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Website Design Agency in Charleston

Do you want a website that attracts and converts clients? A website is the online face of your business and has the power to reach out to customers. If you’re looking for the best web design company in Charleston, you should consider the following:

Global Prairie

Global Prairie is built on creativity to drive meaningful results. Over the years, the firm has been crafting business solutions to cultivate a healthier world. Their expertise runs deepest on web design, branding, advertising, data analytics, technology & innovation, social media, digital strategy, among others.

The agency works with different companies including FDA, Google, Sherwin Williams, The University of Kansas System, Colgate Athletics, Foundation for the Carolinas, C200, Center for Practical Bioethics, and FEMA. This is the firm to work with if you’re looking for business solutions that drive social impact.

Miller Design and Marketing

This agency provides different web design, landing pages, banner ads, email campaigns, and PPC advertising to help you focus on growing your business. The competent team will also help in logo identity design, direct marketing, event displays, and product development.

Whether your business is big or small, Miller Design and Marketing has a diverse mix of clients with creative design solutions. The team will work with you from planning, development, to launching.

Colophon New Media

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Colophon New Media can help your company in web hosting solutions, website design, and website maintenance. The agency will help you throughout the process from concept to launch depending on your exact requirements.

The firm works with businesses and corporates to ensure the website is aesthetically pleasing. Unlike the competition, the team prides itself on planning and offers superior support. The company has worked with key clients like MMSA structural engineers, Garden Club of America, Carolina Life Real Estate & Auctions, Structures Building Company, and Simpson Engineers Associates.


Scoutside is dedicated to turning visitors into loyal clients. They create beautiful digital experiences that turn visitors to customers. When you hire a team, it will bring simple and straightforward solutions that are innovative.

The agency is dedicated to creating websites that function great. When you hire them, the team will focus on your dream and then builds a solution that suits you best. Scoutside has worked with several companies including Vega, Lalo, Neat, Elix, The Well, Edie Parker, Art of Sport, and JOLYN.

Mega Design

If you want to build something that people can see and feel, you can’t go wrong with this web design company. Mega Design will help you translate the big picture into actionable communication. Once you choose the company, they will first listen to your needs and use technical expertise to accomplish the goals.

Mega Design emphasizes efficiency as they deliver their services. And that’s not all; they are focused on providing quality products and services. Some of the key clients in their portfolio include Deloitte, Robot, National Geographic, Department of Veteran Affairs, and Cisco.


This is the top website design agency in Charleston that uses the latest web technologies. The company will help you in designing promotional materials, stunning logos, and building awesome apps. Their design solutions ensure that customers can see what attracts the right people and conveys the brand in minutes.

Before they embark on any project, the team consults extensively. After that, the company will design a web application that powers your business.

12Pt Creative

This firm specializes in branding and web development. The team believes that when solid work is done in a friendly and collaborative manner, you’ll get back to business in no time. A high-quality website is friendly and will help your business shine. With a fresh logo and social media graphics, you can get unbelievable clients.

A responsive website will ensure your business looks good and shines online.

Blue Acorn ICI

Blue Acorn is a leading web design company that focuses on digital commerce, a convergence of analytics, full-service commerce, and content management. Born in the mind of engineers and data scientists, the company is dedicated to solving problems and delivering results.

Being the first company of its kind, the team will help in the convergence of analytics and enhancing customer experience. Through a strategic fusion of content, the firm will help you engage your clients and sell more. Some of the key web services include UX/IU Design, Platform development, custom integrations, and strategy.

Blue Acorn is proudly serving many clients in the world to create digital experiences. It has worked with Panera Bread, Fidelity Investments, Sas, Gerber, Olympus, Domtar, Dollar General, and Charter Communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do a Charleston website designers do?

A web designer creates and designs websites for clients. They take the client’s vision, in terms of content and branding, into account to create their website design. A key part of the job is making sure that all elements are optimized to work on various devices (i.e., desktops, laptops, tablets). This includes designing layouts with enough white space so they are easy to read no matter what device someone uses them off of.

How much does it cost? What services do you provide for that price?

The cost for a website design will vary depending on the level of complexity and features that need to be included. A simple 3-page site may start as little as $1,500, while an e-commerce site with a lot of products could easily cost upwards of $10,000+.

Common mistakes made by web designers?

There are three common mistakes we see when reviewing clients’ websites: outdated content, lack of social media integration/user engagement options, and not optimizing images with proper file type conversion settings. For example, JPEGs should have their quality set at “high” if they’re going in a portfolio or promotional page; PNG files should be used as standalone images because they retain more information than JPGs but still offer good compression rates–but these two formats can’t coexist within one file.

What should I look for when hiring a web designer?

We recommend looking at work samples, previous clients, and reviews before signing with one person or company to make sure they’re the right fit your needs. Ask them what services you’ll receive for the price–there’s no point in getting a cheap $100 site if it doesn’t include SEO optimization and any customization!

How can I learn more about how to design my own website?

If you don’t want to hire someone else but would still like assistance designing your website, there are plenty of resources available online: YouTube has tons of tutorials that explain basic CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) skills; Lynda offers paid training courses through its library; and WiderFunnel is a content marketing agency that offers training courses in web design.

What are the benefits of hiring an off-site designer?

Off-site designers have more time to dedicate to their clients because they’re not juggling projects from multiple companies on top of their own work. This means you’ll get quicker responses, better communication with your designer, and higher levels of attention overall.

what does an SEO expert do?

A website’s SEO (search engine optimization) is the best way to get your site in front of potential customers. If you have a new business, an e-commerce store on Shopify or another platform, or just want more people to find out about what you do–you need search engine optimization! How does it work? It takes time and effort! An expert will assess how well your content ranks for relevant keywords that your target audience might be searching for, then make changes to help improve their rankings. They also provide advice on which keyword phrases are seasonal so they can adjust accordingly with updates made periodically throughout the year.

What should I look for when hiring an SEO Expert?

We recommend looking at previous clients, reviews from other customers, and their work samples. Ask them what services are included for the price you’re paying–you might find out that SEO optimization is free if you purchase a website design package!

What can an SEO Expert do to help me?

An expert will assess how well your content ranks for relevant keywords, then make changes to improve their rankings. They also provide advice on which keyword phrases are seasonal so they can adjust accordingly with updates made periodically throughout the year.

Do I need both a website and social media presence?

Websites are the backbone of any company; they’re a place to provide information about what you do, display work samples and testimonials from past clients, showcase your latest offerings, post updates on new products or services for sale–and social media is all those things in addition. You need both a website and social media presence if you want people to find out about what you offer!

How can I help my website rank higher with SEO?

There’s no guaranteeing that search engine optimization will make your site rank better because it doesn’t depend on just one factor but instead involves many factors (including content quality). But there are ways to give yourself an edge by building backlinks incognito through guest blogging so Google understands who you are and what you offer.

How many hours should I expect from my website contractor per week?

The amount of time varies depending on how much work needs to be done. Some designers will charge hourly while others may charge by project size (i.e., $1,500-$25,000). Ask about turnaround times; some companies have a 30 day or less turn around limit, which means if your project exceeds this timeframe, you’ll be charged for the extra hours.

What’s a typical timeline?

It will depend on how many pages need to be designed and what needs to happen (e.g., developing content, creating imagery). Some designers provide free design consultations while others charge an hourly rate or by project size; it all depends on your budget and desired turnaround times. You can also ask about discounts for projects that are longer than one month in length–this is often arranged with monthly payments rather than lump sums up front. Consider which options work best for you so there’s no surprises along the way!

How do I find out how much my website should cost?

If you want exact pricing information before we bid on a project, we recommend setting up a free design consultation.

How can I keep my website updated?

A marketing consultant will be able to provide you with the latest information on what’s working and what isn’t, as well as how much it costs to make updates or changes after your site is live. They also have access to industry trends, so they’ll know when updating content may impact your rankings negatively.

How often should I update my blog posts?

It depends on the type of business you’re running: usually blogs are updated weekly but not daily unless there’s breaking news happening that needs immediate attention. Some companies even post four times per week–it all depends on the niche! If you want specific guidance from an expert who’s seen it all, just let us know and we’ll set up a free consultation.

Do I need to hire someone for SEO?

If you want your website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs), then the answer is yes! Companies can choose from content writing services, link building experts, or both–it’s completely dependent upon what they’re looking for in order to reach their desired outcome successfully.

How important is SEO to my business?

SEO has become an integral part of marketing–it’s just as important for your website as it is for distributing brochures or flyers. There are many ways that SEO can benefit a company, including improved rankings in SERPs which will lead to more visitors who could potentially turn into clients/customers. It also helps with search engine neutrality and providing value through content so people stay on the site longer than they would if there wasn’t any information!

What does “link building” mean?

Link building means acquiring links from other websites (usually high-quality) by submitting informative articles about what you do and then asking those sites to link back to your site so Google understands its content. When you create content for websites, Google will see that as backlinks and understand your authority on the niche–you may end up ranking higher in SERPs than other companies who haven’t done this!

What is a link?

A link from one website to another, which indicates relevance between them. The more links there are pointing to your site (from high-quality sources), the better it looks and ranks because people assume you’re credible if others trust you enough to point their visitors toward your content or services. It also tells search engines that they should rank your page highly because of all those links; so when someone searches for “web designers,” yours could be automatically ranked first even before anyone clicks through!

Do I need a marketing consultant to help me find SEO?

You can hire a marketing consultant who specializes in SEO, or you could do it yourself. It’s always best to ask for expert advice when looking at search engine optimization because many people fail to use the right techniques and then are surprised by poor rankings–you don’t want that! Our experts have seen everything so they’ll know what will work best for your needs from day one.

Can I get an estimate before we start working together?

Designers offer free design consultations which include planning out content as well as determining budget estimates; but if you want exact pricing information before those discussions happen, just let us know! We recommend taking advantage of this resource instead of making assumptions on how much your project will cost–you could end up designing a site for $4000 that you thought would only be worth $1500!

What is the difference between SEO and content writing?

SEO provides more in-depth services such as keyword research, onpage optimization, and link building. Content writers write blogs posts which can be used to attract new visitors through various channels like organic search or social media marketing campaigns. If your company needs help with both of these things but just don’t have enough funds right now, hiring one person who specializes in each area may make sense for the long term goals!

Where can I find the best web designers in Charleston, SC?

Well, that depends on what you’re looking for! Some people want a website which is just informational–they don’t need any design input. They may be more interested in the simplicity of WordPress or Medium rather than trying to get their hands dirty with code. Other companies are seeking out web designers who can offer all-inclusive services that include everything from logos and branding to photography and digital marketing campaigns; so it’s always best to know exactly what you’re getting before starting a project because there could be hidden costs later down the line if you aren’t clear about your needs upfront!

Is SEO important?

Yes! If someone types in keywords (SERPs), then the answer is yes! Companies can choose from content writing services, design services, and SEO strategy–but without the latter two, then your site won’t rank as well. It’s always best to have a marketing plan in place so that you know what needs to be done!

Is there much of an age difference between designers?

No; it really depends on how long they’ve been designing for. For example, some people may only design logos while others work with clients from start-to-finish who need everything from web design and branding to digital marketing campaigns or even photography! So if someone is 28 years old but has been doing this since he was 18, then his experience level will likely be higher than a 35 year old designer who just started out last year because he doesn’t have any experience.

How do I know which design services are best for me?

That’s a tough question because there isn’t one service that is the perfect fit for every company! It all depends on how much your budget is, whether you need content writing or SEO (or both), and what kind of end product you’re looking to create–for example, if it needs to be mobile-friendly then we’ll recommend responsive web design vs fixed-width; but if your website doesn’t change often then CMS might not make sense either! So here at Charleston Web Designers, our team will work with you from day one so that everything goes smoothly throughout the process. We can help by providing suggestions and answering any questions along the way so that you’re 100% satisfied with the final product.

Are logos important?

It’s always best to have a logo to represent your company, but it depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If you are just looking for a one-time logo design that is not intended for print or digital media then something like DIY services may be the best option; but if branding and marketing campaigns are in place, as well as web design services then we would recommend hiring someone who can offer all of those things at once–that way there’s no need to contract out different contractors!

What are some common misconceptions people hold about SEO?

The most common misconception is that it’s just for big businesses or companies looking to rank high so they can charge more money; but actually small businesses should think about how this could benefit them as well because even though the rankings might not get as high initially (depending on where they’re at), Google does change its algorithm all the time which means that the rankings could eventually go higher–even if it takes a little while.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design is when any website can be viewed on a mobile device with the navigation automatically adapting to accommodate each screen size. This is best for companies who want their websites to remain as usable and effective no matter what type of device someone uses it on!

What does CMS stand for?

CMS stands for content management system; which means that there’s usually an administrator in charge of managing all content, including text, images, videos etc., so that different people are not editing certain pages at once. Not only does this save time but also ensures consistency across multiple platforms–which often leads to higher rankings because Google sees them as trustworthy sources of information.

Is SEO expensive?

No; it really depends on the level you’re looking for (e.g., if you just want someone to update your content then it’s not expensive at all, but if you need a higher level of service like driving traffic and ranking high on search engines for certain keywords/phrases) the range may be anywhere from $1,000-$10,000 per month–but again that depends on where they’re starting out in terms of rankings!

What should I expect when talking with a Charleston web design company?

Charleston Web Designers will do everything possible to help answer any questions or concerns about designing websites because we don’t believe in one size fits all. We’ll customize every project by working closely with our clients so that they get exactly what they wanted while still adhering to budgets set up beforehand.

How much does SEO cost?

It all depends on what you need in terms of service–a basic, one-time update for a small website might be around $1,000+ per month but if it’s an eCommerce site or company with several locations then the range may start at around $5,000+. Again, there are some factors that determine this price; so contact us and we’ll help find something within your budget!

Do clients have to know how to code HTML/CSS etc.?

No not necessarily–just like anything else (e.g., driving lessons) our team will show them step by step how everything works together and they’ll learn as they go along!

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