10 Most Effective Strategies to Get More Plumbing Leads

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Generate More Plumbing Leads
By Following These 10 Strategies

You don’t have to be a plumber in order to know how hard it can be to find qualified plumbing leads.

However, with the right strategies, you will soon see how easy and profitable plumbing lead generation becomes!

In this blog post, we are going over 10 proven strategies that have been shown by research to work time and time again.

#1 To improve brand and Plumbing service leads, implement local SEO

To get more plumbing leads, implement local SEO.

Make sure you are using the right keywords to attract customers in your area when they’re looking for a plumber. There is no use spending time and money working on strategies that won’t work!

Local SEO, such as how-to articles or blog posts about popular topics amongst homeowners (such as how to replace faucets), can help you rank higher on Google Maps listings and other top ranked search results so people will be able to find your business easily online.

This way, whether someone mentions needing a plumber or simply types it into their browser’s address bar, they’ll find what they need quickly with just one click of their mouse button.

Research has shown that this is one of the best ways to attract plumbing leads, as it’s easy and free for small businesses owners.

#2 Build a strong online presence with your company’s website, social media channels, and blog.

Make sure that your website is fully optimized for SEO and contains a blog with how-to articles.

You should also have an active presence on social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc., to reach potential customers where they are hanging out online.

Make the most of using Google My Business – it’s free and all you need to do is list your business in order to get more plumbing leads from local searches.

Your company’s website needs to be professional looking and contain useful information about how you can help people solve their problems or answer any questions they may have regarding plumbing issues. Make sure the site has plenty of calls-to-action so clients can readily contact you through phone or email.

The same principle applies to how you portray yourself on social media – make sure your profile is complete and updated with the latest information about what services you offer, how best to contact you, etc.

Like we mentioned earlier, take advantage of Google My Business- it’s free for local businesses like yours and all that needs to be done in order for potential customers around town or across the country (if applicable) can find out more info about how they can get help from you when needed!

Your website should have a blog that has articles focusing on how people could solve their plumbing problems themselves versus calling an expert plumber.

The articles need to be clear as possible regarding helpful tips such as how much water pressure do I need? How many gallons are in a cubic foot? etc.

Your social media profiles should be up to date, professional looking, and have how-to videos regarding plumbing issues in general and how to fix them. Google My Business needs to be completed, accurate and contain all the necessary information for directing people how they can get help from you when needed.

#3 To increase the number of plumbing leads, manage online reviews.

Online reviews are a huge factor in how Google ranks your website and the same goes for how potential customers will view you.

The more positive online reviews you receive, the higher it boosts up your SEO rankings which means people can find out about how they can get help with their plumbing needs from you!

Of course, having many negative online reviews doesn’t look great either so be sure to improve or fix any problems that may have been reported by previous clients if needed (e.g., “My bathroom was flooded because Jim’s Plumbing Services broke my toilet”).

Having an active presence on review sites such as Yelp!, Angie’s List etc is also beneficial when trying to attract new leads- these sites won’t come up on the first page of Google when someone is trying to find a plumber, but they’re still visited by lots of people.

So make sure that you have an active and accurate presence on all these review sites so potential clients can find how they can get help from your company!

Manage online reviews – this will boost how high your website ranks in search engines which means more leads for you! Make sure there are plenty of positive reviews out there for others to see as well as any negative ones dealt with if needed (i.e., broken toilet). Have an active online presence across various platforms such as Yelp!, Angie’s List etc.. These won’t show up in top results but it adds credibility overall when attracting new leads.

#4 Train your plumber’s technicians to earn more 5-star Google reviews.

Having a team of well-trained technicians that provide excellent customer service is how you will be able to gain more leads if they are willing to refer their friends and family for plumbing services.

As we know, Google reviews play an important role in how high your website ranks so people can find how they can get help from your company when needed!

So make sure the technicians receive training on what’s expected of them when it comes to dealing with customers (e.g., how quickly should I answer my phone? What information do I need about this issue?) as well as how best to deal with negative feedback such as “I was really angry because Jim didn’t show up at all last night.” etc.

Train employees how best to deal with clients as well how to get more positive online reviews.

#5 Share content about plumbing on your website to get more people interested in the service you offer

Plumbing is a service that almost everyone will need at some point in their life.

Whether it’s how to fix a leaky faucet or how much water pressure do I need, people are always looking for answers to problems with plumbing and if your website can answer most of these questions- you’ll get more leads!

Your website should have how-to articles to help people solve their plumbing problems themselves.

This will also encourage them to visit your site again if they need any other assistance regarding plumbing in the future.

As for social media, it’s best that you post how-to videos on Facebook or Instagram as this is where most of the younger generation goes now a days!

Posting how-to content on your blog and company website will get more traffic from search engines which means more potential leads for you!

There are tons of tools out there (like ours) that make getting targeted customers easier than ever before.

#6 Create an email marketing campaign that is relevant to target audiences for increased leads.

It’s important to have a consistent email marketing campaign that is catered towards your target audience.

For example, how many times do you get emails from the same company but they are talking about completely different products or services? It can be really annoying and it seems like their targeting algorithm needs some work!

On the other hand, how much better would it be if every single time you got an email from XYZ Company- they were offering you deals on plumbing products/services that were relevant to what you needed at the moment (or something similar). We promise more people would open those emails up as opposed to deleting them without even opening because of how irrelevant they seem.

#7 Develop relationships with other plumbing companies by attending trade shows, networking events, and joining professional organizations.

It’s important to build relationships with other companies in the plumbing industry as you never know who knows a customer that needs your help!

Not only will this give you access to new leads, but also give you an opportunity to work on joint projects and collaborations which can increase how well known/established your business becomes.

Attending relevant trade shows is one of best ways to network because it allows for face-to-face meetings where opportunities are likely present – plus they usually have free food too 😉 ! When at these events, make sure someone from your team takes notes about how many people were interested in what services offered by each company especially if there was a potential lead or partnership available. It’s easy enough doing all the networking in the world but how do you keep track of it all?

Joining professional organizations is another way to network and get more leads. Whether they’re for plumbing or marketing, these events will give you access to like minded individuals in your industry who can help grow your business even better than before!

Doing both (attending trade shows/networking events) will increase how well known/established your company becomes as a whole which would lead to an increase in new customers coming into contact with you daily -which means… more potential leads!! 🙌🏼 !

#8 Offer free consultations or estimates for potential customers who are looking for new plumbers or want their services updated.

Everyone loves free things right? As an established plumbing company, you will more than likely have a customer base that is very loyal to your business.

Now how would it look if you offered something for FREE?   That’s right! People would be all over it… and those who don’t take advantage of this great offer are less likely going to become a client so why not give them the opportunity anyways?! It’s like having nothing lose- everything to gain when offering potential leads such as these ones with a consultation or estimate. With the amount of people looking online today for local services, there is an even higher percentage chance they’ll come across your website which means… lead generation in its purest form baby!! 💪

#9 Launch a referral program so current clients can refer friends and family members who might need plumbing services.

A referral program can be a great way to get more plumbing leads especially if it’s something your current customers are interested in.

For example, how many times have you heard the phrase ‘word of mouth’? We’re sure you’ve seen plumbers’ ads that say “refer us to someone and we’ll give them $20 off their next service!” or something along those lines… If there is an incentive for people to refer new potential clients then they will do just that! And since these referrals would come from individuals who trust your business- chances are they’d believe anything said about you (which means higher chance of getting this lead!) Plus, how easy does it really sound? You already got a client so all you have to do is ask them how they heard about you and boom- you have a lead.

#10 Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to get more leads for you

Trying to advertise your business online can cause you more money than what it’s worth when you’re not sure how to do it right.

It is best to hire a digital marketing agency that specializes in plumbing leads and have professionals working for them that know how to get your business the exposure needed so you can receive more potential customers on a daily!

This means going from just one or two new leads per day-to- potentially five, ten even twenty (or more!) depending on how well they are able to market/promote your company online!  

This will give an opportunity for a local plumber as yourself to make their mark within their area by being known as someone people trust when needing services such as these; this would increase clientele base which equals… drumroll.. MORE LEADS!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use social media to get more plumbing leads?

One of the most common ways new potential customers are finding local services is through social media.

So how would you be able to use this platform to benefit yourself? Create a personal account for your business and post different photos/videos that show off what you do, who you work with (customers) as well as any events or promotions going on at the moment! You can also retweet other posts from similar businesses in order to get more likes and followers; this will help grow networking opportunities which could lead to a lot more leads coming into contact with your company daily!! 🙌🏼 !  

How many times have I heard “I found their website online!”? Countless probably… That’s why it is important to be found online and to have your business information posted on reputable sites in order to ensure potential prospects can find you.

Posting this information is also better than just link building because not only are you trying to get more backlinks (which takes a lot of time) but it would be best if the links that were posted with your company’s name had great reviews from customers which again- makes higher chance for lead generation! 👌🏼

What is the best way to get more plumbing leads?

First off you’ll need great website content such as blog posts and videos so potential customers can learn more about what you do on top of free consultations which are extremely beneficial in order to generate leads.

We also advocate using social media platforms like Facebook/ Instagram where users can post their reviews (which again is very important).

SEO services should be included as well since most people search online before they decide who they want to hire- making it even easier for them to find your company when searching “plumbing” or whatever service that might be.

How do I get more plumbing leads using search engine optimization?

SEO services are important because these allow your company’s website to appear on top of the results when someone is searching for a particular service you provide (ex: how much does it cost to fix a burst pipe).

This can be very beneficial since they have already expressed an interest in what you do and now all they have to do is call your company’s number or click on a link for more information! 📲

How do I get free advertising for my plumbing company?

Social media is an effective way to get free advertising for your company’s website! Create a personal account, share content that might be interesting to people and ask them if they’re interested in learning more about how you can help make their lives easier.

The best part is- most of these social platforms are completely free so there isn’t much of an investment there.

You should also consider how you can use your website to effectively get more leads because that’s what it is all about! 💰

What are the best methods for getting new plumbing leads?      

There are many different ways in order to generate potential customers for a company but some of the most effective would be important to include how you can use social media platforms like Facebook/ Instagram where users can post their reviews.

Why are online reviews important when trying to generate new business leads?

Online reviews are important because they show how satisfied a customer was with their experience! This can be extremely beneficial since it shows how committed your company is to providing the best possible service for future leads.

How often should companies post on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

It is important to post on your company’s social media sites at least once a day. Why? Because some of these platforms have millions of users and if you’re not posting content, how can interested parties learn more about how they can help them!

Posting frequency really depends on how many followers you might have which could be the result from how you’re using your website to generate customers.

What is the best way for a company to encourage people to post reviews online?

Encourage those who have had a great experience with how you helped them fix their problem or how they were treated while at your location by asking if they would mind leaving an online review! This can be extremely beneficial since it shows how committed your company is to providing the best possible service for future leads.

What is the fastest way for a company to get new leads?  

The fastest way is through PPC (pay-per-click advertising) which allows your business to appear at the top of a Google search when someone is looking for how you could help them.

What are some ways companies can use PPC?

PPC (pay-per click advertisement on platforms like Google AdWords, etc.) allow businesses to show up in searches using their keywords.

For example, how much does it cost to fix a burst pipe?

PPC allows your company name and/or logo along with the words “burst pipe” (and many other keywords) appear in front of someone who is looking for how you could help them- making it extremely beneficial since they have already expressed an interest in what you do and now all they have to do is call your company’s number or click on a link for more information!

What are some digital services that can help land new customers?

Some of the most popular digital services that can help land more plumbing leads are video marketing, PPC, website, social media and SEO (search engine optimization).

What is the difference between SEO and PPC? 

Search Engine Optimization allows companies to rank higher on Google searches by using keywords related to how people might be looking for how you could fix a problem or how someone was treated during their visit- making it extremely beneficial since these individuals have already expressed an interest in what you do and now all they have to do is call your company’s number or click on a link for more information!  

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