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Best Digital & Internet Marketing Agency in Portland, Maine

If you want to convert your website visitors to qualified leads, you should not underestimate the power of social media marketing. Here are the best agencies that can improve every aspect of your digital marketing campaigns.

Mainely SEO

Is your website idling in a sea of competitors? Are your social media campaigns yielding results? Well, the easiest way to bring customers to your business is embarking on a social media campaign that converts. Over the years, the team has worked with small businesses and corporates. They will first create a robust marketing plan that identifies the key performance indicators. Whether it’s growing the email signup list, or simply getting more people on your store, Mainely SEO can be a dependable team.

OSC Web Design

OSC web design will ensure your company goes where potential customers are. The first meeting starts by making a no-obligation phone call. If your social media accounts are responsive or disengaged, the team can help. The specialists will increase your conversion rates and deliver real results. So, instead of bombarding your audience with ads, they will craft something to help you win them over.

VONT Performance Digital Marketing

VONT believes that success is building a message that excites the target audience. These professionals understand the power of social media and that’s why they put the best foot forward to covert visitors to qualified leads. Their marketing approach is tailored to suit all kinds of budgets. If you’re seeking maximum effectiveness of your social media campaigns, the team will apply the best strategies.

Dirigo Design & Development Inc.

The team at Dirigo Design & Development Inc. boasts many years of web development and marketing experience. Their specialists will first understand the industry your business operates in and then puts their knowledge into practice to see the strategy that suits you best. Some of the featured clients in their portfolio include Okemo Mountain Resort, Snowbird, Peak Resorts, Aspen Snowmass, CRYSTAL Mountain, Mt. Bachelor, WildCat Mountain, Saddleback Maine, and ARAPAHOE Basin Colorado.

Eclipse Media Group

The team believes that no two brands are alike. Be it Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, the team will take the message to the masses. Besides social media marketing, the specialists will combine content optimization, public relations, and comprehensive digital marketing. Eclipse Media Group knows how to tell your story, launch a product, and introduce new partners.

Michael Pellman Search Marketer

Michael Pellman Search Marketer is the best social media marketing agency in Portland that offers unrivaled digital services. Whether you run a small online business or a large brand, the team will ensure your business shows up in organic search. They will also do a complete PPC management so that you don’t throw money into the wrong marketing strategy.

The social media specialists can help with account creation and management of social media profiles. They will help you interact with existing customers and create new ones.


Is your social media marketing giving you the results you need? Well, this team will craft engaging messages that dramatically boost your results on the SERPs. But these are not marketing generalists – they will ensure you stay on top of the game. The agency is founded on strong relationships with vendors, team members, and clients.

CrossCurrent Communications

CrossCurrent Communications will help you navigate the tricky waters of social media marketing. The team will use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to build an audience. They don’t use a cookie-cutter approach to reach influencers or create a community. And, because storytelling is an important aspect of social media marketing, they will use the best strategies to hone your message. What if you don’t have a budget to craft an eye-catching message? The team will drive attention to your business without breaking the bank. They work with non-profit organizations and owner-managed businesses.

Fishnet Media

Fishnet Media is a technology-empowered digital marketing agency that is dedicated to growing your business. They drive the right message to the right channel and at the right time. The team is dedicated to working faster, smarter, and more effectively. Because they have been in the game for long, you can be sure they can tackle big challenges with ease. Of course, their honest collaboration with clients is unmatched.


Konvey is a social management company that offers services to businesses in the larger Portland area. The team is made up of technologists, marketers, and social media specialists. They have a lot to offer including customer service automation, email marketing, sales automation, data management, and predictive analytics.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency in Portland?

There are several benefits to hiring a digital marketing agency in Portland, Maine. One of the most common reasons is that they have expertise with SEO and social media, which enables them to optimize your website for search engines and engage new customers on various social media platforms.

This will increase visibility and lead to more traffic, which can translate into a higher number of sales.

Another benefit is that they have knowledge about the various types of marketing strategies for online businesses.

For example: email campaigns (e-newsletters), retargeting ads on social media sites like Facebook or Google Ads, mobile apps with push notifications, etc.

This type of expertise can help you find out what platforms work best for your target audience to reach them most efficiently and effectively.

With these benefits in mind as well as others not mentioned here such as their deep understanding of analytics data and customer experience management; there are plenty of reasons why hiring Portland digital marketing agency would be beneficial to any business looking for success in today’s world!

How much does digital marketing cost in Portland?

Hiring a digital marketing agency in Portland is not as expensive as you might think. When it comes to prices, the company will usually charge per hour or project depending on what type of work they are doing for your business and how long it takes them to complete that task.

Typically, an online marketing agency can cost between $50 and $300 per hour, but there are also some companies that offer monthly packages with unlimited hours at a discounted rate; this would be ideal if you’re looking for more consistent support from the team without having to worry about paying hourly rates each month.

Does my business need SEO if I hire a digital marketing company?

It’s highly recommended that businesses have SEO included when hiring any kind of advertising service because search engines like Google and Bing are the most used search engines on the internet. These two sites account for more than 90% of all searches each month, which means it’s crucial to show up in these results pages if you want people to find your website or business online.

If you’re not going to hire a digital marketing company who already has expertise with SEO and social media optimization, then make sure that they have some experience with this type of work because otherwise their services will be less effective.

Are there any risks associated with hiring an agency?

One risk is that many companies don’t offer transparency about what they do and how much things cost upfront.

You might get charged a higher fee when everything is said and done without knowing beforehand how pricing is structured and what you’re going to be paying for.

Another risk is that they don’t deliver on promises or expectations and your website traffic doesn’t increase after a few months of working with them, this can happen if the company didn’t have enough experience in SEO, social media optimization, or another type of marketing strategy that was important to your business’s success.

What are some other considerations when hiring an agency?

It’s also important to consider their customer service skills and how well they communicate with clients; as well as finding out about their expertise before signing any contract agreements because it would be difficult (and expensive) for companies without these qualifications to change agencies later down the line.

It might take some time interviewing multiple digital marketing agencies before you find the right fit for your business and it’s important to trust your gut when making this decision because you’ll know which companies will be best suited for what your company needs!

Your digital marketing agency doesn’t have to live in Portland, Maine. They might live in another city like Boston or New York City if they’re based on the east coast – just make sure that whoever you choose is located somewhere in the US so you won’t run into a language barrier as communication in this industry is very important.

Another consideration is if their pricing includes hosting, domain registration or SEO; these are all things that you’ll need to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency.

Do you offer a monthly plan or do I pay for each hour of work?

There are many pricing options when looking into hiring a digital marketing company in Portland, Maine. Typically, companies will charge per hour or project based on what type of work they are doing for your business and how long it takes them to complete that task.

What is the common timeframe for SEO services?

It’s important to make sure that you’re hiring an SEO service with the necessary experience and expertise in this type of work. It can be difficult (and expensive) for companies without these qualifications to change agencies later down the line, so it might take some time interviewing multiple digital marketing agencies before finding the right fit for your business.

What role does analytics play?

Analytics are critical when making any sort of decision about a company – no matter if they specialize in social media optimization or not!

If there is one thing we’ve learned from launching blogs on our website, it’s that people love data; which means getting access to accurate information would allow them to make informed decisions like knowing how many visitors their site has had over a certain time period, how many people have clicked through to the product pages or which social media posts are generating the most engagement.

This is why it’s so important for digital marketing agencies to be transparent about what they do and how much things cost upfront – so that you know where your money is going before any work has been done!

Don’t forget, there will always be risks when hiring a company of this type because these types of services don’t come with guarantees like warranties – but if you’re careful in choosing an agency who offers transparency during the process then you’ll reduce those risks significantly.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” – it’s one way that companies can increase their website traffic by influencing how their website appears in the “organic” search results and it’s generally done by improving on-page optimization (making sure that pages have relevant keywords) or off-page optimization.

What are some questions I should ask a company before hiring them?

What are some questions I should ask an Internet marketing agency before hiring them?

Some common things to ask a prospective digital marketing company include: 

– What services do you provide and what will it cost me? 

– How long have they been in business, does their work reflect this longevity? And how many clients have they served? (Note that quality over quantity is recommended when selecting your vendor.)

-What services will my company need from your firm, such as SEO or PPC advertising campaigns

-What are some of the best practices that your agency has implemented to make sure they meet or exceed client expectations and deliver quality service every time?

-Do your employees work out of one location or remotely?

What are some long-term benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency?

Hiring an outside agency will give any business access to expertise it doesn’t have internally; which means more than gaining visibility online by getting visitors through SEO services, but also being able to tap into their customer service skills as well!

A good example would be how we were able to increase our social media presence after working with a professional team who helped us find content ideas, create graphics for our posts and then publish them on the correct platforms at the right time – all without spending hours doing this work ourselves!

We also found that hiring a company was helpful when we wanted to get help with troubleshooting. We had an issue with some of our blog content and were able to send it over to their team who fixed things within just a few minutes compared to having tried (and failed) for many days before giving up.”

What is the common timeframe for SEO services?

This varies from company to company, and the timeframe will depend on how many keywords they are targeting for your business and the competitive score for a given keyword.

Some keywords take a little more time to rank than others, so knowing what key phrases you are looking to rank will be the determining factor in the timeline.

However, the average SEO campaign will take about 3-6 months to start seeing impactful movements in the search engine.

Can SEO be done in an hour?

No! It takes time to create a quality website or blog post that is optimized with relevant keywords so that it ranks well in search engines – which means there’s no such thing as an SEO service that can be done in an hour.

Some firms will offer a monthly package with several hours of work for under $2500 – so this might be a good option if you’re looking to get started with SEO for your business and don’t have the budget yet.

Can an agency guarantee my website will rank higher in the search engines?

No. Ranking a website is based on many factors and it’s impossible to make an absolute promise about where the site will end up in the search engines.

If your website has a great design, loads fast and is well-written – then you’re off to a great start.

Digital marketing agencies will then work with you on-page (using SEO) and off-page (such as PPC) to get your site ranking higher in the search engines.

Do I need to hire a WordPress management company for my site?

Yes, you do. If your site is running on WordPress, then hiring an agency that has experience with this CMS will be important for the success of your website.

Hackers are always looking for unprotected wordpress websites, and if you’re running WordPress without a security monitoring installed – then your site may be at risk.

Hiring an agency that deploys a security software on the backend of your WordPress site will help to protect your site from hackers and other malicious activity.

Many agencies will offer website management services as part of their SEO or PPC campaigns which means all the maintenance work is done in-house by them so they can make sure that everything is updated with the latest version of software (and any new updates to Google’s algorithm) right away.

How do I know if my website is hacked?

Sometimes you won’t know if you don’t have security monitoring in place to alert you.

When it comes to hacking, the most common thing that a hacker will do is change your home page and add links to their site on yours – which means if there’s anything different about your website (such as an unusual homepage or appearance of ads), then contact someone at our agency right away.

Do I need to hire an agency when my blog has only been live for two weeks?

Yes, and no. If you’re just starting out and looking to get your blog noticed, then hiring an agency will be important because they can help with getting the traffic that is needed for it to rank higher in search engines.

After a few years of blogging though – this is when many people decide to hire someone else or turn their work over completely so they are able to focus on other aspects of running their business.

When should I hire them? When do most businesses start using SEO services?

This answer varies from company-to-company but overall there’s no set timeframe which means any time during the year could make sense if you’re wanting to grow your online visibility!

However, some companies may offer discounts around major holidays like Black Friday (traditionally November) or even on their own company’s birthday (like a digital marketing agency in Portland, Maine).

It will depend on your goals and what you want to accomplish for the year. If you’re looking to beat out another business who is ranking for that same keyword – then it would be smart to hire sooner rather than later so they can get started right away.

What Do WordPress SEO Experts Do?

WordPress SEO experts will work on your blog post titles, meta descriptions and keywords to help with search engine optimization for before it is published.

A WordPress website expert will also do a detailed review of the design and layout to make sure that there are no errors or issues caused by using this software which could have an impact on how well it ranks in the search engines.

What are some of the digital marketing services that companies in Portland Offer?

Website Design – The first thing that many companies do when they start working with a client is to review their current site and offer suggestions for improvements.

SEO Marketing Services (Search Engine Optimization) – This service will help your website rank higher in the search engines such as Google by using keywords, page titles, meta descriptions, backlinks etc.

PPC Advertising Campaigns – These campaigns are usually what you see on top of google searches which means they’re advertisements that people pay per click on so it’s important to know how much money you want to spend because this amount can be updated at any time.

Social Media Management – If someone isn’t available in-house then there may be an option for them to manage all of your social media channels.

Website Maintenance – This is something that may be included with the monthly fee of an agency and helps them make sure everything is updated such as new website updates, security patches etc.

Email Marketing Services – These campaigns usually are sent out to a list of people who have opted-in to receive communication from you which can include anything from discounts, special offers or even announcements related to a product launch.

Content marketing – The digital marketing agency in Portland will create content for you (like blog posts, videos etc) which can help with boosting your online presence.

Malware removal – Sometimes malware can infect your website and it’s important to have this removed right away.

Graphic design – In some cases, the agency will also do graphic design work for you such as custom graphics or logos.

Animated Video creation – A digital marketing agency in Portland may also have the ability to create animated videos for you which is important if you’re running an e-commerce site.

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