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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in NY

If you want to bring your brand to life, you should work with a reputable social media management agency. Here are the best companies that can elevate your business in the digital space.


Tinuiti is a top social media marketing agency in New York that can accelerate your business in the typography of Facebook, Google, and beyond. 

They use marketing intelligence and digital strategies to empower businesses. Also, they leverage on a strategic planning process to ensure brands see the next best opportunity. The team will also conduct the latest industry research to accelerate your growth.


This is an internationally-recognized digital marketing agency that can help you maximize ROI and see tremendous success in your business. 

Taktical is an industry leader in search marketing, lead generation, and paid social advertising. They leverage the best technology to ensure your business sees the best possible returns. Furthermore, the agency is recognized by major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google. 

The team will build campaigns that scale up quickly and generate the most returns. Once you hire the team, the company will assign an account manager to take care of your social marketing needs.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer marketing Factory creates authentic and scalable social media campaigns. They have helped brands leverage YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Before they embark on any project, the team will identify the right influencers and understand the key performance indicators. Then, they will work on the campaign narrative and finalize it with tracking the results. Of course, the services are focused on your mission and vision.

To know the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns, the team will provide tangible metrics and extensive reporting for all your activities.

Pan up Productions

Pan up Productions has the best talents that can make your social marketing a worthwhile investment. It doesn’t matter the stage of your business – the team will handle every detail. 

Also, they offer unmatched technical prowess and ensure high-quality work. Pan up Productions has worked with renowned brands like Amazon, Netflix, Chase, Gainful, Convene, VERB, and Birdsintown, SEATED, among others.


If you want to hone or sharpen your brand, Cutwater will create something distinctive. They use social media to drive growth and keep you ahead of the game. 

That’s not all – their integrative approach makes the agency one of the most trusted brands in New York. When you hire the team, they will evaluate your key performance indicators and client goals. Cutwater believes in the power of creativity and having the right mindset.

Casual Films

Casual Films has a competent team that can help you increase brand awareness, recruit the best candidates, train & motivate staff, or explain a product/service. 

Whatever your needs are, they will help you achieve them without cutting corners. Unlike other agencies in New York, the team maintains a positive attitude on all their projects. Casual Films has worked with notable companies like Red Bull, Canon, Capital One, AutoDesk, Google, and Adobe.

Major Tom

For two decades, Major Tom has been providing social media marketing services to big brands in New York. They combine top-level strategy to cut the noise in the digital arena. But this is not just your ordinary team – they have the expertise to tackle every problem. Because the team is made up of the brightest minds on the web, you can be sure your social media goals will come to life.

EDesign Interactive

For 16 years, eDesign interactive has been using the power of technology to engage the audience. They strive to create meaningful stories and fantastic digital experiences. Because their approach is data-driven, they analyze user interactions to create visuals that draw more business.

EDesign collaborates with companies (both small and big) to build brand awareness. The team will conduct deep market research and use practical strategies to ensure your business shines on the web.

OAK Digital

OAK digital is a performance-based marketing agency dedicated to helping clients thrive online. They use a unique approach to leverage affiliate marketing and fuel growth. 

Some of their social media services include Facebook Advertising, Search Marketing, and Affiliate marketing. For five years, OAK Digital has been working with firms like Angie’s List, MindBodyGreen, Freshly, Yummy, Lumin, and AIRWEAVE.

The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is a content marketing company that has worked with the most elite brands. Some of their services include social media management, influencer programs, IRL Citations, and paid advertising. At its core, Creative Exchange will craft a meaningful message that cuts through the industry noise.


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Can’t seem to decide what website designer is best for your next digital project.

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