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Web Design

There are over 1.8 billion active websites currently online. Many of those sites get very little to no traffic. With this in mind, it is imperative that your website stand out.


We provide search engine optimization services including content marketing & optimizing, tracking & web traffic analytics, and more.

Social Media

Social Media is unavoidable. If you want to compete and win online, you have to maintain an active presence.

WordPress Development

We build websites in WordPress that are responsive & mobile friendly for viewing on iPhone & Android devices.


"We are so excited to have a truly professional-looking website right now and we will absolutely hire them again."

"I was impressed by how friendly and easy they were to work with, as well as their great design!"

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Most frequent questions and answers

Common Web Design & Digital Marketing Questions

Research. Strategy. Action. Tracking Growth. These are the core steps of all our digital marketing and web development campaigns. The first step, research, entails gathering all of the critical data needed to properly assess our client’s current pain points and growth plans in relation to their current competitive industry landscape. The second step is devising a strategy that will overcome any potential obstacles and achieve that client’s revenue goals. The third step is putting that plan into action quickly, strategically, efficiently. The next step is accountability – tracking our progress against KPIs and adjusting our plan of action if and when needed.

Each business is unique and each campaign factors in many variables. Are you looking to grow your business aggressively and quickly, or are you interested in taking a slow and steady approach? Is your website primarily meant to be informational or will it have many complex features and functionality? All of this will factor in to your overall costs. Typically, the cost for a high-performance website can range from $10,000 to $40,000 and up. The cost for digital marketing solutions varies based on your goals and how your website performs (this is why it’s so important to have a well-built website). Some clients spend $2,500 per month and others as much as $10,000+ per month. 

Once a web design and development project has been completed, you will start seeing results in relatively short order, however, some aspects of your digital marketing campaign — like SEO and content as a long-term game. Typically we start to see tangible results with SEO in about 180-days of implementation, and a steady increase in your sales moving forward from that point. PPC campaigns yield quicker results and we can typically start to see those in the first month. But remember, there is a place in your overall marketing strategy for each modality, so don’t ever discount SEO or content just because it has longer ramp-up period. There are very good reasons for this which we’d be happy to explain over the phone during your consultation.

We tailor campaigns to match the needs of our clients. There is no set budget or plan that will work for every business. Therefore the estimated budgets are derived from meeting with prospective clients, analyzing their goals and then we can provide budget recommendations.

There are no guarantees when it comes to where Google ranks websites online. Although, when we optimize a site for core business keywords we can track progress to make sure that we are working our way up in the search results. We need to earn our way to the top by running a successful SEO campaign.

The short answer is 6-18 months to see impacting results. Every website is built differently and every business has a different level of competition online. There are many different reasons why it may take longer for one website to rank than another. Domain history, backlinks, website health, bounce rate & content are just a handful of some factors that need to be looked at when guesstimating how soon results can be seen.

Because Google can penalize your website for moving too quickly, we do ask that our client sign a contract so we are guaranteed enough time to get your the results you need. Contracts range from 6 months for local and state SEO to 12 months for national campaigns.

Best San Jose Digital Marketing Agencies
& Website Design Companies

Best digital marketing agency in San Jose, CA

Digital marketing is the way to go for every business. The strategies employed in digital marketing are designed to guide companies to identify customers’ needs to offer them just what they want when they want it, and how they want it. 

In addition, they help to increase the generation of qualified prospects for companies, encourage sales, expand commercial coverage, reduce costs, streamline the sales process, delight the customer in the purchase process, streamline the company-prospect relationship, etc. 

With the help of a professional digital marketing company you can realize your business dream. Here we highlight the top 10 best digital marketing agency in San Jose, CA which you can hire for all your digital marketing needs.


  1. Gummicube, Inc

Gummicube, Inc specializes in creating web pages that offer new, smart, and safe experiences for their clients. They will ensure that your website is attractive, dynamic and easy-to-interact. They are also experts in SEO (SEO Audit, Consulting, content marketing and training in web positioning), ASO consulting (Positioning for mobile applications), mobile marketing for Apps, SEM, … On their website, you can see some of the companies they work with or have worked with, such as IMVU, Kooapps, Gemr, Xerox, Leo AR, …


  1. Kreative Machinez

Kreative Machinez has a team of professionals certified by Google who develops customized 360º digital marketing campaigns according to the business model and objectives of each client, including inbound marketing, organic SEO positioning, SEM payment campaigns focused on results from day one, Google Shopping, social networks with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and programmatic advertising as well as business digitization with tools like hubspot or fusionsoft. Their team will guide you through the different stages of the strategy adapted to each client and budget to achieve success gradually but surely so as not to be penalized by Google. 


  1. Spectrum Group Online

Founded in 2003, the agency has positioned itself as a benchmark brand in digital marketing. Their professional team is made up of different specialists, each one in their own area, which allows them to make unique and tailored interactive proposals for each client. They create tailored strategies aimed at improving positioning to achieve your business objectives. They focus on organic and functional growth through search engine optimization.


  1. 3Q Digital

3Q Digital is a young agency but one that has worked with large corporations and firms. This agency has certified professionals in each area of digital advertising and is specialized in offering online solutions to small and medium businesses. Its greatest differentiation is the degree of commitment it acquires with its clients, becoming almost part of its team. Its services include web positioning-SEO, PPC-SEM advertising campaigns and Social Media Marketing. Its SEM advertising campaigns are focused on Adwords, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and programmatic advertising. 


  1. Selfcraft Media

Selfcraft Media have a unique methodology in which all their services are interrelated, so that each action they perform has the maximum scope. They offer SEO, Social Media, web design and development services and online advertising. They are a team of multidisciplinary professionals, specialized in creating and optimizing the entire digital environment of companies.


  1. SocialSellinator

Digital marketing agency specialized in Personalized and Custom Marketing Strategies for Online Stores & Internet Businesses, adapting to the demands and needs of each project. They offer SEO & SEM services. They have been in the Sector for 10 years. They are specialists in Strategic and Operational Marketing services, analyzing margins and processes to establish profitability objectives based on CPA and/or ROAS thanks to Hagakure Google Ads.


  1. GameChangerSF

GameChangerSF designs the Digital Strategy that your business needs to achieve success. It offers a all-round solution for your company’s Internet presence. Digital Marketing is its main specialty, and it is made up of SEO Positioning in Google and other search engines, SEM Google Adwords Campaigns, and SMM Strategy in Social Networks. They will guide you through all the stages of digital communication, that your company needs, to promote the sale, with the creation of new contacts, and in turn they will analyze to the millimeter, each of the data generated by said digital strategy, to better understand user behavior.


  1. R2integrated

R2integrated a creative Digital Marketing Agency, offering different Online Marketing services, focusing on each and every one of the phases that a company goes through, from its launch, to its subsequent growth and consolidation of the business. In each phase, as an online marketing agency, they make sure that you have the best advice on Digital Strategies. They are specialists in the management, dissemination, and improvement of your digital presence on the Internet.


  1. KO Websites, Inc.

KO Websites, Inc mission is to position you on Google. They create strategies and a unique quality content plan to ensure that your potential customers find you in the first places when they search for your product or service on Google. The services they offer are linked to corporate identity, mailing, search engine optimization, mobile applications, account management and the creation and monitoring of Ads. In addition, they have the official Google Partner agency certification and, in their team, they have professionals accredited by Google.


  1. URBA Media

URBA Media is a digital Marketing agency in San Jose, CA, which was born more than ten years ago, as an independent agency specializing in providing different types of Digital Marketing services. Over years, this Online Marketing Agency has grown and has fully consolidated itself as a leading agency within the digital marketing sector, increasing its portfolio of digital services in line with new trends in the market and advising both Start-Ups and SMEs, as well as Large Companies or Public Organizations.

Full-Service Companies Providing Digital Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the new trend in digital marketing services. SMM is focused on providing online marketing services to businesses and organizations via social media

SMM platforms include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, FourSquare, Evernote, Instagram and other community-based sites.

These services work by engaging users through the use of social media. It includes: lead generation through blogs, podcasts, videos, and social networking sites, customer engagement through surveys and questionnaires, and selling products and services through email campaigns, social media advertising and paid search engine optimization.

An online marketing service provider provides top-notch digital marketing services to small businesses and startup entrepreneurs. They have developed a technology platform that leverages the power of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and other social media channels to promote businesses and brands.

DIR Marketing is a social media agency that works with clients to create personalized ads, e-newsletters, blogs, newsletters, and online content. 

Their primary service is providing web design, SEO (search engine optimization) for small business and startup businesses to increase exposure and brand recognition. committed to creating the most impactful advertising while maximizing return on investment.

Every digital marketing agency offers their client’s a customized approach to online marketing services to ensure that every business reaches its full marketing potential. 

Clients benefit from the collaboration and advice of a full-service agency that understand market trends, consumer behavior, and best practices. Agencies successfully combine traditional forms of advertising with Internet advertising to create powerful campaigns that drive relevant traffic to company websites and generate sales.

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Why Choose Us for Your Business Needs?

Why Business owners enjoy doing business with DIR Marketing? We offer web design and development solutions that are designed to help your business grow and reach its full potential. There is an endless supply of web design services companies to choose from. Why choosing us? As a small company owner, your site should work with you as a business owner. DIR Marketing specializes in constructing customized, sales-leading websites for small businesses and independent contractors.

With hundreds of years of experience, DIR Marketing prides itself on creating eye-catching, high-performance websites for home service providers and independent contractors. Our expert team of designers creates high-end websites that are built from the ground up to make your website stand out.

With over 15 years of experience, we provide affordable web design services that are designed to make your website work better than ever. We provide eye-popping designs and professional web designs. In addition, we have exceptional technical support that can help you understand any technical issues you may encounter.

If you need a website that will create awareness for your company and keep customers coming back, then you need our superior digital marketing service. Our team of experts specializes in both lead generation and responsive websites. We provide award-winning designs and technical support.

Businesses We Work With:

Counselors/Therapy Services
ADA Contractors
Interior Design
Lawn Mover Repair
Masonry Construction Services
Construction Services
Swimming Pool Company
Siding Installation
Tree Removal

Lawn Mowing
HVAC Repair
Fence Companies
Pest Control
Non-Profit Organizations
Real Estate
Moving Company
Tile Installation
Trash Removal
Shutter Installation
Tree Service

Decks & Porches
Demolish services
Concrete contractor
Handyman/gutter services
Rewiring a Home
Sauna Installation
Screen Porch
Law Enforcement
Recruiting Agencies
Seal Asphalt Service
Water Treatment

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Social Media


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Graphic Design

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