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7+ Best Website Design Agency in Chicago

When customers visit your website, they can judge your business within seconds. If it looks appealing, they will have a positive impression. The best web design in Chicago incorporates cutting-edge technology to deliver an immersive experience on all devices. Here are the best web design agencies in Chicago.

UX 4Sight

This is a Chicago-based digital agency that focusses on user experience. They untangle complex problems by combining evidence-based user research and user-centered design. Their UX consultants will ensure your website is engaging, intuitive, and profitable. Also, they will ensure you optimize your business ROI.

UX 4Sight has worked with some of the big brands including the University of Chicago, AT&T, and Disney. The agency has the best UX/UI experts in the industry. Once you work with them, the project will be delivered in a timely fashion without going over the budget.


VerdanaBold has a competent team of professionals who will help you design a website that will wow the audience. The team will create visuals that address your needs. Also, they turn complex financial data into highly digestible graphics. No matter how complex your website is, the team will give presentations that unify the voice of your business. Some of their clients include Keurig Dr. Pepper, Glanbia Nutritionals, Cardinal Health, Glanbia Nutritionals, and CooperTires.


Intechnic is a web development agency that can help you make a change on your website. These professionals are dedicated to improving customer acquisition and conversions by over 30%. With more than 15 years of experience, Intechnic has worked with reputable clients like Brunswick, Mortenson Construction, Paramount, Disney, and Ingersoll Rand.

When it comes to the success of your website, the team won’t rest until they fully understand your business. What’s more, their UX design is prototyped over multiple iterations to help you maintain user-centricity. The creative talent will not only transform your website but also make it stack up above the competition.

Bright Bright Great

This is an award-winning design agency that can make a positive impact on your business. First, they conduct user research to understand the audience. Then, they deliver an end-to-end website redesign service and keep in touch during the process. And with their creative layout presentations, you’ll see a boost in all traffic metrics.

Bright Bright Great has worked with clients like the French American Chamber of Commerce, Museum of Science and Industry Chicago, Cards Against Humanity, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Lucasfilm, Ferguson Enterprises, and Cards Against Humanity.

ePage City

This agency will design a website that aligns with your goals. Since 1999, ePage City has worked with non-profit and medium-sized businesses. By use of initiative design, the team will ensure your business has a strong online presence. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, the agency will give clear status updates.


Since it was launched in 2008, Crowdspring has addressed many problems for businesses. They work with startups, non-profits, and small businesses. You just state the design you need, and it will be delivered on time. They will also communicate every step of the way. Crowdspring has worked with large corporations like Barilla, LG, and AliExpress.

Olive Street Design

This is an award-winning Chicago-based firm that uses a collaborative approach to design a website. The team will do a careful analysis of customers’ wants and create programs that capture the unique selling point of your business. Also, the team won’t leave until you’re fully satisfied with the results. Olive street design understands what it takes to convert online visitors into buyers.

The agency has worked with Northwestern University, Maggie Daley Park, The News and Observer, University of Michigan, Harvard University, among others.


ArtVersion specializes in UI/UX design, branding, web design, and E-commerce. When you work with the professional team, they will help you develop strategies to increase conversion. They use a user-centered design approach and analytic strategy that results in a cohesive product. Some of the giants in their portfolio include MorganStanley, Volvo, Rush University, Joseph Sears School, University of North Carolina, Shell, to mention a few.

Orbit Media Studios

For two decades, Orbit media Studios has helped thousands of clients in their web design projects. The team has built a reputation for succeeding even in the toughest projects. When you work with Orbit, you’ll get exceptional service.

Concentric Design

This is a Chicago-based graphic design agency that specializes in print design and visual identity. They have worked with big names like United Airlines, The University of Chicago, Q Holding Company, Paylocity, and VoxConnect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best web designers in Chicago?

There are many talented web designers in Chicago that can help you create a great website. It is best to talk with as many possible before deciding on the perfect designer for your needs.

Do I need to hire someone with experience?

Yes, it is important to have an expert design your website because of how challenging it can be without experience.

They will come up with all the content, illustrations, graphics and pictures for your site so that you don’t have to take care of any of this!

All you’ll need to worry about then is uploading images and making sure everything’s spelled correctly.

The person creating or designing the site will make sure it looks professional by using fonts that match the theme.

If I hire someone, how much should it cost?

Web design is an art form for a reason and there are many factors that determine the price. It can be anywhere from $500 to $20,000 or more depending on what you want!

For example if you have a complicated site such as one with e-commerce needs then expect to pay at least double of what it would cost for just a regular website without those features.

If your web designer will need any custom programming done in order to complete your project then they may charge even more than this range because programmers typically don’t work for free either!

The best way to figure out the average price point is by looking up similar websites online which usually list their costs under the ‘Services Offered’ section on the page.

What should I expect from a web designer?

When you hire someone to design your site they will usually have an interview with you first where they ask questions about what kind of website you want and then take notes so that they can come up with ideas for how it might look.

They’ll help guide you through this process by asking more specific questions – like are there any color schemes or styles in mind, do we need to include social media buttons, etcetera!

It’s best if you just try not worry too much until everything is complete because once the design has been finalized then all those worries go away!

Do hiring someone mean my company needs branding as well?

No, you don’t necessarily need to hire someone for branding, but it will make your website look more professional and have a better brand representation. If that’s something you’re interested in then contact the designer and maybe they can offer an estimate on what it would cost!

Are web designers expensive?

Web design is not cheap, but it also depends on what type of site you want as well as how involved with the project are. For example if all you’re looking for is a regular website without any bells or whistles then expect to pay around $500-$2000 whereas custom e-commerce websites might be closer to $5000+ because programming needs to go into those types of sites which again means hiring programmers who do not work free either.

What is the difference between coding and web design?

Coding is what actually builds your website. The designer will use code (sometimes referred as html) in order to make your site look more professional by adding different features such as social media buttons, contact forms, etcetera! It’s important that you hire someone who knows how to do this because it can be complicated without experience. A lot of people confuse these two things so just keep this in mind if you’re not sure about anything – or ask questions during the interview process which should eliminate any confusion on their part!

How long does it take for something like this?

It depends on what you’re looking for. If you want a custom website then it could take anywhere from one to three months, whereas if all you need is a regular site without any bells and whistles then the process should only take about 1-2 weeks or even less!

Why does my web designer charge so much more than other companies?

The price varies depending on many factors – such as what type of site you want, the experience of the web designer, SEO implementation strategy, how complex it’s going to be, and whether there are any custom features involved.

How much does a regular website cost?

A basic non-e-commerce website with no bells or whistles should only run anywhere from $500-$5000 so it all depends on what you’re looking for!

What is the difference between WordPress and HTML websites?

WordPress is content management software (or CMS) which makes updating your pages super easy because everything can be done by typing in different fields rather than having to learn html code – but an HTML site would allow more customization over things like formatting text and adding other elements such as social media buttons. This one really just comes down to preference and what you’re looking for!

How do you know if the best web designers in Chicago are affordable for your business’s budget?

I would recommend going with a few different quotes and then comparing which one best suits your needs. Make sure to ask about overall costs as well, like if there are any additional fees for things such as hosting or other possible charges that might not be included in the original estimate! You should also talk about what you’re looking from them (such as regular website vs custom e-commerce site) because this will affect cost – for example an experienced designer is likely able to create a custom WordPress site faster than someone who has never done it before.

Do I have to be local to hire one of the best web design companies near me?

No! You can hire a web designer in whatever state you’re living, regardless of where they are – as long as the quote includes hosting and all other needed features.

Do I have to be local to hire one of the best Chicago Web Design Companies?

No! Hiring an experienced website designer from any city is possible so don’t worry about that for now if it’s not something you had considered before. The only difference is thinking about what type of site you want and getting quotes for overall costs which might include things such as hosting or programming fees. It’s important to consider these factors when talking with potential designers because otherwise the price could end up being much higher than expected (and there will likely be some more questions during the process, so this ensures that any confusion is eliminated).

What should my company include when we’re looking at quotes from different websites designers nearby us?

Always ask about what types of sites they’ve done in the past and how long it took to complete. It’s also important to talk about if there are any additional fees for things such as hosting or other possible charges that might not be included in the original estimate!

Do I need social media integration?

The only answer to this is yes! You can’t be a successful business without having social media integration because that’s where people are getting their information and it’s how they’re going to see your content.

What website features do I need?

This will depend on the type of site you want but there are some basic things all sites should have: an “About Us” page with company logo, contact details (including phone number), well-designed navigation, any photos or videos in one centralized location so they don’t appear too cluttered, and high quality images throughout the site. It should also include links for other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. If you’re not sure what else you might need then send your website idea to a web designer and they can help you out!

I’m looking for a company that does websites design. What should I do?

The first thing is to figure out what type of site you want – such as WordPress or HTML, so the costs will vary depending on which one it would be best suited for your needs.

You’ll also need social media integration because this is where people are getting their information now days (and how they’re going to see your content).

What should I look for in a good website design company?

You’ll want to make sure they have experience with the type of site that you want (e.g., WordPress vs HTML) because it’s important to know your options before handing over any money and getting into more details about what will be involved.

You also need social media integration so this is where people are getting their information now days (and how they’re going to see your content).

The next step is figuring out if there are any additional fees like hosting or other possible charges that might not be included in the original estimate; then ask about past projects and time frames based on those quotes.

Once these steps have been taken then you know what you’re looking for and can start contacting web designers!

What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This is a term that refers to how people search for certain items on the internet and what they find – so it’s all about getting your content found!

It can be difficult because there are many ways of ranking but one way most companies focus on SEO is by including keywords or phrases in their website, reaching out to bloggers (or other websites) who write about similar topics, sharing links with readers through social media platforms, having an online presence at conferences where you display your company name and logo throughout speaking opportunities etc.

What different services do Chicago website designers offer?

Chicago website designers offer a variety of services including: web design, graphic design, hosting and domain registration.

There are also many other features you can add-on to your site such as video streaming or online chat/support for customers.

The best thing to do is talk with potential designers about what type of site you’re going for and then figure out which additional services will work well together!

What is the difference between a designer who does websites and an actual developer?

A web developer creates the code that powers the website while a designer focuses on visual aspects like fonts, colors etc.

Developers have more technical skills than designers but it’s important to note they often collaborate in order to make sure everything works seamlessly – so this isn’t always a clear-cut distinction.

How can I rank my site?

There are many ways to rank a site, but one way that most companies focus on is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This means including keywords and phrases in your website, reaching out to bloggers or other websites who write about similar topics, sharing links with readers through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook etc.

Do I need website maintenance service?

yes, website maintenance is very important for maintaining a good site.

Common issues that need to be repaired include, but are not limited to: broken links and/or missing images or videos; updating your content; removing outdated information and replacing it with new items like blog posts etc.; adding contact forms if they don’t exist already because this can help you get feedback from the people who visit your site.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to what type of service you’re using – aka, shared or dedicated. Shared means that other people will be on the same server as well so it can slow down performance while dedicated hosts are more expensive but powerful enough to handle large amounts of traffic with little slowdown.

Do I need a domain name?

Yes! If you want something easy like example.com then go ahead and register that now before someone else does because this is important when linking out on social media platforms etc.; you don’t want to be using a different url than what your customers remember

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