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Best Digital & Social Media Marketing Agency in Raleigh

Social media marketing is about giving solutions to your customers. When well-executed, the visitors can translate to sales. Here are the best companies that can help you increase revenue for your business.

Changeative Inc.

This agency provides social media marketing services to businesses of all types. They perform accurate market searches and then come out with a detailed plan of how they can turn your idea into a reality. To ensure you get the best results, they blend both digital and traditional techniques in your marketing campaign.


Netsertive customizes digital marketing campaigns for each location. And after generating high-quality traffic, you’ll get a report from each platform. As a top social media management company in Raleigh, the team offers a full stack of software for video, social, and search advertising.

Boomerang Social

Boomerang Social believes that social media is the most effective platform that can help keep an eye on customers. And that’s what the team will help you achieve. These social media specialists will help you capitalize on multiple channels like Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Since there are so many places where you can spend your advertising dollars, the team will give strategies that yield the best results.

Bolt Public Relations

Since 2007, Bolt Public Relations has been working with businesses in Raleigh. The firm provides digital marketing services that incorporate the latest technology. Because the team is built on a foundation of partnership, this is your one-stop-shop for matters social media marketing, media relations, event planning, community relations, and strategic partnerships. There’re are no cookie-cutter campaigns – everything is customized to your business needs. BPR has worked with many 500 companies and awesome clients like ARS, CODER Foundry, KIZOA, MARKETFAIR, Health2Humanity, among others.

3 Birds Marketing

3 Birds Marketing offers personalized social media marketing services to companies in all industries. They use data-driven technology to spread the word online. The team has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry including utilities and governments.

Three Ships

This is a family-owned business that helps businesses boost their social media campaigns so that customers can buy with confidence. The specialists craft performance-driven content and use a proprietary machine technology to win search keywords. They have partnered with social media companies and some of the biggest brands in the industry. When you work with the agency, you’ll realize an increase in traffic and unmatched revenue growth.

Shelten LLC.

Shelten provides social media services across marketing channels. They offer services like social strategy audits, email marketing, blog writing, and digital competition reports. To do this, they take time to listen to the client’s needs and then craft a marketing strategy that meets the needs of the users. Their goal is to increase brand awareness for businesses of all types and coming up with a winning formula that will help you stack up above the competition. To ensure you have a cohesive team, Shelten LLC has partnered with some of the top agencies in Raleigh.

Triangle Social Media

Triangle Social Media boasts of a team of social media specialists that take time to understand your goals and priorities. First, they will optimize a complete business account for every social media platform and perform an inspection. Next, they tune up each platform to ensure they align with your goals. They also manage each account to ensure it’s current. TSM is not your ordinary social media management agency, they will create eye-catching content so that you can get the most likes. Even better, you can choose the number of posts you want to feature on each platform per week.

BOS Digital

BOS is a social media marketing company that uses an integrated approach to bring leads into your business. The team understands the complexity that comes with social media marketing and believes that each business is unique. When you approach the professionals, they will dwell on the subject matter of your marketing camping. If there are some loopholes, the team will pinpoint them and recommend a strategy that works best.

Their methodology is built on proven research and tested to generate online leads for businesses of all types. Unlike other marketing agencies in the region, the team will ensure you don’t lose sight of your business. Their approach is manageable not to mention it gives measurable results.


This agency allows businesses to scale their ad campaigns across social media platforms. They offer services like lead generation, e-commerce, creative support, retargeting, A/B testing, and social media marketing. Some of the clients in their portfolio include AROHAS, Limese, and mfpa, TOPP BRASS, Inner Sense, among others.


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Can’t seem to decide what website designer is best for your next digital project.

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