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Here's what we can do for you:

Site Modifications

Whenever you need a change to your site, we can help. We offer great deals on our services and specialize in providing the best of the best features.

web designs and development

We work with web designers and developers to create beautiful, functional websites that really stand out.

Webiste Redesign

You can trust us to redesign your website. We have a proven track record of success and we’ll provide you with the best services possible.

Unlimited expert WordPress Maintenance and WordPress support

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, used by millions and now you can get expert support with unlimited WordPress Maintenance Packages.

Site security, optimization and speed

Our company specializes in web design, development and marketing. Our experts are SEO specialists who work hard to help you rank higher on search engines while also making sure your website is safe from any security breaches that may otherwise harm visitors and your site.

Copywriting & Blog Content Creation

Want to put your brand in the spotlight? Our team provides web copy and social media posts that will boost your online presence. We can craft quality content based on what you need, so whether it’s a new product or established business, we’ll get you noticed!

How can a WordPress expert help you?

save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Managing WordPress sites can be extremely frustrating, especially when you run into an issue. Fixing minor problems can take hours or result in answers that are difficult to find.

You will save time, but more importantly, you will be more efficient.

You’d be better off getting expert advice than using online resources to do it yourself. We have the experience you need in order to get what you want, so just let us know how we can help!

Enjoy flat, affordable monthly rates.

We promise not to charge you for every ticket submitted. Other sites charge a fee per submission, but we believe in our product enough that we don’t want money getting in the way of your success.

Plus, see how much MORE you get by paying less.

Our support services are top-notch: we have a dedicated team of professionals who understand your needs and will be there for you.

Here's A Snapshot of Our WordPress service:

Get Expert Consultation & Development Services

New Website Design

Did you know that companies that have professionally designed websites have a higher conversion rate? We design cutting-edge website solutions to help our clients stand out and drive more conversions.

Top-quality results from our designers

For only a fraction of what you would have to pay a website designer for one-time service, we offer these superb professional services!

Our WordPress experts offer ongoing support

You will have a team to help you through the initial launch and what comes after. Whether it’s debugging, bug reports, or marketing advice, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Website Fixes

So you don’t need to spend more of your time on fixing typos, inserting graphic, and updating the text… We can take them off your plate so that you can focus on other matters. You can rely on our team to make changes correctly and quickly.

Website redesign

Wishing to update your website? Itching to reinvent the design entirely? Let us lend a hand in that process as well.

Anti-Hacking Security

The best security software to use for your website is the hacking protection provided by our company. It’s reliable and effective at preventing attacks on your site..

WordPress Expert Updates

Keeping your WordPress site up-to-date will help keep your site functional and attractive, yet it’s a task that can fall by the wayside when there are more pressing issues to focus on. Our team can take care of some tasks related to updates:

New WordPress releases

We will update the WP version to accept new features and changes. Your site can be kept fresh at all times as a result.

Plugins & Themes Updates

We have a team that regulates all your plugin updates to keep track of any bugs or outages. Our updates ensure your website functions well and looks stunning.

Daily Backup & Malware and anti-hack Prevention

We automatically back up your website everyday for increased security. But don’t worry! We also have anti-hack technology to get your site healthy and free of malware.

Site backups

All our WordPress hosting plans include site backups and restoration plans. Avoid cyber-attacks, malware, and other types of threats to your website by choosing the right plan for you.

Site uptime monitoring

Our packages include site uptime monitoring, so you won`t be caught off guard by a downed website.

Website hack restoration

If you ever have any security breaches on your website, our team is available 24/7 to help restore it for free. We’ll do whatever it takes to restore the site as quickly as possible.

WordPress Expert

We help you with your WooCommerce store.

WooCommerce is a powerful WordPress plugin that will help you maximize your potential and success with our WooCommerce support. We provide website assistance for both new stores, or existing ones in need of development, optimization & best practices/tricks to drive even more traffic to it!

No matter whether you are building a brand-new store or looking for guidance on an already established one we’re here to assist develop and improve upon your site using the power of WordPress while giving back end advice about all things related to this amazing wordpress plug in. Maximize your possibilities along with our wp expertise

Site Optimization

At Do it Right Marketing, we offer expert services that can help improve your search rankings and make you more visible to customers. Our team specializes in SEO WordPress experts who can enhance the speed of your website or give it a much needed security update.

We also provide other web design improvement options such as an SSL certificate for secure communication with online shoppers or faster load times so visitors don’t get tired waiting too long on their devices before viewing content!

We also offer expert services in Search Engine Optimization and other website improvements at WP Web Design like our SEO WordPress Expert Team which includes speeding up sites through better optimization, improving site speeds by changing hosting locations using Google’s infrastructure around the world (Google Cloud Platform), making websites accessible via mobile phones across

Need to improve the SEO of your WordPress site, but don’t know where to start? WordPress SEO is a complicated and often frustrating task. Let one of the best WordPress SEO consultants and services help you.

Challenges With Using a WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most popular open-source content management systems available today.

While it has the basic search engine optimization functionality, plugins can be used to increase its effectiveness. But plugins alone will not improve SEO.

Do not be fooled by developers who claim they can install a plugin to handle your SEO – if it were that easy, everyone would rank well.

Maintaining a WordPress website is important for many reasons. One of those reasons is to keep up with ever-evolving search engine algorithms, which can affect your site’s ability to rank for key terms.

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process. Gradually declining traffic and rankings are a good indication that your site is not following the current Google algorithm. If you’re consistently creating content and your traffic is flat or declining, it could be part of a larger issue.

Are you using WordPress Correctly?

There are many plugins available on WordPress, which can positively or negatively affect your SEO. Knowing how to use them is important for positive results. Which of the plugins you’re using are they improving or hurting your SEO?

Though WordPress can make embedding dates in urls easy, sticking to a best practice for when you should or shouldn’t use a date url could affect your long term SEO game. Did you know that?

Top 14 WordPress Experts, Services, and Agencies That Help with SEO

Looking for WordPress service, or agency that can improve your SEO, here is a list of our top 10 best companies and agencies that can help with your WordPress, or SEO needs.


LocalWP is a web design and digital marketing agency that specializes in WordPress. They have a full-service, one-stop shop for all your web needs, whether you are starting out on the internet or if you want to take your current website to the next level.

Beaver Builder

Besides the Beaver Themes, they offer a builder plugin for WordPress as well as an extensive library of modules (plugins) that can be used with any theme. They also have one-on-one training options available on their site.

WP Engine

WP Engine’s branded product is designed specifically for agencies looking for a white label solution built by experts who know WordPress best.

This company has grown steadily and now offers not only WordPress hosting but also help with design (through their theme library), data migration, backup & security as well as best practices training courses from certified WP experts on how to keep everything running smoothly.

Whether you’re looking for someone who can just host one website or manage all aspects of your online presence – WP Engine is it!

WP Ninjas

WP Ninjas is a company that offers WordPress training courses, custom themes or plugins for your specific needs, as well as SEO services specifically geared towards search engine optimization so you can rank higher in the SERPs (search engines).

They also offer email marketing campaigns that will stay with your brand’s image without being too spammy.


If you’re looking for consultants who specialize exclusively in all things WordPress, this site has got it covered whether it’s providing an estimate or completing the job themselves. Plus, they have over 18 years of experience under their belts! One stop shop for everything WP related? You betcha!


Mediashift is an agency specializing in design and development of websites with a focus on simplicity and usability. They offer services like landing pages, sales funnels, custom themes along with marketing campaigns that use email automation there is no job too big or small!

WP Devs

WP Devs is a web-development firm focusing exclusively on all things WordPress including hosting, security tips and tricks, migrations from other platforms (ie Drupal), blog posts about code updates/upgrades etc., tutorials videos courses specific to WP products.

The Coding Zone

This website has been around for a long time so they just may be the experts when it comes to WordPress and anything related.

They offer services such as website updates, new installs, or maintenance for those looking to stay on top of their game in terms of security.

WP Optimize

This company provides a variety of different plans all with various features depending on what your needs are (from small business owners who don’t want to spend too much time managing their site but still need some SEO help, to agencies/developers that have decided they can do more by outsourcing).

In addition WP Optimize offers 24-hour support through email and live chat along with tutorials so you’re not left scrambling if something goes wrong!

WebDesign Agency

This agency specializes in creating WordPress websites that look great on personal computers, tablets and mobile phones so no matter where people are viewing your site you’ll be getting great results because every device will be running smoothly.

WP Experts

In addition to hosting, this WP Experts offers a variety of plans for those who just need help with their site and don’t want the full service (ie if you’re not looking for someone to design your website or strategize on how best to market it).

What they DO offer is 24/hour chat support as well as tutorials PDFs so that no matter what goes wrong you’ll be able to get back on track quickly without needing assistance from an agency!


This company specializes in WordPress development only but they have over 11 years experience under their belt which makes them one of the most reliable options when it comes to getting everything set up correctly.

Whether you’re looking for a developer, designer, or a site-building service – they have it all!

A List Apart

A List Apart is a blog on web design, development and the open web. Featuring expert analysis of emerging technology, business models, standards, best practices to help designers build better websites for their clients.

Digital Media Solutions LLC

Digital Media Solutions LLC specializes in custom WordPress solutions that are tailored to your needs as a small or large company with their personalized service model, making them one of the top-rated website companies!

They specialize in social media marketing solutions, which include organic keyword optimization strategies and management services, including content posting campaigns.

With these specialized skillsets, Digital Media Solutions LLC provides clients with a comprehensive set of online services.

Reasons to Use a WordPress SEO service?

There are many components of SEO that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to optimizing a WordPress site.

From tags to content and links, there’s much more than you may initially imagine. That’s why consulting a WordPress expert is a good idea.

Here are the top ten reasons you should use an SEO service for your WordPress site:

(1) We provide long-term SEO strategy that doesn’t need to be constantly adjusted based on updates and algorithm changes

(2) We tracking, analyzing, and reporting on your analytics in real-time (to help you see what is working)

(3) We Identify and repairing technical issues that might be impacting your site’s SEO

(4) We Create high quality content to improve your overall search engine ranking on the web

(5) We Provide a flexible monthly retainer plan with unlimited revisions for website maintenance services

(6) Helping you understand how social media can help drive traffic, leads, and sales.

(7) We help you Identify and understanding the best channels for you to use in order to optimize your SEO

(8) Creating a detailed plan tailored to your business goals so that visitors find what they are looking for with ease.

(9) We provide a thorough audit of all the current content on your site

(10) We offer expert guidance and support for any technical problems that might arise within the framework of WordPress.

Need help with SEO? Contact me today! I’m an experienced consultant who can improve your WordPress site’s rank on Google.

How to Improve Your WordPress Site Traffic and Technical Problems

Hire an expert WordPress developer

WordPress developers are skilled professionals who specialize in everything WordPress, from design, content creation, theme selection or modifications, plugin installation and configuration and optimization. These experts can do it all for you so that you save time on hiring more than one consultant.

Optimize your website’s meta data

The first step towards improving your WordPress site’s search engine rankings involves optimizing key details like title tags (in HTML) as well as metatags (in WordPress) to make your content more visible.

Install and configure plugins

The next step towards ensuring a successful website experience is installing the right WordPress plugin for you.

There are many WordPress plugins that can help boost traffic or increase security, so take some time researching these options before settling on just one.

Choose the right themes

WordPress theme selection is another important task when it comes to improving SEO results; however, with over 50 thousand free themes available online this process can be quite overwhelming!

One way around this challenge is by choosing from prebuilt collections of premium templates designed specifically for wordpress users like yourself at Woothemes or StudioPress sites like Themeforest Marketplaces where there’s sure to be a design to suit your needs.

Optimize WordPress Admin

WordPress admin is the dashboard that provides you with a range of options and settings in order to manage and edit content on your website, but did you know it can also affect SEO? One way around this challenge is by removing any unnecessary plugins or themes from the WordPress admin area so as not to distract users who are trying to access other necessary features like Wordfence Security, Jetpack Stats & Metrics or Google Analytics.

Achieve high rankings for keywords

Now comes time when all of those hours spent researching wordpress seo services really begins paying off! For instance, if you’re targeting best wordpress developers then improving rankings will come from including phrases like WordPress Developer, wordpress developer near me or wordpress seo services in your meta tags.

Monitor and optimize

WordPress SEO is a continuous process of optimizing both onsite content as well as offsite links to ensure that you don’t lose rankings among the search engine results pages (SERPs). One tool which can help with this task is SEMrush, an all-inclusive marketing suite for keyword research plus monitoring competitor backlinks; it includes free trial versions so sign up today!

Top WordPress plugins, themes that can help with security and traffic

Wordfence Security

WordFence has been around since 2008 and they’re still here because their security solutions work! When it comes to protecting a WordPress site, there’s no wordpres plugin better than Wordfence

Jetpack Stats & Metrics

JetPack by Automattic can help boost traffic or increase security, but did you know that this powerful plugin also includes Google Analytics? Sign up for an account today and start tracking audience analytics right away with easy-to-use WordPress stats


SEMrush is an SEO service that includes keyword research, content writing help, competitor analysis, monitoring competitor backlinks, and more.

Themeforest Marketplaces

Themeforest is a WordPress marketplace where there’s sure to be a design or template to suit your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost for WordPress SEO services?

The cost of WordPress SEO services varies depending on the type of project that is being completed and the WordPress SEO expert conducting it.

However, on average, a one-time consultation to get your website up to date with Google’s latest guidelines, expect to pay anywhere from $1,000-$5,000+ depending on how much work needs to be done.

If you need ongoing maintenance, content strategy, assistance with brand direction, in-depth SEO audit, link building, and more, then reaching out for a quote is the best option if you really want an accurate estimate.

What are some benefits of hiring a WordPress SEO service?

We can help make sure your website is optimized for search engines and other bots that crawl the internet looking for sites they want to index or rank high in their results, such as Google’s PageRank algorithm (Page Rank) which determines how well information ranks on its pages based on importance determined by an analysis of other links pointing at it from external websites.

Hiring someone who knows what he/she is doing when it comes to optimizing your site has significant advantages over figuring out everything yourself because if done incorrectly or without understanding best practices, this could have serious implications on your site’s SEO performance.

What are some drawbacks of hiring a WordPress SEO service?

WordPress skills can be difficult to find, so you should make sure the person or team you hire is a true expert that understands all aspects of optimizing a website for search engines, as well as preventing suspicious bots from spammy your site with malware.

Do I need any technical knowledge before hiring a consultant?

No previous experience working with code, HTML or CSS is required – our experts will take care of any necessary tasks, from analyzing your code to content editing and optimization.

What is the difference between a wordpress seo consultant and a wordpress seo expert?

The main difference that we’ve seen in our experience with clients who hire us for their WordPress SEO project is expertise level. A Wordpreess SEO Consultant might be someone you can go work with on an ongoing basis or if they are only going to be working on one aspect of your website’s overall marketing strategy while another individual will serve as more of an all-around WordPress SEO Expert.

How do I find out about pricing?

Pricing varies depending on the type of service offered, but typically ranges anywhere from $500 up to several thousand dollars for projects that take a lot of time and expertise.

How do I know what WordPress SEO services are included in the price?

It’s best to get this answered before starting your project so you’re clear about expectations- so please contact us if you have any questions!

What is a content audit?

A Content Audit can vary depending on who performs it, but typically involves analyzing old content with an eye towards rewriting it or deleting it altogether. This may also include looking at new opportunities like creating more blog posts or other types of pages such as event recaps, informational tutorials, etc. The goal is to keep fresh quality content coming out regularly while making sure anything older than six months gets refreshed with updates from the latest trends.

How do I know if the wordpress seo service is providing what they say they are?

A good way to tell this is by reading reviews such as those on Google and Yelp, or looking for any testimonials from previous clients of theirs which might be posted online – just make sure it’s a recent example!

Can you work with my budget?

It depends on your site’s needs; but yes we can definitely help find ways to get the best value out of our services so that you don’t have to pay for anything you’re not going to use. For instance, an audit may identify opportunities for content development that will require more time and expertise than someone without SEO experience would normally see right away- but we can work with your budget to get you what is needed for the best price.

What should I do if someone has hacked my site?

It’s important to have a WordPress SEO expert take care of this because they’ll know how to clean up malware and ensure there is no negative impact on future rankings or search engine traffic – it will also keep other hackers from accessing your website again in the future.

What are the different types of WordPress SEO services?

There are many different types of WordPress SEO Services such as: content marketing, keyword research, link-building campaigns, social media posts management (including scheduling), onsite optimization for search engine ranking like adding keywords to copywriting and optimizing titles/descriptions – but you’ll also want a service provider who can analyze backlinks pointing at your site from external websites.

How do I know if my site needs work done on it before hiring a WordPress agency?

If you don’t have a WordPress company monitoring your site regularly, you should have your website checked once per week, even if you feel like everything is fine.

There could be hidden issues like malware secretly embedded inside your site that you cannot detect if you don’t know what you are looking for.

A constant check will ensure there’s no negative impact on future rankings or search engine traffic, and keep other hackers from accessing your website again in the future.

What should I do before hiring WordPress SEO services?

Do some research on the company and read through testimonials from previous clients – make sure they’re recent examples! If not, then reach out and ask questions until you have all the information needed (or find someone else who can answer them!). Once this is done, go ahead with any consultations that are required by their service agreement so you’re clear about what will/won’t happen before getting started.

How long does WordPress SEO take?

It depends on the level of work required on the site. A content audit may take weeks to complete, depending on the size and amount of content. Plus, content creation takes a lot of time and expertise. Other services like backlink analysis or onsite optimization may take hours to complete, while other tasks like keyword research may only take a few minutes.

The best way to know for sure is to contact the consultant via phone or email and ask them about the timeline.

What is WordPress SEO?

WordPress SEO includes a variety of services that help grow your online presence and help you rank higher in search engines. Services may include: content marketing, keyword research, link-building campaigns, social media posts management (including scheduling), onsite optimization for rankings like adding keywords to copywriting and optimizing titles/descriptions – but it also includes analyzing backlinks pointing at your site from external websites as well.

What are the top WordPress SEO services?

It depends on what your needs are, but we can provide content marketing and keyword research. We also offer a variety of other optimization services like link-building campaigns or social media posts management.

You’ll want to find someone who is experienced in all these areas so you’re getting the best value for your budget.

What type of blogs does wordpress SEO work for?

WordPress SEO services generally focus primarily on blogs, web pages and e-commerce sites using WordPress CMS – though some providers may also offer other types like podcasts/vlogs, social media management, or landing pages.

How can I rank on google?

It all depends on your site’s needs, but the first step is to determine if you’re looking for a WordPress SEO expert who will do this work exclusively for you, or someone with experience in other areas like social media marketing or content creation that just so happens to offer these services as well (you may even have employees/contractors in-house already!).

From there, it would be a good idea to sit down and create an editorial calendar – detailing when new posts should go live each week – then use tried and true online marketing tactics like keyword research, guest blogging opportunities, etc.

Once those are done and up-to-date, make sure everything is optimized correctly by checking Google Search Console for anything that might need fixing (we’ll talk more about this in a later question).

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