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Website Design Agencies in Orlando

A professional website should ensure the consistency of visual elements, including images and fonts. Think about it- more people are searching for products and services online. So, if you have an eye-catching website, your brand will gain online credibility. Here are the best website companies in Orlando.

Taurus Media

For more than 10 years, Taurus Media has been working with businesses to deliver real results. They help in analytics, design, PPC, and SEO to meet the client’s needs. The team also excels in digital marketing- they deliver a customized campaign that sets your brand apart.

Whether you’re targeting local or international brands, the team has a pool of talent that will help you generate the ROI you expect. Some of the clients in their portfolio include ECOVIS, LEMERIDIEN, DHL, and ALL-STATE.

Refined Impact

Refined Impact is a top-rated digital agency in Orlando that specializes in digital advertising, web design, and corporate video production. Their team consists of strategists that tackle every project with attention to detail. They partner with private and public sectors as well as non-profit organizations.

Refined Impact has extensive experience and technical knowledge to help your business shine online. Some of their partners include Flight Path Services, College Hunks, Montessori Containers, Acer Recertified, and Clean Cans.


ProtoFuse is a technology company headquartered in Orlando, Florida. They help small and mid-sized businesses get qualified leads and improve sales efficiency. Since 2001, their focus areas have been SEM, Consulting, Content Marketing, and conversion-focused websites. When you work with the company, you’ll experience a 50% increase in sales and quality leads.

Skillful Antics

This is a web design company that offers services on SEO and PPC campaigns, web design, graphic design, and branding. The team at Skillful Antics will create beautiful, revolutionary, and user-friendly websites. That way, you’ll get more leads in your business.

Unlike the competition, Skillful Antics uses the most popular CMS (WordPress). They also use industry-leading SEO techniques to help in search engine rankings. And when it comes to the security of the website, they don’t take shortcuts. They use advanced techniques to ensure the website is up-to-date.

Centers Web Design

This agency focuses on graphic design, web design, and e-commerce development. Their professional team is tech-savvy, so you can be sure they will build a website that boosts your ranking on the SERPs. As your business partner, the agency will first listen to your needs before starting any project. Not to mention, they provide their services at pocket-friendly prices.

ICT Design Studio

ICT Design Studio is a user-focused web agency in Orlando that focuses on user experience. They believe in interaction, collaboration, attention to detail, and everything print and digital. With multi-device web design, you’ll get several advantages including improved SEO, portability, competitive advantage, brand identity, and faster download speed.

The team believes that it takes experience and good planning to create a website that is irresistible to customers. Over the years, the team has earned a reputation for creating websites that stand out in the competitive marketplace.

M5 Design Studio

M5 Design Studio is an Orlando company that specializes in WordPress development, SEO, graphic design, branding, and digital marketing. The team is dedicated to creating functional and beautiful websites for businesses.

They also deliver stunning results through social media marketing. If you’re looking for a professional team to enhance your web presence, then this is the team to work with. When you approach them, they will listen to your goals and then plan a strategy that meets your needs.

 Web Grids

Web Grids is a full-service consultancy agency that serves businesses in Orlando, Florida, Tampa, and Brevard County. To ensure they achieve the clients’ best interests, the team deploys unorthodox techniques. has developed more than 300 websites and has worked with over 500 clients. The agency also helps with virtual/internet marketing, SEO, and web redesign.

Celebration Computer Svc

Since 2009, the agency has helped businesses in graphic design and CRM-based applications. If you’re looking for a great website to run your business, the agency will bring their A-game. They also offer services to residential and commercial customers. All services are catered to individual needs.

Digital US

This digital agency focuses on building brands online. They work with mid-sized businesses, organizations, and government institutions. While their core area is on healthcare and hospitality, they also focus on arts and entertainment. Over the years, the agency has won numerous awards as a testimony of their quality work. Digital US will make your brand shine wherever you are and on any device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of web design services in Orlando, FL?

The cost of web design services in Orlando, FL can vary greatly depending on the complexity and size of your project. It’s best to consult with a professional for an accurate quote based on your specific needs.

*In general, the cost of web design services in Orlando, FL can range from $2,500 to $25,000+.

What is your turn-around time?

The average turnaround for a website project falls between ten and twenty weeks. For some smaller projects—such as logo rebrands or email campaigns—a turnaround schedule may be shorter than two months.

Turn around times vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of your project.

We typically provide fast service when tight deadlines are an issue, but we don’t compromise quality for speed.

*We offer competitive pricing with quick turnarounds if you’re working under strict deadlines.

What is your design process?

Our creative team will work with you to establish the features and functionality of your website. We will go over design concepts and make recommendations on best practices for optimizing the user experience.

Next, we’ll create wireframes to show you how every page element would be arranged before any graphic designs are created.*Design Process: Design Concept+ Wireframe+ Graphic Designs

*Wireframing is a crucial first stage in the design process. It sets a framework for all other aspects of your website, like graphics and text.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is an approach to designing that will allow your site to look good on any device or screen size.*The phrase “responsive” refers specifically to how the site responds to the device viewing it, so there is no need for a separate design depending on if you are accessing the site from your desktop computer or mobile phone.

*If you’re looking for a website that will work well across all screen sizes and devices, then RWD is likely what you’re after.*This doesn’t mean every page element has to be different: in fact, most of the time responsive web design means tailoring sections of content (like headlines) based on how they are viewed by a user’s browser size and orientation.

What CMS do I get with my new website?

The type of Content Management System (CMS) depends largely on your needs as an organization. Some examples include WordPress®, Drupal® and Joomla™. *We will work with you to find the CMS that best meets your needs, based on factors such as cost and time-line.

*Our creative team is experienced in all major platforms but we recommend WordPress® for most companies since it offers a more robust feature set than many other systems.

What are some of the types of websites I can create?

The type of website you need largely depends on what services or products you offer. Some examples include eCommerce websites, membership websites, blogs and informational sites.

*Customers often ask us about our experience designing specific types of site: blog design (our specialty!), event/meeting registration system and online store (among others). We’re also experienced in building custom applications and developing web-based tools.

Can I see samples of the websites you’ve designed?

Yes! We would be happy to send a portfolio over so you can get a better feel for some examples of website design services we offer.

a web presence in a month or two, but it’s not as likely to be competitive.

What are typical rates for Web Design Services?

The cost of web design services can vary greatly depending on the complexity and size of your project. It’s best to consult with a professional for an accurate quote based on your specific needs. In general, the average cost ranges between $2500-$25000+.

How long will my website take to create?

The time required depends on what type of service you have deemed necessary, like what type of features you want, SEO strategic direction, content creation strategy, video production, and more.

In most cases, this is anywhere from (2) weeks up to (45) days, though some projects may require over (2) months if they include complicated functions (such as e-commerce or a custom CMS).

*The time required also depends on the complexity of your project. We typically provide fast service when tight deadlines are an issue, but we don’t compromise quality for speed.

What is included in my web design package?

Web Design Packages vary depending on the needs and wishes of our clientele. Generally, services include planning sessions, content input, site layout design, graphic work to integrate into your website (logo development).

Other services are search engine optimization outreach, including social media marketing efforts to promote you online, and additional upgrades such as multimedia integration that will make your website more interactive with a richer user experience.

Can you give me a quote?

In order for us to assign an accurate quote, we need a little more information about your project. This will enable us to customize the services you require and provide a realistic cost estimate based on your needs.

What does web design involve?

Web Design is a complex work that requires extensive knowledge of various parts of how websites function as well as strong artistic ability in developing site layouts with eye-catching graphics.

Web designers use their skillset to develop website layouts which are creative and attractive while accomplishing business objectives, such as increased customers or greater profits.*This includes using specialized software programs like Photoshop and Illustrator*to create HTML templates from raw ideas or sketches.*With both graphic design expertise and programming know-how, web designers craft interactive experiences that are attractive and user-friendly.

What is the difference between web design, website building, and development?

Web Design includes a designer’s creative skillset in developing site layouts with eye-catching graphics.

Website Building involves all of these elements but also includes programming code that enables dynamic functionality.

Development typically refers to custom coding projects such as ecommerce store integration or software application development for your company.

Web Development might be required if you need an interactive experience that incorporates more complex functions (such as multimedia components) than basic graphical updates or social media integration which would require Website Building services to meet your needs.

How can my Orlando business get a better web presence?

A strong internet marketing strategy will help bring customers into your business.

Web Design is one of the most important parts of any internet marketing strategy because it’s what draws people into your site and keeps them there long enough to find out about you and your business.

Web design may be all that’s needed or web developers can help integrate other strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) which will make sure that once you rank on Google for a particular keyword, you stay ranked at the top of results pages. With an end-to-end SEO strategy from beginning to end, we are able to do just this.

What should I consider when hiring a company?

The most important consideration when hiring a company is the quality of their work.

You want to enter into a contract with a web design agency whose portfolio includes successful projects that align with your business needs and budget, as well as testimonials from happy customers who provide feedback about how satisfied they are.

It’s also essential that you research the qualifications of whoever will be designing your site because this person may have more experience than an average designer or website builder on staff at other companies.

We recommend having someone specifically dedicated to Web Design so there’s no wasted time switching between functions during project execution.

This ensures optimal efficiency in managing deadlines while maintaining high-quality standards for every project we undertake.

What should I consider when picking out my web designer?

The price is not always the most important thing to consider when picking out your web designer.

What’s more important is that you find a company with designers who are up-to-date on industry trends and can offer sound advice for what will work best in terms of design, layout, content strategy, SEO techniques, graphical elements (including multimedia), interactive features like social media integration or ecommerce store functionality.

Alongside their creative talent as graphic artists and programmers they need business acumen so they can create online marketing strategies specifically tailored to each client’s goals.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience in all aspects of Web Design from initial site development through ongoing maintenance services. To learn how we might be able to help your Orlando business get a better web presence, contact us today.

What should be my cost expectations for a website redesign?

The more custom features you want to include (e.i. shopping carts, SMS integrations, buttons, popups, etc), the higher the price tag it’ll likely come with. A basic website might cost $2,500 while a complex store could go upwards of $25,000+.

It depends on what level of service you require from the development team, so these estimates should be taken only as guidelines rather than hard numbers.

What are the different types of services Orlando digital marketing companies offer?

Digital Marketing is a service that helps businesses improve their ROI by leveraging all the internet has to offer.

It’s important because it includes more than just designing and developing your website; here are some of the services we provide:

-Web Design – We design attractive websites for our clients in Orlando, FL

-Website Building – We build powerful ecommerce stores from scratch or integrate them with existing sites

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO will make sure you rank on Google for given keywords so customers can find your site when they search online, then stay ranked at top results pages. This keyword research and organic link building work together to help keep you ranked high on SERPs.

-Social Media Marketing (SMM) – We can help you grow a following with your choice of social media platform whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or Instagram.

-Email Marketing – We can help you create and design emails that’ll keep your customers informed about what’s going on with your company and get them to take the actions you want.

-Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – CRO will make sure your website is optimized for conversions so that every visitor becomes a customer.

-Mobile Marketing – We design and develop websites to be responsive across all devices. We can also help you create a mobile marketing strategy that will reach your customers on their phones.

-CMS integration – This means we’ll get your website to work with an existing system like a customer relationship management program, social media software or supply chain optimization solution.

-Ecommerce stores – We can build and design an ecommerce store from scratch or integrate existing systems into your website.

-WordPress SEO expert – This means that we have the know-how to improve all aspects of your WordPress site, including conversions, content creation, blogging, graphic design, site maintenance, hack prevention, and malware prevention.

If I’m using Web Analytics what do I need to know about ROI?

The ultimate goal of any marketing investment is a positive return on investment (ROI), and Web Analytics can be an essential tool in gauging this. Things like the number of visitors to your site, how often they visit, where they come from, what pages are popular, etc., will all help you evaluate the success or failure of web design initiatives.

What should I ask my digital marketing company when hiring them?

-How many years experience do their designers have? -Do you offer ongoing maintenance packages for website redesigns that include updates as necessary following changes made by Search Engines such as Google’s Panda update and Penguin Update? -Can you provide examples and samples of previous work done? -What is your process for making sure the website design you create will work across all devices?

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