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Best Social Media Marketing Agency in Pittsburgh

If you want to stay on top of the digital landscape, you should work with the best social media marketing company in Pittsburgh. The top agencies are results-driven, passionate, and talented. Here are the best companies with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Level Agency

Level Agency offers an array of services like landing page optimization, DSP display advertising, PPL management, SEM, and SEO. These professionals will put their best foot forward to deploy campaigns that convert. LA has worked with renowned brands like Arizona State University, Norwich University, SHOP HQ, LivePerson, KORENT, NCU, among others.


DeepLocal uses a marketing-derived creative process that tells stories around your brand. They provide services flawlessly and create amazing experiences for users. When you work with the agency, you can interact with brand specialists and architects to enhance your social media goals. Of course, a lot of creativity comes in. DeepLocal has worked with EQUINOX, NETFLIX, Spotify, Airbnb, Lyft, Slack, and Google.

Branding Band

Branding Band will help create unrivaled digital experiences and connections. The team is proud to work with clients in the hospitality, retail, and B2B industry. Over the years, the agency has garnered valuable insights on the latest trends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a startup or an established company- the team will significantly improve the engagement rates, especially on user experience and optimization. When you hire the agency, you can be sure you’ll have one of the brightest minds in Pittsburgh.

KDA Group Inc.

KDA boasts of delivering affordable social media advertising services to promote your business. The entire team brings skills and passion to ensure you excel online. Also, they deliver services like field marketing media planning and strategic marketing.

Bolt Public Relations

This agency offers PR and digital services to businesses of all types. The team of talented professionals will help grow their brand fill the sales funnel irrespective of the size of the businesses. Bolt Public Relations works as your one-stop-shop for influencer marketing, event planning, social media marketing, and community relations. More leads mean more inquiries and phone calls. The agency has worked with Portrait Innovations, VICTRA, the State View, Unscripted Hotels, Formula experiences, and Orange Theory Fitness.

DEG Digital

This is a full-service agency that offers the best solutions across marketing channels. For two decades, they have helped clients maintain solid communication across social platforms. With more than 300 associates, the agency works diligently to understand the challenges businesses face and how they can capitalize on opportunities. The team is results-driven and empowered to produce quality results.


This is a top social media management agency determined to maximize the value of customers. They combine a complete value of analytical and creative disciplines. Also, the team specializes in creating personalized consumer experiences and people-based marketing. But what sets the agency apart is the fact that they leverage technology and analytics. Merkle serves clients such as AVIVA, TESCO, WB, among others. And to ensure they give better results, the agency has partnered with Google, ORACLE Marketing Cloud, and Adobe.

Pittsburg SEO Services

This agency consists of the top digital marketing consultants that can give customized campaigns. They can help drive traffic across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest, etc. To ensure you increase your online presence, Pittsburg SEO services can help with both on-site and off-site SEO. First, the team will identify the missing gap in your marketing campaign and look deeper into the entire scope. After that, they will craft something that suits the need of your business.

Love Social Media

LSM believes that for a business to thrive online, you must connect with people who matter. The team of experts can help with content creation, community management, and social media strategy. If you can’t keep up with the social media trends, the agency can be a lifesaver. But that’s all – these guys are competent, responsive, and have a positive attitude. They plan for your posts and will maintain constant communication.


If you want to stay current with insights from an expert team, UXAX should be your go-to team. They will give game-changing insights that align with your marketing goals. To ensure your data becomes usable, they will run your data through audits. UXAX doesn’t see things just like any other agency- the data scientists and UX designers work hand-in-hand to solve your social media problems. Whether you want to enhance your Google product advertising or optimize the conversion of the products page, the team has your back.


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Can’t seem to decide what website designer is best for your next digital project.

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