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Top WordPress Bug Fixing Services, Agencies and Companies

WordPress is one of the most popular website building tools on the market. It’s also incredibly easy to install and use, which makes it perfect for beginners.

However, there are some security vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of before using WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management System) platform on your site.

One way to protect your site from these vulnerabilities is by hiring a WordPress Bug Fixing service provider to scan your site for potential issues and fix them as needed.

These 10 bug fixing services do just that! They will work with you on an individual basis in order to find out what might be wrong with your site and help resolve those problems quickly so they don’t cause more damage than necessary.

These companies offer different types of services including:

-Website security scans

-WordPress core updates and patches

-Plugin reviews and recommendations, as well as installation of new plugins

-Theme audits and testing

-Malware Removal/Prevention

If you’re looking for a WordPress Bug Fixing service provider to help your site stay safe from hackers, we highly recommend these companies.

They can help you solve all of your WordPress problems quickly and efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about security issues anymore.

10 Best WordPress Support fixing services in 2024:

Trinity Web Agency

Hailing all the way from Indiana; Trinity Web Agency is an agency that specializes exclusively in WordPress Bug Fixing Services.

They are also one of the few agencies that offer free web hosting, anti-hacking/malware prevention, and eCommerce services.

They will not only fix any bugs you might come across, but they also take care of design and development projects where they are needed to ensure your website is up-to-date with the latest trends in web technologies.

They pride themselves on client satisfaction, which is why their primary goal isn’t revenue-driven. Instead, they are customer satisfaction driven so give them a try if you need some help getting rid of minimizing those pesky bugs!


Located in Sunnyvale, CA, Dizzain is a WordPress development agency that fixes any WordPress problems for your website.

They are a full-service company that offers WordPress bug fixing, security audits, and development services as well as support for other CMS platforms such as Drupal and Magento.

Dizzain also does consult work with companies looking to expand their web presence through WooCommerce sites or mobile apps.

Big Day the Agency

Operating out of San Diego, CA, Big Day the Agency offers complete WordPress bug fixing and support services for your site.

They are a full-service company offering all types of web development, including: responsive design & mobile apps, website optimization, usability testing in addition to specifically tailored solutions made by their team from the ground up. They specialize in Magento but also offer Drupal and Joomla! Bug Fixing Services as well.


Located in Canada; ProWPthemes is an agency that specializes exclusively on three different CMS platforms: WordPress , Magento , Prestashop.

With years of experience, they have extensive knowledge of both eCommerce sites and blogs alike when it comes to security issues or plugin conflicts within your theme.

To date, they have fixed many WordPress sites including both small and large businesses that are looking to expand their online presence without having the worry of a potential security vulnerability popping up from time-to-time which could lead to lost revenue or even worse, identity theft.

Big Drop Inc

Big Drop Inc is a full-service company offering eCommerce solutions for Magento, Drupal, OpenCart.

They also provide custom development in addition to maintenance packages that include both proactive measures (such as the installation of security plugins) and reactive measures in case some sort of vulnerability is found on your site during their audits.

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We Fix wordpress Website Issues, Errors, Bugs and Malware Issues


XWP themes are based out of California but offer complete WordPress Bug Fixing Services globally.

With years of experience working with clients from all different backgrounds, they have learned how businesses work when it comes to online marketing strategies and website design/development which has led them down the path towards providing top-notch customer service before even talking about their bug fixing services.

They specialize in Magento and WordPress Bug Fixing Services but also offer eCommerce development, website design, SEO optimization services as well as web-hosting solutions for both small and large businesses.

Moonfruit Inc

Moonfruit is a full service digital agency that specializes exclusively in the WordPress platform. They are based out of both Manchester and London, UK.

Their team is made up of designers, developers, content managers as well as marketing experts that take all the different aspects into consideration when it comes to creating a successful website for their clients.

They like most agencies offer bug fixing services however, they also have specific packages available where they will create your WordPress website from scratch.

For example, they have a package where you can get the site developed and then turned over to them for marketing purposes (PPC management, etc).

WordPress Ecommerce

WordPress ECommerce specializes exclusively in WooCommerce Bug Fixing Services.

They’ve been helping small businesses get ahead by providing various services such as consulting,/configuration assistance as well as bug fixing services.

They have a team of experts that are well-versed in the WooCommerce platform and know-how to make sure your site is running smoothly without any bugs popping up, so give them a try if you’re looking for some extra help!

Dazzle IT Solutions

Based in India, this agency can provide you with any type of WordPress Bug Fixing service including:

Security scans; plugin installation; theme testing and auditing; etc. Their team has worked on many projects already, so they definitely know what they’re doing!

You can check out their customer reviews on their website. So if you need help securing your site from hackers, Dazzle IT Solutions is a good company to reach out to.

Digit Media Designs

Digit Media Designs is a WordPress Bug Fixing company based in Canada and here’s why you should use them: as the first Canadian nonprofit organization dedicated to improving web access for children, Tech Kids Unlimited knows how important it is that your site stays safe at all times.

They have been providing website security fixes for many years, so their team definitely knows what they’re doing!

Furthermore, this agency provides excellent WP support, so don’t hesitate to contact them today.

Austin WordPress Developer

Based in Austin Texas, Austin WordPress Developer offers some services, such as free online marketing, social media marketing, and website design/hosting.

They also provide WordPress bug fixing services, so if you want a company that can help with your site’s security in addition to other issues, check out Injuryboard.

Web Design Hunt

If you’re looking for an agency or service provider, then Web Design Hunt is the one for you!

Their team provides 24/h support (including weekends) as well as assistance with SEO optimization and conversion rate optimization.

So whether your business needs consulting work done on their WooCommerce store or they need someone to install plugins onto their existing site; this company will definitely be able to fix any problems that arise within no time at all.

Hippo Marketing

Hippo Marketing is a WordPress Bug Fixing company based in St. Louis Missouri and they can help you with any of the following; security audits, plugin installation/testing, theme testing or auditing, etc.

These guys are extremely knowledgeable about WooCommerce sites as well so this agency will be able to fix up pretty much anything that might be wrong with your store.

Cincinnati Web-Tec

If you’re looking for an team that specializes in WordPress bug fixing services then Web-Tech Cincinnati is definitely the one to choose!

This company offers a wide variety of services including WooCommerce support, web hosting and security audits; just to name a few.

They also have an impressive portfolio so you can see how they’ve helped their previous clients with all sorts of problems whether it be plugin installation or theme testing/auditing etc.

Dev Digital

Dev Digital is another WordPress Bug Fixing company based in India that offers the following services: WP Security Audit & Hardening, Plugin Installation & Testing, Theme Testing Or Auditing, as well as many other types of work such as consulting, etc.

This agency has been around for a while, so you know they’re doing something right!

Prestige Web Design

Prestige Web Design is a WordPress Bug Fixing company based in Australia that specializes in WooCommerce website design and hosting as well as providing security audits for any websites you own.

They also provide plugin installation & testing services as well as theme development work such as auditing etc; just to name a few of their specialties.

This agency offers support (including weekends) because they want to make sure that whenever an emergency occurs on your business’s website, there will be someone available at the other end of the line who can fix it quickly and efficiently without any further interruption to your business’s workflow.

Medical Design

Medical Design is a WordPress expert company based in the US that can provide the following services: WP Security Audit & Hardening, Plugin Installation and Testing, Theme Testing Or Auditing, as well as consulting work.

Whether your business needs some assistance with plugin installation or you want a security audit of their existing site; this company will definitely be able to help!

Having WordPress Issues, But
Don't Know Where to Start?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire someone to fix WordPress problems?

It really depends on the wordpress issue that you are having and how much time it will take to fix it. The average WordPress price for a quick fix is around $100-$500.

Ask for a quote from a reputable company and always make sure that they will not charge additional fees.

Do all WP developers offer 24/7 support?

Most companies offer around-the-clock customer support by email or chat, so it’s easier to get in touch with them when issues arise.

However some providers may have restricted hours due to their location (GMT time). Always check what times they work before hiring someone to fix WordPress problems.

Who are the most reliable WP developers?

When it comes to fixing WordPress issues, you should be careful about who is working on your website because if anything goes wrong there might not a quick solution and you can lose all of your hard work.

Make sure that the company has good reviews online and clients’ testimonials before hiring someone to fix WordPress problems.

Does my hosting provider offer help with WordPress issues?

Yes! If they don’t have an extensive knowledge base or FAQ section – ask them directly for assistance by email or chat (or phone). Most companies will do their best in order to solve any issue as quickly as possible but remember: this doesn’t mean that they’ll resolve everything immediately – sometimes fixing WordPress problems can take a while.

Who are the cheapest developers?

We recommend that you stay away from cheap developers because they might not have enough knowledge to fix your WordPress problems. It is always better to pay a bit more and get the job done right than getting one that will end up costing you even more money in the future.

Is there any way I can prevent WordPress issues?

Yes! There are some official rules that all companies should follow when working on their WordPress websites:

-Do NOT overload plugins

-do NOT install unknown themes or plug-ins without first checking for malware

Ensure that ALL images uploaded into posts and pages are optimized (jpg’s etc) – if using pngs make sure they’re saved as ‘transparent’.

Check For Broken Links Before Publishing Your Site And Also A Full Website Audit.

Are WP developers trustworthy?

Yes! You just need to look for a reputable company that will not steal your website data or overcharge you. Always make sure they have good reviews online and are BBB certified (if in USA) before hiring someone to fix WordPress problems.

Is it better to update my plugin manually?

NO! It is always best practice NOT TO UPDATE PLUGINS MANUALLY because this can cause severe database issues which might lead to broken plugins, lost work etc…

If anything goes wrong during an automatic update – the developer should be available 24/hours in order to solve any issue related directly with their service.

How long does it take for developers to respond?

Most companies try their best response as quickly as possible but due to time zone differences or large numbers of clients – it might take a while. Don’t worry!

It is important to get the problem resolved as quickly as possible in order to avoid any data loss, so make sure you contact them when issues occur and they will do their best to resolve your WordPress problems within a reasonable time.

How long does it take for developers to fix WordPress problems?

It depends on several factors such as how complicated the issue is and what type of service you’re using (i.e.: Managed WP hosting).

Sometimes fixing WordPress mistakes can be done within hours, but sometimes solving complex issues may require more than one day’s work – always check with your developer beforehand if there are any extra fees involved because of complexity/time spent.

What are the best hosting providers?

We recommend WP Engine, Kinsta and Flywheel for their top of the line speed, security, and ease of use when it comes to fixing WordPress problems. They have 24/hour support with live chat, which is really helpful in case anything goes wrong or you need help configuring your website quickly.

How can I prevent issues before they occur?

Always make sure that there’s a good backup plan in place so if any issue occurs – you can restore everything back to normal very easily without losing all of your data or work (most companies offer this as part of their services).

Also, check what type of technical support do they provide because most dedicated will be able to solve any WordPress issue you might encounter.

Is it necessary to use SSL?

Yes! Using a dedicated IP for your website will provide much more security and speed when transferring data from user devices (browsers) back to the server. It is always best practice NOT USE SHARED INFRASTRUCTURE SERVERS because these are used by multiple clients at once which can lead to WordPress problems especially if one of them starts sending spam comments or leaves sensitive information on pages etc… If this happens – everyone’s site could be in danger due to shared resources being compromised so make sure your hosting company has an opt-in option available before signing up with anyone.

Are there any other ways I can fix broken links?

You can also use tools such as Broken Link Checker or Xenu to find and remove broken links on your website.

Always make sure that you check every page of your site because these plugins might not always work 100% correctly especially if there are too many pages with issues – sometimes it’s better to do this manually by checking each post/page one after another in order to avoid any potential problems & lost time during the process itself.

What should I do when someone is hacking my WordPress?

Don’t panic! The first thing that you need to ensure is security so look for a reputable company who will provide top notch support 24/hour (most companies offer live chat which can help resolve most issues very quickly).

Make sure they have experience resolving similar cases and that they will be able to provide a detailed report of the issue afterwards (i.e.: what was compromised, how long it took for them to resolve) in case you need any documentation/proof later on if needed by your web developer so don’t forget this step especially since many companies offer different types of services and only some might not work when fixing WordPress problems.

When should I use FTP vs SFTP?

FTP is generally used when sending files directly from one computer to another but using SFTP instead ensures much more security because all data sent between servers is encrypted meaning no-one can read or intercept anything being transferred making it extremely safe compared to traditional FTP software which sends everything in plain text format – always make sure that you use SFTP instead of FTP.

What is the difference between manual & automated backups?

Manual means that you will have to do everything yourself (email, download etc.) while automated takes care of everything automatically including sending out a copy to your email address as well so it’s best practice if time allows and there are no other issues with WordPress problems.

Always go for an automated backup plan because this ensures all the work done on your website/company doesn’t get lost in case anything goes wrong or any malware might infect it in the future.

Where can I find free plugins that help resolve the most common WordPress problems?

Plugin Repository is definitely one place where you should look first when searching for top-notch software which has been tested and approved by thousands of users worldwide.

Always make sure that you use a plugin which is compatible with your WordPress version to avoid any potential problems including compatibility issues, errors etc… Check out the latest list here: Top Free Plugins for WordPress.

What should I do if my website doesn’t have SSL?

If this happens – make sure you contact hosting company immediately because they might need to update something on their end before being able to provide such type of service (in case it’s not included as standard).

Also, check what other services are available in order to resolve common WP problems such as using CDN or adding an extra layer of security via firewall & DDOS protection when needed so these will be much easier resolved right at source than trying to fix WordPress problems later on.

Do I need a CDN if my website is only getting minimal visitors?

Yes, it’s always recommended because this will allow your site to load much faster for everyone that visits (regardless of how many people are visiting at any given moment) with the added benefit of reducing server requirements in case you have lots of traffic – so go ahead and read more about all benefits here:

Can I use a free hosting service when running WordPress blog or business website?

No! Never use free services no matter what these companies might say because they usually place their own adverts everywhere which can lead to malware infections but also you will be limited by their terms of service and if anything happens to your website, they won’t be willing or able to fix it for you.

How can I tell which plugins are slowing down my site?

Use Google Analytics plugin first (this comes built-in with WordPress) so when viewing page speed report – this should give some more accurate results regarding how long each element takes to load but in case nothing is found there then try looking at live chat logs because these might reveal a lot about what’s really going on behind the scenes especially when combined with server response time data as well.

What other types of WP problems should I look out for?

There are a lot of things to keep an eye out for so here’s a quick list to go through: incorrect URL redirections, malware injections (when updating or installing plugins), lack of hosting security & server resources etc… So always do research before buying any type of software.

Do I need multiple servers/hosting accounts if my website gets lots of traffic?

No you don’t – there are plenty ways that will allow you reduce the load on your current account such as using CDN or adding extra layer(s) via firewall but make sure it works with your existing one first because not all types work together and some might cause conflicts which lead to WordPress problems in the future.

Can I edit my website files via FTP?

This is something you can definitely do, but only if your hosting account comes with SSH access first.

If so – then all that’s left to do is change the directory permissions (chmod) and make sure it allows PHP file editing by using this guide: How To Edit Your Theme or Plugin Files on a Shared Hosting Account.

However, there are other ways in which you can update/edit plugins & theme files without having to upload new ones, including using WP-CLI for more complex tasks such as creating full backups before making any changes!

What should I know about free themes?

Never trust free themes because they usually contain malware injections even if they say they don’t, so always go for paid ones instead because you will get more security, better support, and no WordPress problems to worry about in the future.

How long does it take to migrate my WP site?

This will depend on several factors, but for an average site, it shouldn’t take that long to complete – usually just a few hours if you don’t have too many images, pages, etc.

The more complicated the site, the longer it will take, so make sure to contact a developer for a quote.

What should I do after installing a new theme?

First, delete the old one and don’t forget to do a backup first, then go through the settings carefully and make sure all your pages/posts are intact before you start any other changes.

What should I do if my blog isn’t working after fixing it through another service provider but their services haven’t been completed yet?

If you’ve paid someone else to fix your blog before then make sure that they have not disabled any of your core files as this could cause further damage. You’ll need to contact them immediately about getting these files re-enabled so you can update them yourself and continue using the blog.

If they haven’t, then you could try disabling plugin files one by one until you find out which specific file is causing your issues, but if that doesn’t work either or if none of them are enabled – then it’s likely due to some sort of configuration issue so make sure you consult with a developer.

Is it bad to install too many plugins?

Too many plugins can cause several different issues such as a lack of server resources, making your site run slow or not working at all (especially if you’re on shared hosting) so always make sure that the ones you have installed are well supported and up-to-date with the latest versions.

How do I repair my WordPress site?

If you have a backup file then the best thing to do is upload it via FTP, and make sure that it’s your latest one before proceeding with any other changes.

Otherwise, if there are no backups available – or none of them work for some reason, then you’ll need to contact someone who can help in repairing your site manually as this will be a much more complicated process.

What is wrong with WordPress?

it’s hard to say without further information, but the most likely cause is a corrupted file or plugin/theme that’s not compatible with your version of WordPress.

How do I make my WP site secure?

You can start by changing all default login URLs and usernames as well as renaming wp-config.php to something else so it doesn’t get included in any WordPress backup files.

How do I fix my Google Search Console errors?

This will depend on the specific error you’re having, but usually it’s due to a broken URL or incorrect redirects being set up so this is something that needs to be fixed before anything else can work properly again.

What are common problems with WP sites?

There are several problems that can occur with WordPress and not even just technical ones, but also due to the design of both the theme & plugins. For instance, if you have a lot of images on your site then this will increase loading times which could cause Google bots such as Panda to penalize you in SERPs.

How do I fix fatal errors in WordPress?

Generally, this is something that can be fixed by either disabling/deleting specific plugins or checking your theme for any related errors which could have been caused due to some incompatible code between it and another plugin.

What is a fatal error in WordPress?

A fatal error is one that prevents WordPress from working, either in certain circumstances or all the time. It can be caused by several different things including faulty code within a plugin or theme file which could potentially break your site if you don’t fix it right away.

How do I fix a broken WordPress theme?

By checking out the error log in your WP admin area which will tell you what files are causing issues, and then either editing or replacing these with new ones. Generally though, it’s best to contact someone who knows how to do this as there is a chance that doing it yourself could cause further damage – especially when dealing with more complex themes.

Why is WordPress theme not displaying correctly?

There are several reasons for this, but in most cases, it’s due to the theme not being compatible with your version of WordPress, so always make sure that you’re using a well-supported and updated one.

Another reason could be from having incorrect permissions within some folders on the server or even a plugin causing conflicts – all of which can easily be fixed by consulting with a developer.

Why can’t I install WordPress?

This can be for a number of reasons, but the most common is due to incorrect permissions which may prevent you from uploading files and folders.

Many hosting providers tend to set these automatically without considering that some users might need full access so it’s always best to check this with support before doing anything else.

Why did my WordPress theme disappear?

This can happen if you’re using a caching plugin, but it doesn’t mean that this is the only reason as there are several others such as not having permissions enabled or maybe even something more serious like a security issue. In any case, always make sure that your theme files (or copies of them) are backed up somewhere so you have access to them if needed.

How do I fix a WordPress login error?

The most likely cause of this is due to an incorrect username or password so make sure that you’re using the right one before doing anything else.

Otherwise, there could be some other plugin causing issues with your user profile settings which would need to be looked into and fixed by a developer.

How do I fix a WordPress error 404?

A lot of people will blame the hosting provider for this, but it’s actually down to incorrect rewrites within your .htaccess file which can be fixed by removing or changing them so that they reflect what needs to happen on-site.

This is more likely because you have moved your WordPress install to a new folder or have changed the name so make sure you check these before jumping to any conclusions.

What is an .htaccess file?

An .htaccess file can control many aspects of how a site operates, and in some cases this will mean making changes if you’re moving it elsewhere or changing its name. It’s always best to make sure you have a backup of this in case things go wrong – especially with complex sites.

How do I reset WordPress?

Many people assume that this is the same as deleting and re-uploading it which in most cases won’t actually work.

To do a proper reset, you would need to get into your database via phpMyAdmin or whichever method your host offers – but make sure you have backups of anything important before doing so!

Why isn’t my home page showing up on WordPress?

This is another common issue which can be caused by a number of things, but the most likely reason is due to incorrect file permissions within your root directory.

It’s always best to make sure that these are set correctly so you don’t run into further issues later on down the line as it could stop visitors from being able to access your site!

Why doesn’t my WordPress theme look like the demo?

By default, all WordPress themes will come with sample content, so unless you delete it; this is what your site will look like.

It’s always best to replace this before doing anything else with a copy of the demo as trying to re-create what was original there can be time consuming and may not even work properly if done incorrectly!

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