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Top 10 WordPress Development Services
Agencies, and Companies in PA

The popularity of WordPress has made it the most popular content management system for websites.

This article will explore the top 10 best WordPress developers in Pittsburgh, PA.

These are some of the best software engineers that specialize in creating and maintaining WordPress-based sites.

The best WordPress developers in Pittsburgh, PA can help you create a website with all the features that you need.

They also offer hosting and maintenance services for your website to ensure its security and performance at all times.

Top Ten Best WordPress Developers In Pittsburgh, PA:

Blue Archer

Located in Pittsburgh, PA, Blue Archer is a team of WordPress developers that specializes in creating and maintaining websites.

They offer custom development, hosting, maintenance services for your website, as well as training sessions to ensure you are fully up-to-date with all the latest procedures and functionalities offered by their service.


Located in Pittsburgh, HUEMOR offers a range of web design and digital marketing services.

They are the best WordPress developers in Pittsburgh, PA that can help you create an online presence for your business or enterprise using their custom-made websites.

Their team offers eCommerce solutions as well as maintenance and support packages to ensure your website’s security at all times.


Operating in Pittsburgh, Diskriter is a leading developer of custom websites for businesses and enterprises using the WordPress platform.

They offer services such as customization, hosting & maintenance to ensure your website’s security at all times while also offering SEO solutions that will help you get an edge over the competition in search results.

Silicon Studio Multimedia & Web Design 

Silicon Studio is a WordPress development company with clients from around the world.

They have many years of experience in creating advanced websites, which include news portals, corporate sites, blogs, portfolios, etc.

They offer both frontend customization options along with backend functionality implementations for complex requirements across industries such as education/academia, real estate, and construction, entertainment/events/sports, etc.

Creative Hive

Creative Hive is a team of web developers that specializes in creating custom WordPress websites.

They have experienced staff to help you create your website excellently.

Creative Hive offers support and maintenance services for their clients’ sites and training sessions and workshops that will help you become a better WordPress user.

Software Engineering Group (SEG)

Software Engineering Group (SEG) is a full-service web design firm that’s based in the US with many years of experience specializing in creating custom websites for businesses or enterprises across industries such as retail & eCommerce sites, healthcare portals, governmental organizations among many others.

SEG offers services like WordPress theme development using HTML templates along with advanced plug-in customization options to create unique functionalities for their clients while also providing hosting and maintenance services at all times to ensure your website’s security and performance.

Majestic Forge

Majestic Forge is one of the top web design companies that specializes in creating advanced professional websites using WordPress CMS with modern responsive designs along with eCommerce functionalities if required by clients across industries such as entertainment/events/sports, manufacturing among many others.

Majestic Forge offers training sessions along with complete support packages to ensure their customers are fully up-to-date with all the latest functionalities offered by the company so they can create a unique online presence for their business or enterprise.

Devs, Inc.

Devs, Inc. is a leading web design company that specializes in creating custom websites for businesses and enterprises using WordPress CMS along with advanced customization options to help clients create unique online presences across industries such as retail & eCommerce sites, blogs/portfolios, non-profit organizations, etc.

Devs offer hosting & maintenance services at all times while also offering SEO solutions which will help you get an edge over the competition in search results, so your website ranks higher on Google when users type relevant keywords related to your products/services.

Cyanide Creative Studio

Cyanide Creative Studio is a team of web developers that specialize in creating and maintaining websites based on the WordPress platform.

They offer custom design development services for your website with all the features you need to drive conversions through online sales or lead generation.


TechSites is a leading web development agency offering professional websites based on the WordPress platform with custom designs and advanced functionalities to help clients create unique online presences across industries such as manufacturing, sports/entertainment, among many others.

They offer hosting & maintenance services at all times while also providing SEO solutions that will help you get an edge over the competition when it comes to search engine rankings.

Citizant Group

Citizant Group is a web design company offering professional websites based on WordPress CMS with custom designs and advanced functionalities across industries such as government organizations, sports/entertainment among many others.

Their services include hosting & maintenance while also providing SEO solutions that will help you get an edge over the competition in terms of ranking higher for your desired keywords in search results so that more users can access your site through Google or any other search engine they prefer using.

SEO Trends Marketing Agency

This company offers companies their expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help clients increase website traffic and search engine rankings.

They offer services such as link building, content creation & promotion among many others to ensure your website gets the necessary exposure it deserves in terms of ranking higher on Google for those long-tail keywords that are specific to what you’re offering which will significantly drive more visitors towards your site through organic search results over time.

Cognitive Logic LLC

Cognitive Logic is a web design company specializing in creating WordPress websites with modern responsive designs along with eCommerce functionalities if required by their clients across industries such as retail/commerce, non-profit organizations, etc.

They offer hosting & maintenance at all times while also providing SEO solutions that will help you get an edge over the competition for your desired keywords in search results so your website can rank higher on Google or Bing when users type relevant keywords related to what you’re offering.

eBridge Web Solutions

Based near Pittsburgh, this web design company specializes in creating WordPress websites with custom designs & modern features along with eCommerce functionalities if required by their clients across industries such as retail/commerce, non-profit organizations.

They offer hosting & maintenance at all times while also providing SEO solutions that will help you get an edge over the competition for your desired keywords in search results so your website ranks higher on Google or any other preferred search engine depending on the location of clientele which will drive more visitors towards it organic search results.

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FAQ About Hiring a WP Developers in Pittsburgh

What is the cost of hiring a wordpress developer in Pittsburg?

The cost of hiring a WordPress depends on several factors. For example, the cost of hiring a WordPress developer in Pittsburgh for developing a simple blog is going to be different from that of hiring one for creating an ecommerce store.

The cost will also vary depending on your requirements and expectations with regards to features, functionality and design.

In most cases, you need to budget between $1500 to $15,000 per project if you are planning to hire someone who can provide great quality work according to your needs.

If it’s something less complicated, like fixing errors, bugs, and removing malware, then you can hire a WP development firm to get it done for under $500.

However, if your budget is too tight and you are looking forward to getting a small website developed, then you can always opt for free WordPress themes from the official repository.

Do I need a WordPress SEO expert to help rank my WP site?

Yes, it is recommended to hire a WordPress SEO expert for your blog, if you are serious about getting it on the first page of Google.

Having an optimized WP site can help increase its organic traffic manifold, and that’s what any blogger would aim at.

Opting for free or premium themes alone will not be enough as they do not have built-in features like social sharing buttons, schema markup, etc which are necessary to improve website ranking in the search results.

Hiring professional WordPress developers from reliable companies ensures faster time-to-market with better ROI since their expertise helps avoid potential pitfalls by considering relevant factors including design, speed optimization, and security during the development process.

They also consider good coding practices while developing plugins/modules compatible across all leading browsers.

However, hiring a WordPress developer for your blog is an investment which you can’t take lightly because if it’s not done properly and efficiently, there are chances that the entire process gets delayed and/or cost overruns become inevitable.

What kind of WP developers should I hire?

There are several things to consider while shortlisting suitable candidates such as company or individual pricing policy, past experience in developing websites using popular CMS platforms like WordPress, domain knowledge about design trends related to blogging industry etc.

Other than above-mentioned factors, other important ones include:

* Company portfolio with live examples

* Client testimonials

* Scope of work clearly defined in advance with regular updates on project status

* Availability of resources, including designers & copywriters, etc.

In addition to above-mentioned factors, there are some more points which you need to consider when making a decision about hiring the right WordPress developer for your blog:

* Ability of developers in creating user friendly themes and plugins using latest coding practices.

* Expertise in writing clean code with minimal bugs and errors backed by efficient testing processes.

* Knowledge about speed optimization techniques is necessary as it helps improve page load time, thereby improving overall website performance.

Factors such as communication skills, consistency in work quality & timely delivery, ability to solve problems quickly without compromising on design standards must also be kept under consideration while short listing suitable candidates for your WP development project.

When is the best time to start blogging? Is there such a thing as ‘too late?

Since everyone has different reasons for starting a blog, there isn’t really an ideal moment that works for all bloggers – some maybe early birds while others prefer waiting until they have something specific or interesting to say.

However, launching a blog at an earlier time rather than later can help you establish the reputation of being one among the early birds in your niche who are always on top of latest trends and happenings related to it.

But if you think that starting late has its own advantages & benefits then there’s no harm in taking this approach too. It is better to be slow but steady instead of rushing through things which may not yield desired results or worse still result into losses!

What kind of theme should I use for my WP site?

The answer all depends upon what type of content will be published on your website- whether it’s textual only with images/videos occasionally or lots of videos along with text posts etc., so it’s advisable to choose a theme that is flexible enough according to the kind of content you have or wish to publish.

In addition, other factors such as responsiveness which makes it easy for readers/visitors, etc., compatibility with browsers across different platforms & devices along with the latest coding practices should also be kept in mind while choosing your WP theme.

Here are some guidelines about the types of themes available:

Free WordPress Themes – these can be downloaded from free directories like wordpress,org , e-commerce plugins and premium templates but come without support.

So if you’re looking for one among the best features, then this option may not suit your requirement well since there will be no support service available either by developer or company offering them freely on their websites.

Premium Themes – these can be purchased from third party vendors and come with support service in the form of documentation, forums etc., along with regular updates so that you don’t need to download new versions manually whenever there’s a change/addition made by the developer(s).

So this is one of the best options for those who wish to get professional themes without having to spend too much on them!

In addition, it would also help if you verify whether the company or individual offering WP theme gives clean code, which means eliminating extra lines & unnecessary codes since they take up space unnecessarily, thereby slowing down the performance of your website considerably. It will also make customization easier when needed later on.

What plugins should I use? Which are the best?

Here are some of the plugins that you can use to make your WP site more user friendly:

Google Analytics plugin – this helps to track website traffic and provide valuable insights about where it’s coming from, frequency of visits, etc., so you know what kind & which pages/posts on your blog are getting maximum hits.

This will help in analyzing data effectively & improving the overall experience for readers as well as visitors.

Akismet– This is one of the widely used spam filtering plugins available since it offers effective protection against comment spam by automatically detecting suspicious comments, flagging them as false positives, or marking them to be reviewed manually before publishing. It also stops users with similar addresses from leaving multiple comments under different IDs.

Backup Buddy – this plugin provides a convenient way to back up your WP site on regular intervals of time, say daily/weekly basis, etc., so you need not worry about losing valuable data even if your hosting account gets hacked or compromised by cybercriminals!

In addition, the backups can be stored either locally or externally at Dropbox or Amazon S&S which is extremely useful when restoring a website from an earlier backup becomes necessary.

In conclusion: it’s advisable to use plugins only after thoroughly going through their functionalities & determining whether they’re compatible with the latest version of WP being used for developing blogs as well as other themes and widgets that are already installed in order to avoid any conflict between them resulting into errors whenever needed changes must be made.

WordPress developers can make or break any website and if you want to give your blog the best possible look & feel, then choosing a good WP developer is a must!

Do I need a content writer for my WordPress site?

If you want to skyrocket your traffic and engagement on your website, then you need to make sure that all the content on your WordPress site is high quality—and this includes both the text and videos.

Creating amazing content takes time, but it’s also a skill. Not everyone can write an engaging post or craft a great video script!

If you want to grow your audience—especially if they are international or local customers who prefer translation services for specific languages like German Translation Service, Spanish Translation Services, etc., then hiring a good writer/video creator will be key in growing traffic to your blog.

Do I really need SEO?

Yes, search engine optimization benefits each business regardless of its size – small businesses should not ignore the value of organic SEO offers their online presence by taking advantage of the free first page listing in search engine results.

If your website is not optimized for organic SEO, then you are missing out on an enormous amount of potential business that would otherwise be yours to claim – by utilizing Google’s latest algorithm updates, businesses can now have more control over their websites and how they rank on local searches.

WordPress has made it easier than ever before for users to build a beautiful blog or online presence without having any technical knowledge about coding or design—you only need drag-and-drop functionality!

What plugins should I use?

Every website needs a few essential plugins, and we’re big fans of the famous “Yoast SEO plugin” which makes optimizing your content for search engines (and social media) super simple! It’s also great for any business that wants to optimize its site in multiple languages.

In addition, you’ll want to download & install Google Analytics on every WordPress blog or an online store – this will help you observe trends in your audience such as which posts they engage with most often so it becomes easier than ever before to create more high-quality content based around what works best with readers.

Another must-have is Widget Logic —a time-saver plugin that allows users to customize widget areas without having to go into code management.

What are the best themes for WordPress?

There is no shortage of amazing free & premium theme options out there, but you’ll definitely want to find one that makes it easy to create aesthetically pleasing blog posts and pages.

We recommend using a framework like Genesis, which also comes with its own library of child themes—this helps users save time by having all their customizations preloaded into their site’s design!

You should also search through Google Fonts for font combinations that work well together.

This will help make your website more attractive without needing any extra plugins or extensions.

Last, make sure to check your page load speeds before publishing anything live because slow websites lead to lower conversion rates (fewer people sticking around long enough to engage with your content).

WordPress is so much more than just a blogging platform – it can be used as an online store, portfolio website, and even for CRM software.

With the help of WordPress developers, you’ll have access to all sorts of amazing features that will undoubtedly give your blog or site a healthy boost—even if you’ve never created anything before in your life!

If any readers need professional web development services for their existing WordPress sites or blogs, then we encourage them to contact us today.

We’re happy to answer any questions they may have about things like custom theme design & customization options along with SEO services and Google Analytics setup/customization both on-site and off-site (in addition to any other plugins they may need).

Is WordPress Free?

Many people are surprised to find out that WordPress is actually free for anyone who wants to use it—themes, images, videos, etc. can be purchased through the platform or paid services like StudioPress which give users access to over 1800+ themes & Genesis Framework (a parent theme) that includes updated versions of all their child themes as well!

If you’re looking for a way to create an online magazine with blog posts and pages but don’t want something too complicated because it might intimidate non-tech-savvy individuals then WordPress makes an excellent choice – there’s no reason not to get started today!

We make sure your website stands above the rest by offering web design & development services at affordable rates.

Contact us to learn more about anything mentioned above and get the help your business needs!

Do I need someone to maintain and manage my WP Site for me?

Yes, this is definitely something you’ll want to consider because it’s always good to have an expert on your team who can help minimize any potential downtime or security issues that may arise.

We’re happy to answer questions about anything mentioned here and even provide WordPress maintenance services (and other additional updates) as needed.

What are the benefits of using WP for SEO?

WordPress has many built-in features that will assist with Search Engine Optimization no matter what type of website or blog you run – this includes things like social media integration, content & page organization, sitemaps created automatically, meta titles/descriptions filled out correctly right from the start so search engines know exactly what each post is all about…the list goes on!

How do I find a WordPress expert in Pittsburgh?

Search online for WordPress developers in Pittsburgh – there are many local companies that you’ll be able to connect with quickly.

Do I need a theme for my WP Site?

Yes, themes help give your website or blog an individual look & feel because they include custom color schemes along with header images and even come pre-loaded with different design options so everything is ready to go when the site goes live!

You can find thousands of free themes through WordPress’ official directory, but StudioPress has some amazing offerings as well which you may want to consider.

What if my WP site gets hacked?

This can happen if you don’t take the proper security measures when setting up your website – users are responsible for backing-up their data & files to avoid this from happening so in some cases it may be necessary to hire a professional or do this yourself by following tutorials online.

What is WP Engine?

It’s an excellent managed hosting platform that ensures websites and blogs load quickly, have plenty of bandwidth available at all times, backup everything automatically…and much more!

You’ll get access to tons of tools including WordPress core updates whenever they’re released (which means no worrying about manually installing them), automatic plugin/theme version control, premium themes & plugins preloaded into every account along with expert support via phone, chat or email around the clock.

What is Genesis Framework?

It’s a parent theme that comes with all of StudioPress’ premium themes and includes many fantastic features like optimized code, search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box, built-in advertising spaces on each page/post for monetization purposes, social media integration…and more!

They also offer outstanding support to their customers via email or phone so you can rest easy knowing your site will always be in good hands when using any one of their amazing products & services!

What services are better: WP Site Maintenance Services or WordPress developers?

This is ultimately up to you – both options will provide beneficial support depending on what your specific needs are.

Do I need a new design every time my WP site gets hacked?

No, this isn’t necessary because once you get everything fixed & working properly then it’s just about knowing how to prevent issues like these from happening again in the future.

Is it better to outsource WP Site Maintenance Services or hire a local WordPress developer?

This depends on your needs and/or the type of website you’re looking to build – both choices will provide great results so be sure to think about what’s right for you before making any final decisions!

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

There are too many to list here but two of our favorites include: it’s highly customizable and has a huge community behind it with access to free themes/plugins (not available on all platforms) which means you can get anything from simple landing pages for marketing purposes right through to full eCommerce stores built in less time than ever before!

What are some of your favorite WordPress plugins?

Yoast SEO, AMP by Google, Jetpack & SumoMe come immediately to mind but there are many more that can help with everything from marketing campaigns right through to sales conversions and social media integration so it really depends on what type of business users have when choosing these.

What happens if I change my domain name later on down the line?

You’d likely lose all traffic associated with old links since they won’t be redirected properly anymore!

If you find yourself constantly asking this question, it’s usually a good idea to hire an experienced WordPress developer so they can perform this task for you as part of their service.

How much does it cost to outsource work on Upwork?

It varies but the best way is to post your own job listing and see what freelancers are willing to offer – keep in mind that the lowest bidder may not be offering the highest quality work!

What is Kinsta?

An excellent managed hosting platform for high traffic websites and blogs which includes everything you need to ensure fast loading speeds, plenty of bandwidths available at all times, 100% uptime, and much more.

All users get access to expert technical support and a number of tools including WordPress core updates whenever they’re released (which means no worrying about manually installing them), automatic plugin/theme version control, premium themes & plugins preloaded into every account along with tons more!

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