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Your Tree Service business needs a logo that will help you stand out and attract more customers.

Creating an effective logo for your tree service can be hard work, especially if you don’t have any design skills or experience.

This is where we come in. Our team of experienced designers creates beautiful logos for our clients at affordable prices.

We offer three different package options to fit every budget, from the basic design package all the way up to the premium package, which includes stunning social media graphics, animated promo videos, PPC Google Ads, SEO and more!

Tree Service Digital Products We offer
That can 10x you lead acquisition:

Logo Design

We’d be happy to work with you on creating logos, banners and marketing materials for your business.

We can handle all aspects of a tree service company’s branding from start to finish.

website Design & Redesign

Need a new website for your tree service business? Our team of experts can help!

We have designed or redesigned countless websites, and our process is quick and efficient.

Social Media Marketing

Would your tree service company like to grow its social media presence? We have a team of experts who can help!

Our past experience managing social media for various companies has helped us adapt our strategies accordingly, resulting in high engagement rates and increased followers.

Website Management and hosting

Let our team handle the technical aspects of your business website so you can focus on other things.

This includes running security checks, hosting it at an optimized speed with top-level performance and uptime guarantees, etc.

Animated, Promotional Video

Let us produce a video that will introduce your tree service business to potential customers.

We’ll make it entertaining and informative, so the audience will learn about your business.

You can use it to post on your social media channels, website, or places like YouTube for more views!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your tree removal website is a fantastic way to gain new customers, but probably isn’t getting the traffic it needs because you haven’t optimized your business for search engine rankings.

Let us optimize your company so that people can find and learn about its services online!

Local Directory Listings

Businesses can improve their visibility online by using a citation building service.

A great way to increase your site’s rankings and get more customers is by listing your services on local directory sites.

We handle all the heavy lifting by listing your company on all the directories that matter.

Google Ads PPC

If you’re interested in increasing your lead volume and improving the quality of leads, our local PPC service can help.

We offer a completely managed system with turn-key solutions for any tree removal business – no hassle or stress involved!

Review Acquisition & Reputation Management

Instead of just getting rid of bad reviews, we help tree removal companies obtain more positive ones.

This includes preventing the negative ones from appearing in the first place and promoting those that are already there.

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Top Tree Removal Logo Design Services
Agencies, and Companies

When you have a business that is in the tree service industry, it’s important to make sure that you’re getting the best logo for your company.

There are many graphic design companies out there, but not all of them will be able to give you what you need. With this blog post, we’ll explore 10 different graphic design companies and tell you why they are some of the best in the business!


Located in California, LogoMaid has been around for a while now and have done countless logo designs.

One of the best things about this particular company is that they offer many different packages depending upon your needs and budget! The second company to explore is called Logoworks; these guys were featured as one of the top companies by Forbes magazine (overall).

Logo Architektur

Although they aren’t located in the US or UK (located in Germany) – these guys can help create everything from logos to t-shirts.

The cool thing about them? They were named by Forbes magazine as one of the top 50 best small businesses once before!

Creative Market

This company is based out of the US and offers logo design at an incredibly low price.

They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well…not bad right? If their quality isn’t up to par with what you’re looking for though, then just send them back until it’s perfect!


Located out of India, Wizmall is a company that specializes in logo design and website development.

Just like every other service on this list though, they offer different packages at varying price points depending upon what you need.

In addition to their affordable rates and great designs, these guys were featured by Inc Magazine as one of 150 top companies to watch, so if you’re looking for an incredibly talented team; definitely check them out!


The next company is LogoGround; although they don’t specialize exclusively with logos. They offer logo design, website development, and social media promotion.

If you’re looking for a company that has been around the block – this is definitely it! This particular graphic design company was founded years ago; now that does not mean they aren’t as good as these other companies though, they’ve simply just had more time to perfect their craft which means great things when it comes to creating your logo (and everything else).

Logomotive Studios

The next thing we’ll look into today is called Logomotive Studio’s; another US-based company focused on logos only.

If you want something done right, sometimes going with an experienced team is the way to go…that seems to be exactly what LogoMotive studios deliver every time.


LogoGarden has a page on their site full of testimonials from satisfied customers it’s clear why so many people love working with them.

Not only do they have a great portfolio to showcase their work, but they also offer incredibly affordable prices. If you’re looking for a company that has been around the block – this is definitely it!


The next two options are ones you may have heard about before, but never really dove into yourself.

The first one is Logojoy and while we wouldn’t say they are necessarily an “underground” brand by any means – their popularity isn’t on par with some of the others.

That being said, they are still an incredible option and one that is definitely worth your consideration if you’re looking to get a logo designed for your business!


 Logoree offers completely free logo creation as well – just in case their normal prices don’t fit into what you were hoping to spend on this project.

While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing something like this with every design company out there…it’s nice knowing you have options when it comes time to create something from scratch; especially ones that offer such high quality work at no cost whatsoever (well almost).


  Our last company for today is a little bit different from all of the rest; LogoBee has been around for a while and specializes in designing logos, but they also offer other services as well – such as business cards, stationary design, and web development.

Their prices are about average when compared to our other options on this list so if you’re looking for something that’s not going to break the bank…this might be your best bet!


Fivver is a great place to start when you’re looking for affordable design services. In fact, this company offers more than just logo designs; they are also able to provide website development and social media promotion as well!

Even though we only mentioned a few companies here, there’s still plenty more out there (and even some free ones too) which means it doesn’t matter what kind of logo you need or how much money you have to spend – you should always be able to find a great option online somewhere.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get a professional tree service logo designed?

The cost of a tree service logo design can vary depending on the designer. Most designers charge between $100 and $500+ for their services, though some may charge more or less than that range.

It is best to expect to spend around $200-$2000+ when choosing a top-notch, premium tree service logotype designer mixed with other digital services like social media graphics, google listings, press release distribution, and more.

How long does it take for a tree service logo design to be completed?

Logotype design is a process that can be done in (3) days to a week depending on the complexity of the logo. Generally, it takes around 4-5 revisions for both parties to agree on a final concept.

What are your requirements?

Tree service companies should talk with their designer about which colors and fonts they want used, what concepts they’re looking for, and any other special requests. It’s important that tree services are as descriptive as possible when explaining their vision so designers know how best to proceed with creating samples.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my new logo?

Tree services often get anxious before hiring someone since there’s always a chance you won’t like the results—no matter who does work! The good news about working with a reputable designer is that you can always hire someone else if the logo doesn’t meet your expectations.

Why should I invest in professional design?

Professional tree service logos are necessary for branding and advertising purposes, which will help you become more visible to potential clients—and therefore generate more revenue!

A well-designed logo also builds trust with customers since it makes an immediate impression of quality. In order to effectively market yourself online or offline, choosing a unique and memorable design is essential.

What types of files do designers provide after my new logo has been created?

Logo designers usually deliver their work as either .jpeg files at 300 dpi resolution (for print) or web safe formats (.png, .gif).

Will the logo look good as a small icon online?

A tree service’s design should be able to scale up and down in size, so it can easily fit on business cards or company vehicles. This ensures that your brand will look professional no matter where you are advertising!

What is considered an average turnaround time for getting a new logo designed?

This varies by designer; some companies might only take two to three days while others may require several weeks. Tree services should set expectations with their designers ahead of time regarding how quickly they’d like the work done. If there are special circumstances which must be taken into account, then this information should also be shared with providers during discussions about requirements and timelines.

How long have you been designing logos?

You should ask designers about their background and experience designing logos for tree services specifically. Make sure the designer is well versed in your industry, whether that’s landscaping or lawn care.

A professional logo can improve a company’s visibility online which will increase potential revenue streams! The right design helps companies communicate their brand values effectively to customers so they know what to expect when doing business with them in person too.

What are some examples of previous work you’ve done similar to my project?

A reputable designer will share samples from past projects as proof of quality; this also gives you an idea where the final product might fall within the range of pricing mentioned above based on size, color scheme, etcetera—so you know what to expect.

Do logo designers offer any other digital services?

Many logo designers might also offer other digital services, such as web design, print media, and even social media marketing.

If you’re interested in any of these areas, then make sure to mention that during discussions so you can get an idea of the designer is a good fit for your specific needs.

Also, ask about additional fees or charges—some companies may charge extra because they have limited bandwidth, which means they cannot take on too many projects at once.

What do I need to know when hiring a graphic designer to design my tree service company?

Make sure you find a designer who is qualified in your industry and has experience with companies like yours. This ensures that they’ll be able to give you the results which will best represent your brand!

Do I need to provide any other information about what I want?

The more detail provided up front, the better chance of receiving exactly what’s needed from start to finish—and no extra costs or revisions along the way. Providing examples of logos similar to those desired can help designers understand what tree services are expecting too.

What are some disadvantages of using a free template to design my tree service logo?

Using a free template can lead to copyright issues or other problems. It is important to avoid these types of pitfalls by going with an experienced company instead who knows how to create unique and original designs that will stand out from the competition!

What are your pricing options?

Logo designers often offer different packages, which include unlimited revisions, multiple files (.jpg, .png), full-color schemes, etcetera—so there should be something for every budget, whether you have $100 or $1000 available.

Make sure the designer has experience in your industry too, so they’ll know what sort of design elements work best when creating logos for tree services specifically.

How do I get leads for my tree service company?

There are many ways to get leads, but it’s important for tree services to find a reliable source of referrals. Having a professional logo that is easily recognizable can help increase visibility online too—so you’ll be able to attract more customers than before!

Another thing is hiring an experienced digital marketing company to get more leads for your tree service company.

Services like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and more can help grow your business to the next level, so it’s important for tree services to look into these options too.

Do I need an in-house designer or do you handle everything?

Many companies have their own designers, which means they don’t outsource anything, but some may also hire outside resources when necessary.

Hiring a company with many years of experience means they are familiar with the process and can manage everything from start to finish—saving you time and money!

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