more worth it for now. But if there is an opportunity cost that’s going into hiring someone else and they’re doing the same thing as someone like us with better results – then it’s probably worthwhile taking the leap and investing. The best way to find this out is by asking questions: What kind of services am I looking for? How often would I like them done? Is my company big or small (or somewhere in between)? Do I want somebody on retainer or per-project?

What is the best way to measure success?

When it comes to social media, there isn’t a common metric like revenue or profit that will come out at the end of each quarter. Some indicators can be: number of followers, increased website traffic, more conversions from advertisements/searches (or any other campaigns), higher rankings on Google search results pages etc… It varies depending on your goals and objectives as they relate to your social media strategy.

Do I need both a website and social media services to promote my small business?

The answer to this is both “yes” and “no.”

– If you have a website, there are tools that can help you manage your social media channels.

– But if you don’t have a website or want an agency to do it for you – then yes! It’s worth the investment of time and money as these platforms grow at such rapid rates.

What is a social media management agency?

A social media management agency is a company that assists clients with managing their online presence. They do this by creating and distributing content, running campaigns, analyzing data, providing support, updating accounts etc… Social media agencies can offer services for all facets of the field so hiring one will give you access to experts in every aspect!

What does your company do? What makes you different from other companies?

We’re an all-in-one advertisement boutique specializing in digital marketing solutions including: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) as well as traditional Marketing Communications.

Our professionals have over 15 years of experience leveraging our expertise to provide high-quality service that delivers results – which we back up with testing and analytics.

Are there specific types of businesses that should work with an agency versus doing it themselves?

Yes – depending on the business type, it’s worth reaching out to an agency. This is especially true for businesses that are: service-oriented (e.g., a dentist office), providing products/services that require frequent inventory updates or changes in services offered like seasonal promotions and Christmas sales)

What would you do if I have a smaller budget?

If your company doesn’t have enough money to afford our services, it’s always worth exploring DIY options! There are plenty of tools that can help manage social media channels from start-ups and small businesses. If this is something you’re interested in – then we recommend checking out Hootsuite, Buffer or Hubspot. These are all great tools that can help you if your budget is limited.

What would I get for a monthly retainer?

A number of things! On top of our services and the time we spend on content creation, management etc… You’ll also have access to: reports detailing performance metrics (e.g., number of followers, engagement rates), strategy recommendations, and monthly reviews.

Do I need both a website and social media services to promote my small business when they are not mutually exclusive?

Yes – even without a website, these channels can offer some value by increasing visibility through likes, retweets etc… but don’t expect to be as successful with social media campaigns alone.

What is a common misconception about the value of hiring an agency?

Many people believe that agencies are not worth it because they can do this themselves – but in fact, these channels grow at such rapid rates and require time to manage them well (hourly or daily) which is why many businesses hire an agency.

What type of businesses should NOT work with a social media company?

Businesses that are on the verge of bankruptcy and have zero marketing budget – this is something that can be done on your own, without the help of a professional!

What would you recommend I have in place before hiring a new agency?

It’s best to reach out with an outline of what you would like to achieve and the time frame for this. Be sure to provide screenshots of your current channels so we can analyze them properly as well!

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