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Digital Marketing Companies in Salem, OR

Salem, OR has many and varied advertising agencies, both conventional and those specialized in online marketing. Some of them are specialized in some specific areas within these fields while others offer integral services that accompany the client from the beginning of their career as a company in the digital world until they achieve a name, a positioning and a good reputation on the Internet. 

Once this has been achieved, they are responsible for keeping the company in this position, updating its strategies. These are the most important digital marketing companies in Salem, OR. 


Convertiv is an online marketing agency specialized in tailor made marketing solutions (Personalized and Custom) for any Internet Business. The agency is specialized in SEO & SEM. 

They have been in the Sector for over 10 years and offer Strategic and Operational Marketing services. They are involved in all the client’s business processes; analyzing margins and processes to establish profitability objectives based on CPA and / or ROAS. 

They are currently working on campaigns based on the new Hagakure Google Ads methodology and successfully combine with Facebook and Instagram Ads campaigns to achieve better results and stable and sustainable growth over time.

Solid Digital, LLC

Solid Digital, LLC is one of the digital marketing agencies in Salem, OR with the greatest projection in the world of online marketing today. 

Created in 2006, it has managed to increase the number of customers satisfied with its services and quickly gain a foothold in the market. Specialized in SEM and SEO, they offer their clients the possibility of publicizing their brand, getting new clients, and increasing sales with a moderate investment. 

They also complement their services with Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, and Web Development in WordPress, thus offering a comprehensive solution to customers who need it.


MediaBoostr is a Salem, OR digital marketing agency with many years of experience in web development, mobile and interactive applications, digital strategy, advertising campaigns, and creative design. 

The projects they have carried out, and which you can consult on the web, speak for themselves. Their goal is to help clients create the best digital experiences and for this, they have a strategic, creative team and programmers capable of conceptualizing and implementing personalized and innovative solutions for each case.

Anvil Media

In a complex environment in which brands can feel lost, Anvil Media is in their midst: they enjoy and, if you trust them, they offer you tangible results. 

Anvil Media is made up of digital marketing professionals who manage and implement the presence of multinationals in social networks, generating opinions about products in thousands of influential users. A team committed to projects from their initial planning to the presentation of results.


Obility SEO services, web design, and social networks are oriented to a 360º process, with a global vision that will make your business take off “to the top”. 

Their team made up of young, dynamic professionals, brimming with ideas and enthusiasm. They integrate strategic marketing with high-performance design to deliver results you love. 

They love finding simple solutions to complex challenges with a strong emphasis on every detail, from strategic thinking, through design, to project completion.

Intuitive Digital

Are you looking to invest and see results in your company? Contact Intuitive Digital, they will be your partner and turn your visitors into real customers. 

It is what they do best and they are passionate about it! Their work methodology allows them to get closer to their audience, to anticipate changes, know the needs, and propose scenarios that evolve with the consumer.

MKG Marketing

Web design, Online Advertising, and Inbound marketing are the services that will help brands to sell to new consumers. People decide what to see, when, and where. 

This requires adapting and being a brand that you want to see, hear, and read. MKG Marketing a digital agency with more than 10 years of experience is the solution to your business marketing needs. With a senior team, this ensures that clients receive excellent service. 


With a creative strategy, RevenueZen creates a foundation for a good digital marketing strategy. They specialize in designing business-focused digital strategies. 

If you want to make your website visitors fall in love and turn them into loyal customers, RevenueZen will enhance your online business, connecting brands, and people. 

Their objective is to be your business partner on the internet, with a comprehensive service that allows a digital transformation, an acceleration of sales processes, and business acquisition.


Decoder is a marketing and digital communication agency dedicated to optimizing digital sales channels and strengthening the identity of brands and their communication. 

Their services include Web design, Marketing consulting, video marketing, graphic design, logos design, social media marketing, influencers, SEO positioning, SEM Campaigns, and Email Marketing.

Matter Communications

Matter Communications is a digital agency that has been offering its comprehensive digital marketing services to large or small clients for more than 10 years, by always adapted to their needs. 

Matter Communications has a team of professionals, experts in eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Leads generation, prepared for the new challenges of the digital economy, and with a great spirit of improvement. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketing agency in Salem, OR?

Digital marketing agencies in Salem, OR offer a variety of pricing models. Factors that are considered when determining price include the type and scope of work to be done, whether you would like an hourly or fixed-rate package, number of business hours involved, where your company is located as well as other similar factors.

We recommend meeting with at least two digital marketing companies before making a decision so you can compare quotes and find one that suits your needs best! You might also want to research what kind of reviews these companies have received through online sources such as Yelp or Glassdoor.

This will help give you a sense of whether or not these companies are worth considering.

What is the difference between hiring an SEO company, PPC agency, social media management firm, etc.?

Hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) company in Salem should be seen as an investment rather than just another monthly expense because it focuses on acquiring traffic from people who are actually looking for your product/service rather than trying to force them into visiting your site unwillingly by purchasing ads.

Pay-per-click (PPC) agencies are useful for driving traffic to your website and social media management firms help you develop, maintain, grow and measure a presence on these platforms in order to drive sales.

How long will it take my digital marketing agency’s work to show results?

The length of time it takes for an SEO company or other digital marketing agency in Salem OR to produce the desired result depends on what type of services they offer as well as how much effort is put into implementing them correctly.

The total amount of time can range from weeks if your business has a large budget with plenty resources allocated towards the project all the way up to months if you’re expecting immediate returns but have limited funds available or few staff to work with.

What is the difference between digital marketing and online advertising?

Digital marketing encompasses a range of services including SEO, PPC, social media management, etc., while online ads are just one small part of this larger picture.

Digital marketing agencies aim to generate traffic from people who are actively looking for your product/service instead of forcing them into visiting your site unwillingly by purchasing advertisements.

I’m not sure what type of agency I need – should I hire an SEO company or PPC agency?

It really depends on the goals you have set for yourself as well as how much money you’re willing to spend monthly on these types of initiatives, so it’s difficult to say without more information about your business needs. If you’re looking to generate more leads and sales, then a PPC agency is the way to go.

How often will my account manager contact me after hiring a digital marketing company in Salem?

It really depends on what type of package you sign up for as well as whether they are managing social media accounts or working behind the scenes to generate increased visibility on the internet.

For example, if you’re just looking for someone to handle your social media accounts then they might only contact you once or twice a month but if they are working behind the scenes and generating more traffic from search engines by creating backlinks, this could happen every day!

How do I know that my digital marketing agency is doing their job?

This varies depending on what type of service was agreed upon as well as who’s in charge of handling these tasks (account managers or SEO specialists).

Generally speaking, though, when an account manager sends monthly reports with updated metrics and data about any changes made since the last report, it means they are actively engaged in work-related activities. If all communication stops after signing the contract, then there might be an issue.

Are all digital marketing agencies in Salem, OR the same?

No, not at all! The way these companies are able to generate traffic depends on what they specialize in as well as how much attention and focus is put into implementing their strategies correctly.

For example, a social media management firm will handle your Twitter account for you but won’t do anything with search engine optimization or PPC campaigns, although this may change depending on which package you decide to sign up for.

Take some time researching each company before making any decisions so that you have enough information about pricing and services offered beforehand.

How do I find a WordPress expert in Salem?

Generally speaking, you can find a WordPress specialist by looking for SEO companies or other digital marketing agencies in Salem that offer this type of service. If they don’t specialize in it then ask them if they know someone who does! It might cost more to hire an outside resource, but it will be worth it to know that you’re working with someone who specializes in this specific task.

How can I get more people on my mailing list?

There are a few ways to do this, but one of the most popular is by setting up an opt-in box at your website’s homepage where visitors have to enter their email address and submit before being able to continue browsing around on your site.

If you’ve done any type of marketing or advertising for your business, then there might already be an existing database full of contacts that would like information about what you offer so don’t worry too much about traffic – just make sure they’re actively looking for whatever service/product you provide!

Do all digital marketing agencies create backlinks?

No, not all of them do. However, this is one of the core responsibilities of an SEO specialist or agency, so if you’re looking to generate more traffic from search engines then you’ll need someone who specializes in this type of activity.

How much should I budget for a WordPress expert in Salem?

It really depends on what you’re looking for and the level of service that’s required. On average, a good starting point is $500 – $1500 a month with an optional monthly retainer for social media management firms.

What types of SEO services are offered at these agencies?

Depending on the package you sign up for, your agency will offer some type of service that’s related to search engine optimization. If they’re offering any kind of web design or development service then they’ve got to know what Google expects for high rankings so this means that a lot of emphasis is on creating backlinks.

How do I find out if my website needs any SEO services?

If you’re not seeing the amount of traffic you were hoping for after launching your site, check it against Google’s algorithm (Google Webmaster Tools) to see if there are any errors or problems that need attention.

If you’re not seeing organic traffic from the search engines then ask your agency what can be done about it – this is a good indication of whether they know what’s going on with Google and how much effort needs to go into creating backlinks/doing SEO work for your site.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay per click advertising, which means you will only be charged when someone clicks on one of your ads.

This is different from paid search results where you’re charged every time someone views your listing whether they click on it or not so it’s important to take these things into account before signing any contracts with a company offering both services (i.e. they might be cheaper but you’ll need to pay for more clicks).

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